The total hop count does not mean a lot any more, routers used to causes fairly large delays just to process the packet or related to what is called serialization delay which only matters on very slow links ie 64k/sec.

All the really matters is your total end to end delay. The only time you really care about the path is if you are getting loss or abnormal delays and need to find out where.

You output is most likely related to how traceroute works when you have multiple redundant paths. Traceroute is not a single packet that is being monitored it is actually sending and receiving packets for each hop. Things can change between the packets since the path may load balance over a number of circuits. In you case since the latency is all about 60ms when it is jumping around like this I suspect you are passing though a number of switches at a single location and not going site to site.

Although real traffic may take different paths though these switches it only will take one path it will not go round and round, this is a where traceroute lies when you do not know what you are tracing though.