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What is the difference between Industrial SSD and Commercial

Specifically, the difference between military SSD and commercial SSD, the essential difference is not in speed, but in security, reliability! The difference between security and reliability lies in the difference of design ideas and the choice of materials!

The same capacity, and even the same master SSD, design ideas and material selection of different costs can vary several times or even ten times!

Commercial SSD design idea is the pursuit of performance, cost savings, can use 4 boards, never choose 6 laminates, can save the material, never use one. While the industrial SSD put the reliability in the first place, with 10 layers will not reduce to 8 plates, the material selection is only the military level or industry level, it is these different ideas, as a commercial and industrial class many different.

1. working temperature

-40 degrees C~+85 degrees C is the most conventional needs, -55 degrees C~+125 degrees C is also common, and commercial products only need 0 degrees C~70 degrees C working environment temperature.

In the low temperature or high temperature environment, the electrical properties change is very big, military products in addition to requiring all components of all use at least industrial level, the PCB wiring, sheet selection also have very high requirements. Engineering experience knows, for PCB materials, after more than 2 times after high temperature baking (e.g., 260 C), PCB foaming phenomenon, fault circuit board between the layers in line connection bad, some material in repairing chip is copper skin off phenomenon, and the military board the products selected in the same conditions without any problems, a relatively simple and crude PCB plate quality judgment methods: PCB to 260 degrees C repeatedly baking in the oven, until the PCB surface is no foaming paste, is the qualified material.

2. reinforcement treatment

2.1 underfill

commercial products are generally not strengthened as it is, what is the role of the military, SSD started from the chip reinforcement, will first use the underfill on the bottom of the chip is completely filled, and then heated to 160 degrees C curing, underfill adhesive can not only the interaction between PCB and chip to chip, but also put between the foot entirely from the air, prevent oxidation, chip on the foot at the same time, can also play a waterproof function.

A German import filling glue, usually cost 1500 yuan, each chip needs through the glue dispensing machine, inclination of 45 degrees for 30 minutes, let the glue into the air until the automatic emptying, and then heated, the gluing process time-consuming 1 hours or more.

2.2 reinforcement interface

SATA connector generally adopts plane contact structure, this structure has the advantages of simple manufacture, low cost, common use in SSD, but if the strong vibration or shock environment, plane contact there will be short of bad contact, resulting in signal or data loss, because of this, the reinforcement of SATA interface will usually use special military products custom.

Reinforcing connectors do not appear to be in bad contact in any direction of shock or vibration.

The cost of reinforcing connectors is more than 100 times that of plain planar SATA connectors.

Of course, the shell reinforcement is also a common way of strengthening the military.

3. a key, self destruction and other special functions

commercial products usually do not have special functional requirements, and military products need to be destroyed under various conditions for safety needs:

The physical design is not simply burned some additional circuitry, since the flash itself comes with a protection circuit, it is difficult to burn easily, at the same time, different manufacturers of flash memory and not the same, which increases the difficulty of burning, usually after a large number of times after the experiment to ensure that all the chips can be burned, and burned every time the experiment itself is a very expensive research spending, a perfect product development costs should be enough to offset the sales profit of dozens of K copycat SSD.

4. Reliability

The reliability of SSD requires a combination of many factors to consider, and a large number of tests and verification do not stop correcting bug is an essential link.

The SSD business level there is no need to consider so many aspects of the production process, only need to patch, aging can be developed in the industrial chain of Shenzhen, a PCBA, a simple manual welding, card, aging can stately on a treasure sold.

How to deal with the fake repair products? Very simple, re open to another hapless good, if it is a bad NAND, a direct replacement or a few pieces of NAND, after opening to the shelves.

Therefore, reliability is propped up by cost!

Finally, years of experience in the SSD industry are summarized:

Electronic products without profiteering, prices and quality is always in direct proportion.

Even the brands of commercial products, in the material selection and design ideas are different from military products, can not only see the world famous military manufacturers price are unusually high, but through the price difference between the two images through the essence.

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