What Laptop Should I Buy?

With the prices of laptops nowadays, I'm looking to keep it for the next 5-8 years like I did my last laptop. Sony Vaio. It worked for a very long time and never gave me problems.

Having said that, I'm into business so I use a lot of Excel. I like working on my websites, WordPress, and blogging.

That's pretty much all I'll use the laptop for. Strictly business and web surfing.

Which laptop do you recommend? I was checking out the Microsoft surface book because of how sexy it is. But I want the best bang for my buck, and possibly to look nice . suggestions please.

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Not the Surface. Just one reason and it's a big one.

The Surface as it is can't have its battery changed. This along with why is on the web so I won't waste time here.

As to 5-8 years no maker can warrant it for that long and since models change you're never sure how many years it will last. That aside here's CNET's list and you can leave the Surface out since at that many years you may need a battery along the way.

I don't have a budget, size or such here so you can find some candidates then ask more.
My everyday laptop is currently a 17 inch Acer Predator that ran about $1300USD. I'd buy again.

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Second boom. Folk have lost their laptop over that change. When the time comes, best of luck. Folk I know will not get a Surface over this issue. That and Microsoft's answer to repair once the warranty runs out. At least in other notebooks we can replace some parts but with the Surface the number of complaints is too high.

You can't get me to recommend the Surface for folk that want to hit that many years.

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Honestly, thank you for your input and advice. I actually stopped by at Best Buy and was checking laptops out and did not find any as sexy as the surfacebook. I know that's a stupid reason to get it, but I'll be happy Everytime I take it out. Granted, if the battery goes out, I'm screwed. Was also talking to the best buy employee and he has one running 4 years strong. Let me ask you. I know the battery is lithium. Aren't these supposed to last a very long time? I mean what are the odds it goes bad?

Do you have any other suggestions for laptops that are really nice?

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They can last a long time.

But I've had folk that run them on battery during the day and charge at night. The battery has only a 300 cycle rating so they can wear out a battery in just over a year due to their use pattern.

Here at the office we use these as desktop replaces (laptops in general, only one Surface in the fleet.) At about 5 years of being plugged in they are usually cycled out. Some show 98% capacity with BatteryBar, and a few in the 80% range. I expect higher over the years since the new laptops have an option to charge up to 80% capacity and stop charging. This should mean batteries will always hit the 5+ year life span we plan for.

For some the s3xy laptop is the MacBook Air but here we are a Windows shop so that isn't happening.

I do like the Dell XPS line for a little more oomph and build quality.

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I have both the original 13" SB and I purchase

purchased the Surface Book 2 a month after they came out. My SB2 is the 15" with the 512 gb SSD. I love both of them. I like the keyboard of the 2 as there seems to be a better feel. I rarely use it with the clipboard unattached from the base because the battery life of just the tablet is short. So when i use it in tablet mode I just flip the clipboard and attach it to the base to use both batteries. I use the pen more then the touch screen. I have never have any issues with Window updates from either model. The one problem i had was corrected and that was with the pen. I had to remove the driver and let Windows install a new about MS did a fix for that. The one thing is it's not the greatest for using Excel all the time because of the high resolution. But I love both my Surfaces. One thing when I signed onto the Surface page on MS's website with my account when looking at the Surface Book 2. A message popped up that i was eligible for the military/student discount. I'm not a student or in the military so I assume it's because I was a previous Surface owner. I got 400 dollars off. When I went to the page without logging on the price was 400.00 more.

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Best laptop

Many varieties of laptops are in the market. first of all, You want to know about all type of laptop's facilities. thereto, You want to visit the laptop's relative blogs and articles. then you can easily select the best laptop for you.

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I found this good list

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon (6th Gen)

Good display, Long battery Life, Good keyboard, Light

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