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What percentage of sw or hw are incompatiblities with Vista?

by Lee Koo (ADMIN) CNET staff/forum admin / March 14, 2007 5:59 AM PDT

If you are currently running Windows Vista, what percentage of your software and hardware drivers are incompatible with it?

- Less than 10 percent (tell us what they are)
- 20 to 30 percent (tell us what they are)
- 40 to 50 percent (tell us what they are)
- 60 to 70 percent (tell us what they are)
- 80 to 90 percent (tell us what they are)
- More than 90 percent (tell us what they are)
- I have no incompatibility issues.

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Lack of information may be the problem!

I've not yet migrated to Vista - however ....
Surely the hardware/driver suppliers have the main responsibility to supply information on (in)compatibility issues - prominently on their websites! Where I have registered ownership of (say) a printer with HP, I would expect them to tell me if I have a problem and what they are planning to do anout it.

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Scanners are a problem
by Dr. Zoltar / March 14, 2007 9:30 AM PDT

I have Vista installed at home and a copy installed at a neightbor's. Getting a new driver for the printer was a pain. However, it did eventually work. As for scanners, no such luck. I have an Agfa Snapscan 50 and my neighbor has an HP 4200 (I think). Anyway both venders said they would not be creating drivers for Vista because they deemed the scanners too old.

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no more printing for me
by mhanc911 / March 14, 2007 10:49 AM PDT
In reply to: Scanners are a problem

I installed Vista recently and now I've given up hope on trying to print a document. I have a HP photosmart 1215 printer so I emailed HP for the driver and they said their engineers were working on it. Just some advice to upgraders: print everything you need while you still can in XP.

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HP 1215 Photosmart Printer
by HowieSD / March 15, 2007 4:48 PM PDT

Today is your lucky day. I have a 1215 HP and had the same installation probs with Vista. (Many many probs)
HP told me to pick the driver for their Deskjet 990c from the net or windows. IT WORKS!!!
For the time being there is no icon or tool chest interface but your printr will be functional.
Good luck!

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No network printing.
by Igiveup2 / March 14, 2007 5:11 PM PDT
In reply to: Scanners are a problem

Netgear print servers won't load Vista drivers. Don't support scan function either.

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my vista installed fine
by hoffmanbike / March 14, 2007 10:17 AM PDT

my 2 pc's running vista business are running fine with few to no glitches and everything i've installed so far works wonderfully.

i have an acer c300 tablet w/ 1.5ghz centrino and 2gb ram and a newish 3.0 ghz p4 w/ HT, 1gb ram, and 256mb shared ati video card; ecs mobo

installed programs
utorrent 1.6.1
turbotax 2006
routersim 5
recover my files
ad-aware 6.?
spybot 1.4
vista codecs
adobe reader 8 (ecs) or 7 (tablet)
trillian 3.1 pro
Bitpim 12.0
ACDSee 8.0
nero 7.5 (vista version)
symantec corporate 10.2 (vista version)
office 2003 pro + onenote
tablet experience pack (on the tablet)
enter the matrix (ecs)
microsoft origami experince pack (on both thanks to microsoft sdk pack w/ orca being installed on both too)
microsoft digital image suite 2006
microsoft office 2007 trial (ecs)
microsoft ink desktop (tablet)

and i got flash and shockwave player(s) to work on both pc's despite adobe having done absolutly nothing to help get them working under IE7

had to update the bios on the ecs mobo but that's ecs's fault
and a linksys 802.11g pci card that has never worked under xp did instantly under vista
i know i'll never be able to get updated drivers from acer (but that's acers fault)
had to download updated drivers for microsoft wireless desktop (tablet)
drivers for cellphone hook-up worked within seconds of plugging in
drivers for tablet hardware worked before the wireless desktop set even could
nothing on either computer has gone unrecognized, and those that were recognized but not installed correctly were fixed within a matter of minutes without any intervention by me

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They tell you what they are planning to do do, all right!
by whozis / March 14, 2007 11:11 AM PDT

Most of my software suppliers tell me that they plan to sell me new, expensive software--again! Most have no plans to patch or update, they say.

I am having better success with the hardware vendors providing up-to-date drivers.

A few say, "Tough luck!"

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other operating systems?

