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What is the MSM ?

I've noticed today, that several folks on SE use the term "MSM" or "Main Stream Media" as an insult. Usually reserved to indicate when a favorite son or daughter politician is getting bad press. Thing is, many of these folks will talk as if certain dominant news outlets are the dreaded "MSM" while other organizations which are just as big are considered ... umm... somehow different or better?

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Piece of cake

It's all in the method and intention. There are just too many similarities in these two facets. The way a building is leaning isn't as important as that it's not standing up straight. Maybe those with left and right legs of unequal length are the problem. They'll see buildings as straight up when they are not and others with an exaggerated lean. Wink

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is more considered "older" news organizations which tend to be Liberal. Just happens that the "newer" ones can be conservative, but there are also liberal new ones too.

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A spurious accusation!!!!

"news organizations which tend to be Liberal"

Of course, you never be able to convince
Liberals that the MSM is Liberal.
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Defining an acronym

to be other than what it is literally.

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RE: What is the MSM ?

Something else for some to complain about?

Very seldom is there a compliment when MSM is mentioned.

The ones that don't like it complain about it, and the ones that like it don't say anything.

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First heard it when

the "Big Three" were still dominate. ABC NBC, and CBS evening news and specials were the authority, other outlets were small potatoes and probably not to be trusted if they disagreed with the Big Three.

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I think it's an outdated term

With the sheer number of news outlets that get worldwide exposure due to the Internet, the term seems a bit quaint. I mostly hear it being used by the Right to denigrate press they feel is unfavorable to them. "The media" becomes a single entity that you can blame for anything, kinda like a mobster blaming "a rat" when the real problem was what he was doing to get ratted out in the first place. You-know-who has latched onto the term "LameStream Media" and uses it every chance she gets. It's quite tiresome but it fits into that whole Professional Victim thing.

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