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What is the best Radar detector?

by bboyswoosh87 / July 16, 2008 6:26 AM PDT

I get a lot of tickets not because i race but because i guess i step on the gas too much what would be the best radar detector for me?

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Best Radar detector
by irunuova1 / July 16, 2008 5:44 PM PDT

In order to get an effective radar detector, you have to buy a high-end model. These are far and above anything from Cobra, Whistler, Etc.... that you can buy for cheap. You should be looking at the Escort 8500 X50, Beltronics Rx65,. or the Valentine V1.
No matter what you buy... you must understand the capabilities of radar detectors... or you will continue to recieve tickets. Cops can use "instant on"... or they can be using Lidar guns... which are almost impossible to detect in time.

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Valentine 1
by aelorah / July 16, 2008 11:04 PM PDT

This unit posseses the best feature set through a tested unit. A radar detector won't stop all tickets depending on how up to date your state's law enforcement is but it is a good start.

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What's best? Well, that depends....
by Heimdall222 / July 18, 2008 8:37 AM PDT

Both jdreynss and aelorah are exactly correct. You need to understand what a radar detector can and cannot do, as well as what types of radar guns are used in your locality and wherever you might travel. And top-of-the line equipment is a *really* good investment in this case.

What's the best radar detector? Well, as the old saying goes...that depends.

My personal options were the top-rated Beltronics RX-65 Pro, Escort Passport 8500 X50, and Valentine One. I finally bought Escort's Passport 8500 X50 (blue LED).

For me, of these detectors the Escort had the best mix of features, sensitivity to the radars used where I live (Houston, Republic of Texas), and price. Escort now offers the Passport 9500i and 9500ix, which have bells and whistles I don't need. But you gotta buy what's best for you!

Before I got the Escort, I did lots of homework and read all of the detector reviews I could find. There's a need to screen out the BS and hype, especially if it's a review on a manufacturer's site, or one by a reviewer with an obviously personal (manufacturer supported?) preference or other vested interest. Also, I found owner/user reviews and user forums to be a very good source of pro and con info.

Here's a small sampling of what's available.

Professional-reviewer websites:
-- Consumer Search Radar Detectors Reviews at
-- RadarTest at
-- 007 Radar Detectors at
-- Guys of Lidar at
-- Radar Roy at
-- Radar Detector Geeks at
-- RadarReviews at
-- Veil at
-- ZDNet at

Owner/user reviews and forums:
-- AOL Shopping at
-- Cnet Reviews at
-- Epinions at
-- at
-- Radar Inspector at

-- Beltronics at
-- Cobra at
-- Escort at
-- Rocky Mountain Radar at
-- Valentine One at
-- Whistler at

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Radar Detector Reviews
by freni32 / January 4, 2009 9:40 AM PST

I found this one online radar detector forum website which has radar detector reviews on their from valentine one radar to escort passport radar detectors the forum website is: http://www.Radar-Detector-Reviews.Net

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Best According to the Experts
by RadarExpert / January 7, 2009 11:19 PM PST

Best is often a matter of whatever someone's specific spin happens to be. What radar detector experts know is this:

1. Like other current technologies, you have to spend enough to have capable technology so a visit to the local discount store or a $99 detector website is a waste of your time and money because at that level of spending, the parts and technology just aren?t possible to protect you. You have to spend enough on the cost v. performance curve to make sure that your detector has the technology and the parts to cover all the guns, all the bands and w/ enough range to do you good. In other words, if you buy a $99 detector, you will still be exposed to some of the guns and some of the bands and you won?t have any range to give you time to respond. Economically, it makes more sense to drive without a $99 radar detector and not be fooled into thinking you are protected than to buy one just to have a radar detector. The best advice is to exercise wisdom and not waste your money on a detector that doesn?t work, that being a cheap detector.

With that said, you might want to consider then, that your investment ought to give you future returns by keeping you safe against all the guns, all the time. When you visit radar detector blogs, many professional review sites (such as CNET), experts and bloggers are correct when they suggest the top brands Escort, Bel and Valentine. All 3 brands see all the guns w/ enough range to help you react in time to take preventative measures and not get stopped.

Beyond radar detection protection, you may also want to consider the rare but possible, "dead in their sites laser gun" attack - only Escort and Bel (in our list of detectors to consider) have add-on systems that completely disarm the laser gun and prevent it from targeting and tracking you for purposes of being stopped. Both the Escort and the Bel systems are tremendous in their operation and relatively easy to add on once you have purchased their windshield mount detectors, ie, you don't have to buy all the pieces immediately but instead you can always add the 'shifters'/'blockers' when you're ready. All of their models work w/ their affordable laser 'shifting'/'blocking' systems. Valentine does not have this option.