You should probably take into accounted that people use other operating systems other than windows, such as linux

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Vista incompatibilities
by johns123 / March 14, 2007 9:45 AM PDT

I'm running Vista Business as a test for my organization:

So far, these apps will not run under Vista ..

AutoCAD 2007
EasyCD Creator
F-secure, McAfee, Norton AV
Most hardware and printer drivers
Any apps or games requiring OpenGL support
any 64bit dongles and other security devices

I'm sure, in time, these vendors will write
Vista compatible versions of their products.
NERO 7 is compatible, and I could upgrade my
copy of NERO for $99. Right now, I estimate
that these "upgrades" will cost us about
$5000 per box, just to get back to where we
were in XP ... with no advantage at all.
Most of our security software fails under
Vista, so right now, we simply cannot buy
Vista and remain secure from hacking, porn,
vandalism ... and the threat of prosecution
created by that. Julie Amero, a substitute
school teacher, is still awaiting sentencing
from her conviction by a moronic witch-hunting
ignorant jury, because of porn pop-ups in
her classroom. And Vista comes standard with
Windows Media Player 11 set to allow peer-to-
peer music sharing, which is so illegal that
a young girl at Ohio State has been fined over
$550,000 for doing it ... and now she has to
settle by paying a $3000 fine ... along with
20 other students ( each ). I'm speculating that
Vista is in collusion with law enforcement, and
is reporting this .. while at the same time luring
these students into doing it. I see the same thing
going on in the gaming industry. Vista is now
opening its Microsoft On-line site .. and will
no doubt report any attempts at copying, or
running pirated games ... and NERO 7 will probably
report that, if attempted. Music sharing, and
on-line gaming are straight shots for hackers
... and kids ... to get into your PC, and nose
around. That tells me that Vista Security is
just not there other than it is a type of security
that can get you in legal trouble, and is aimed
at the user .. rather than outside invasion.
For a very good reason, the Feds are staying with
Win2000 ... your tax dollars. I suspect that "we"
will stay with XP, and it is rapidly becoming the
joke of the month around here .. nodding heads and
big grins.

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Too many software I use daily doesn't work on my new notebo
by hiddengun88 / March 14, 2007 9:47 AM PDT

I had just purchased a new notebook w/ Vista home basic. Man, it was a nightmare, the software I used daily do not work with new OS are Quickbookpro 2005, Zone alarm internet security suite and Autocad LT 2006. The only software the work OK is Office XP.

Microsoft shall tried and coordinate w/ all software vendors to make sure more software are compatible before the release. Now, I can't do much w/ the new notebook and that defeats the purposes.

Besides, I believe the enhancements new OS are more asthetic then revolutionary. Things had been moved around w/ better looking icons. I wish there are more real enhancements and keep the XP look.

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laptop problems with vista
by bum bum / March 14, 2007 10:04 AM PDT

after upgrading to vista my laptop is also experiencing alot of driverand software problems. most annoying is the fact that my touchpad drivers do not work and it makes using the mouse a difficult and most often non cooperative task. I also experienced compatibility issues with my media software and zone alarm fire wall.

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Vista audio drivers and chip set
by cobraii1976 / March 14, 2007 9:51 AM PDT

Driver disk with M/B not Vista compatible. Manufacturer had up to date audio drivers, but said Via was responsible for chipset drivers. I didn't care much for that. In the end all worked very well.

Vista has some new features that are great and some not so.

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Not working right with Vista
by rjb1961 / March 14, 2007 9:52 AM PDT

No driver for my HP 7760 printer, but HP has a reasonable workaround until the driver is developed.

My VOIP telehone, a USR model, did not work. However I reseached and found that it was actually a Yealink VOIP telephone sold under the USR name. The Yealink website had a Vista driver and now works.

My Hauppauge TV card does not work. But it is over 8 years old and I guess that is expected.

What found interesting was my video card, a Radeon 9250. The card support dual monitors (VGA and my television) and works well under the 32 bit version of Vista. When I tried the 64 bit verison of Vista, the second monitor function of the card was not working.

All in all, I like Vista. It is unreasonable to expect that hardware from 8 years ago designed for Windows 98 to work 100% with new OS.

