It took me a few passes to get the gist of your post - too many typos make it difficult to read, let alone understand.

That said, CNET provides product reviews, news, downloads, tutorials, peer-to-peer communication, and more. It sounds like you encountered problems while viewing a page on CNET, which would imply a problem with your browser or computer. For that, you're welcome to ask for advice in the Browsers forum, which is yet another one of CNET's purposes.

As to your search, I found a list of relevant results two ways:
1.) Visiting and finding "Map Software" under the "Educational Software" category.
2.) Searching for the word "map" and choosing the "Map Software" filter while on

BitTorrent and other software are included in the results for the word "map" because they are extremely popular applications that have the word "map" in their descriptions. Like with any search engine (including Google), you often need to be more specific and filter your results to find those you're interested in.