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vista, not yet
by dave48858 / March 14, 2007 9:52 AM PDT

back when I had 95/98, I bought a $3000 software package for my $2000 plotter. Then came along xp, I'm like cool, get it, like it, install my $3000 software and the software can't find my key. It's right in my parallel port where it's supposto be, Grrrr. So I ended up using 98 for another year or two. Anyway, now I have a $3500 software package with a $30,000 printer/plotter. XP works everything just dandy.
I work in the back room of a computer shop and I see the computers coming in. "take this crap off my computer, put xp back on it" I've played with the vista enviroment, the facade version, it's just like a mac from what I could tell, woopdie doo. I'll let them work the bugs out of it long before I even think about trying the real thing

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Two examples of lack of Vista drivers
by HRS2005 / March 14, 2007 10:01 AM PDT

Although I haven't tried to find drivers for all the peripherals I could be attaching to my Vista PC, here are two I am very disappointed about not having:

1) Fully functional drivers for the HP Photosmart 7960 printer. Vista has limited-functionality drivers built-in but nothing approaching the full control of the printer that the XP drivers provide.

2) Belkin Wireless G PCI Wi-Fi card (version 3). Belkin's site says they're being worked on, but nothing yet.

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HP Photosmart Printer
by SoundAdviceCT / March 15, 2007 12:26 AM PDT

As I found out yesterday from HP that there is no update for my Photosmart 1115 printer....yet! They said the engineers are working on it. Now HP had to know that this operating system was coming out and should have resolved compatability issues before the consumer went to a new operating system

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Vista not the problem.

New operating systems come out frequently and the sotware and hardware companies know that. Several companies have released updates to their products. Windows/Microsoft is building and growing their company; shouldn't others do the same.

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3dsmax 9
by Gack / March 14, 2007 1:39 PM PDT
In reply to: Vista not the problem.

autodesk confirms that 3dsmax 9 is NOT compatible with vista at all and even after the patch due soon (available only to subscribers) it will still run slower in vista than in xp!

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Blame the individual vendors, not M$
by Krackcode / March 14, 2007 3:03 PM PDT
In reply to: Vista not the problem.

M$ made vista available to the general public long before it's street date. At the very least, at that same time, but probably sooner, developers of hardware and software alike, had more then ample advance notice to get their programs/hardware drivers vista compatible.

In my opinion, Microsoft has done an excellent job with Vista thus far. There are going to be bugs, every OS/program has them; and it can literally take years to discover conflicts that OS's share with with different software and hardware.

What chaps my hide about "vista ready" toted software, is that it is not always so. I have purchased quite a few "Vista" compatible applications and even done a few hardware installs for family and friends. While I was able to eventually get these items to work with Vista, I certainly wouldn't call them Vista ready until a person with little to no experience with the PC realm, being able to install apps and hardware aditions without having to do work arounds.

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Printers and Telephone sofware/drivers issues using Vista
by movesen / March 14, 2007 4:14 PM PDT
In reply to: Vista not the problem.

I now use Vista, but have had (still have some) the following isues

1) Nokia PC Suite (No release ready before next months)

2) Canon G2 software (Now using the Smartcard directly and use the ready in by new printer and not the cable to the camera)

3) Dymo Labelwriter 40 (No solution to this issue yet)

Please note the Danish Banks requires that you change there site to trusted sited using IE (Nykredit and DanskeBank/BG bank)

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Programs that don't work w/ Vista + one fix
by wlawliss / March 14, 2007 10:05 AM PDT

So far I've found that these don't work:
-Creative drivers for the Zen Vision M MP3 Player. The system actually killed two MP3 players-locked them up so they were unable to be seen again by the computer. I'm now buying a differnect brand, probably IRiver.
-Kodak Easyshare photo/video software--the video does not work because it requires Quicktime and Quicktime is incompatible w/ vista. This can be fixed by downloading the freeware program Quicktime Alternative--which is actually better that Quicktime anyway.
-Some of Lightscribe's software-which is funny because a lightscribe burner came on my new Vista computer.

What is really wierd is the programs that DO work on Vista. I have many old programs like VOACAP and some military training programs that work fine on vista. Many of them were put out before XP. So if they work fine w/o any upgrades, why do so many new programs crash? It kind of makes you wonder.

I was nervous about buying Vista, but ended up with it because I really needed a new computer and because I often troubleshoot computers as part of my job. I figured this way I'd get a headstart on learning Vista before it became really common. I have to admit that after a very frustraing learning curve (they changed the location of a lot of commands) I am starting to like it better than XP.

The worst thing right now is remembering to change all my filed to an earlier format before I send them out to others.

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Not MS's fault
by bderou2 / March 14, 2007 10:08 AM PDT

If Vista had been pushed out quickly, then yeah...blame MS for doing a half-a$$ job. However, this was in the works for how long?? I can't even remember. So in my opinion, OEM's have had PELENTY of time to either write patches for the new OS, or new versions, or see that their software runs on Vista.

I was in the beta test and we saw MAJOR OEM's that, when approached about updated drivers, for instance, their response was "when Vista is released, we'll worry about it then! I know I've moved away from Creative Sound Cards, just for that attitude. I think they FINALLy have a working driver package, but to me...too late! My money has gone elsewhere.

Plus I've seen too many people jsut ignore warnings such as "you must remove this package before upgrading to Vista and then you can reinstall it"...or..."remove this version before runing the upgrade and then reinstall an updated version of ____" That's ignored and then people say 'well, I don't know why my program won't run'. 'Did you read this right here? (pointing to the warning)' ''. Ok then!

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Percentage sw incompatiblities with Vista
by Leeham369 / March 14, 2007 10:16 AM PDT

The only problem I'm having with Vista is a few of my games are not
compatible.They are Tiger Woods 2007 PGA Tour,two fishing games
& one Flight simulator game.I contacted EA Sports & they said they don't have any updates at this time for Vista.

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HP's Acts (lack of drivers) Are Criminal
by EscapePod / March 14, 2007 10:29 AM PDT

Having one LaserJet, two DeskJets, one PhotoSmart, and two ScanJets in my home office, for HP to say they don't even intend to provide Vista drivers for a few of them is criminal. For them to "recommend" which HP products are suitable replacements is irresponsible. They need to provide drivers for all their products, even if they are not MS "certified" -- as long as they work.

I guess my replacement printers and scanners will bear logos from Epson, Canon, and even Brother (which I could just toss out without feeling guilty if they don't work with the "next" OS).

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Vista is nice but I have problems
by coffeecan / March 14, 2007 10:57 AM PDT

We're a five computer home and small office setup. Have a brand new laptop with vista factory installed. Vista itself works just fine. But the interfacing ability with other products is not there yet. Would guess the percentage problem so far about 40%. But that 40% has been critical.Bought a new Canon printer to go with it. When I installed the printer disk, it sent me to their webpage for download of drivers for vista. Installed the new drivers and it works well but it took some browsing around the page to decipher exctly what other stuff was supposed to go where. I'm thankful that this company had the drivers Some of the other companies don't have the vista drivers yet! There was a trial version of Mcafee and it works all right but it expires in 30 days so tried to renew and can't find out exactly how because the web site says it's internet suite is not compatible with vista. Went to Norton because I like their program and have had extremely goodluck with it. Norton's internet suite not compatible with vista either but they have new type program that uses less of the computers facilities and has gotten good marks from critics but it's not avaiable until end of march. Bought the new computer because another one failed and we needed it right away so thought would just go ahead and buy vista. BUT, if you can, wait til all settles down before you buy. Haven't really installed many other programs to check compatability so can't realy report that yet.

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Microsoft vs. the rest of us
by waytron / March 14, 2007 10:58 AM PDT

Ok, I have to admit that I love to bash Microsoft. But I think the industry as a whole has decided to take this opportunity to cash in and let the blame fall on Microsoft. Any hardware company could provide Vista drivers if they really wanted, but would much rather sell you all new equipment. What they should really do is start selling drivers for a modest fee. The thing that really burned me this past week was discovering that Microsoft was charging $4000.00 for a Daylight Savings Patch for Small Business Server 2000.

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Vista Problems - Not happy with it.
by Veejay14 / March 14, 2007 10:59 AM PDT

I had to buy a new PC in a hurry when my Win XP model "died".
I have several times almost given up on Vista and installed my old Win XP and SP2 from CDs!!!
Despite the new PC being a Hewlett Packard I could not get my HP all in one Printer to work as I wanted it - it was a while before I discovered that I couldn't use the CD that came with the printer/scanner!
There is of course no Serial Port for a Serial Printer so my trusty 880C is no longer of use (not really a Vista problem but a pain in the proverbial nevertheless!
I can't use Zone Alarm Internet Suite (which is a major bind for me - and I'd just paid for a year!)
I can't use Mailwasher and dislike the Windows Mail Spam/Phishing filters.
I can't tell what is going on when I defrag - there is no info on progress at all.
The old File Manager/Windows Explorer style listings are now too big and clunky and I find them unwieldy.
I can't run Surveys from some of the firms I previously used as they don't work with Vista.
I couldn't use my Tiscali Broadband Modem until I'd spent a week discovering the set-up procedure needed to bypass having a new Modem.
I don't yet know what problems I'll have with my computer games but I'll bet my Doom and Quake (+Command & Conquer) will not be compatible.....
Most unhappy and wish I'd taken longer to find a new PC with XP instead.
John, York, UK

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Most software vendors just lick their chops at Vista
by labelguyphil / March 14, 2007 11:01 AM PDT

Item that don't work with Vista? Cannon wireless printer, a logisys keyboard, quickbooks pro (was told to buy the new $400 version as that is only one that intuit would write the needed drivers for) Seagull Scientific's Bartender Pro (had to buy a $200 upgraded new version to print customer bar codes), an older Acdsee software, Sonic Solutions Easy Media Creator 9 purchased in November (was told to "wait" for a patch, and have been waitinga few weeks now), to name a few.... Seems everyone makes more cash off the upgrades

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I'm very happy with Vista!
by iluvmiputer / March 14, 2007 11:18 AM PDT

I purchased a new Dell XPS410 on Feb. 12th with the Vista OS and the following programs are installed and seem to be fine:

JASC Paint Shop Pro 8.1
Adobe Photoshop CS
WinZip 11
RoboMaster 2.4
MultiMon Taskbar
Printers Apprentice 7.5
Quick Books Pro 2006
Quicken 2007


Epson Stylus Photo 1280
Epson Stylus Photo R200
Wacom Intuos 3

As far as my Wacom Intuos 3 graphics tablet goes, they had the drivers on their site before my PC arrived and when I installed them, to my great surprise they were even better than before! Now if Wacom can do can the rest!!!

The first week I had the new PC one of the techs at Dell suggested that when I install my apps I use the "Program Compatibility Wizard" and I believed that has helped me more than anything. A couple of my programs were not supposed to be compatible: JASC PSP 8.1 and Quick Books 2006, but I've not had a problem with them.

As for Epson, I am very unhappy with them because the drivers that are compatible with Vista don't have the same features that I had, like the ink indicators and a preview prior to printing. The Epson 1280 was a $500 printer so I darn well expected to have full features! I also have a $400 Epson Perfection 2450 scanner that Epson is not planning to support with Vista. I have written a letter to the Pres. & CEO of Epson America, but there's not been enough time to have a response from him yet.

I also, this past October, purchased a $400 cutter/plotter from Graphtec and they still don't have Vista drivers available. It is my understanding that they won't be available until sometime in July. There is no way in h**l that they didn't know Vista was soon to be released when I made that purchase!

It is my opinion that the software and hardware manufacturers are the ones that have "dropped the ball", NOT Microsoft! I am actually quite pleased with Vista!!!

Mind you, this is just my humble opinion!

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Software tjat DOES work
by indy2001 / March 14, 2007 11:25 AM PDT

My HP Pavilion m7790y came with Vista Home Premium on it. I have been able to install the following:
>> Adobe Acrobat 5.05
>> Adobe PageMaker 7.0
>> Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0
>> Advanced WindowsCare V2 Pro
>> Design Science MathType 5.0
>> MS Office 2003
>> MS Flight Simulator X
>> Norton Internet Security 2007
>> QuickTime 7

The preceding list is over and above the software that came with the machine -- IE 7, muvee AutoProducer 5.0, Roxio Creator v9 and myDVD Basic v9, Adobe Reader 7 (and now 8), and MS Works.

The only software that I have not successfully installed yet is Adobe Illustrator 8.0, but I'm not done yet. My trusty 6-year-old XP-based machine just lost one of its 2 hard drives. Until the other one fails, however, I'm going to keep using it for my other software and not try to migrate it yet. Hopefully, when that machine finally passes on to the next computer dimension, Microsoft and all the assorted vendors will have figured out how to make more of existing software work on Vista!

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