Another item to consider, and maybe most importantly (as we are speaking of investments), you need to make yourself aware of the single greatest increasing threat of being stopped today - the rapid placement of red light and speed cameras being deployed all across North America. Thousands are already active w/ more being added/installed every single day. Only Escort and Bel have a detector that is fully prepared to asses and alert you to these threats accurately and only Escort and Bel offer you web ready detectors for instant, easy downloads that allow you to keep your increasing threat database updated on all of these imposing new threat locations. Again, no technology of this type is available from Valentine.

One more important point to consider ? have you ever driven in an urban area w/ a RD? If you have, as many of your friends in the blogs have, you will get dozens of alerts from your detector ... and none of them will be real threats. That's because many of the security systems installed in many businesses around you and nearly all of the automatic door openers at all of the local stores, businesses and corner gas stops, operate in the same bands as do law enforcement guns. All other brand detectors have no technology to know the difference and so they work as simple receivers (dumb receivers) and alert you to all of these non-threats! Again, only Escort and Bel have patented technology to analyze and eliminate these false alert threats and let you drive w/ a detector that works as a detector and not as a simple, false alert noise generator.

some links for your use:

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I would say the valentine radar detector
by freni32 / March 8, 2009 3:21 PM PDT

After reading reviews on the latest radar detectors the valentine one radar detector seemed to be the best, I found this great radar detector reviews forum online offering great reviews from some of the latest radar detectors from escort passport, whistler, valentine one radar and more!


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Best Radar Detector
by jerryatrictoo / August 25, 2009 10:58 AM PDT

If your looking for durability, quality & great customer service, from my personal experience don't get Escort.
Returned mine for repair, waited 2 months & they returned a different unit, which I don't think was repaired.
Asked to exchange for my repaired unit, no answer!

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Consider the cost/saving ratio
by eternityrider / November 23, 2009 1:20 AM PST

Sorry to hear that you ( jerryatrictoo) had a bad experience with Escort customer service. My firm belief based on my research is that the newest models manufactured by Escort seems to be the best units on the market today.

I do have to agree with RadarExpert on all points. If you are looking for protection against the increasing number of cameras and radar detectors on our roads, the only way to do it is by keeping up with the technology that the law enforcement agencies use. If you don't, most models of speed camera detectors sold today will be outdated within a year or so. The reason be the fact that the indirect taxation in the form of traffic ticket fines constitutes a huge income to local and federal governments. They will always spend the tax payers money to come up with new technologies that will allow them to extract money from you.

Hence, in my personal opinion, it only makes sense to invest in a unit that has some way of updating its database, such as Escort Passport 9500ix. I am sure that other manufacturers will soon come up with new models that will provide the same coverage as the newest models from Escort (scanning for all microwaves' bandwidths as well as infrared light beams). Also, I am sure that in order to stay competitive, the other makers will also add the option that allows you to update the database of new locations of red cameras from the Internet.

What I find as the biggest advantage of the newest Escort models is that you can go online and find the new locations being updated daily by the users. That way people take charge of their destinies. If they locate a new spot with red camera or new speed trap, they log the location into their unit, then they load it into the database and you know about it right when it is uploaded.

I think that this is the biggest advantage we have as drivers. We can communicate and since there are lots of us, we can stay informed about the new "milking" locations.

Also, what I think is a great feature which should become a standard feature for all speed camera detectors is the possibility to log any location where you get false alarm, so next time when you drive by, the disturbing noise of the alarm going off will not be present.

So, to sum it up, the questions you should ask yourselves before buying any speed camera detector is "Why do I need one?" and "How much do I save by buying one?" Is it better for me to buy a unit for $200 which will protect me in 50% of the cases and will be out of date within a few years or sooner or a unit that costs $500 and protects me in lets say 75% of the cases, but will be up to date for at least several years? I know what is my answer to that question, you have to decide for yourself.

If you want more information on speed camera detectors you can go to:

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Depends on many things
by jerryatrictoo / November 23, 2009 1:30 AM PST

If price is no object the Valentine.
If price is an issue get the Escort or similiar.
If City use, forget the Escort.Great for highway use only in my opinion. California, from experience, has radar units that get you from front & back. The cops can now track your speed if your following them.
Forget the "cheapies" not worth anything.

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Why is not Escort a good choice for the use in city?
by eternityrider / November 24, 2009 10:22 PM PST
In reply to: Depends on many things

I do agree with jerryatrictoo with avoiding some super cheap models if you really want to get something for your money. The problem with most cheaper models is that they usually will only scan for one bandwidth and most of them do not provide you with any protection against laser guns at all.

Now, my question to jerryatrictoo is why isn't Escort good for the use in the city? My understanding was that since you can lock all the false signals, you can eventually travel peacefully via your most frequented routes without having to deal with tons of false alarms. You can also store the locations of red cameras and speed traps in the unit. Hence, I would expect the top Escort models to be the most beneficial for the use in cities and not the opposite.

Also, you mention that your speed can be locked from the police car going in front or behind your car. Maybe I have bad information, but I thought that for instance escort passport 9500ix has 360 scanning function, which would mean that you could get warning no matter where the police patrol is located and whether it is moving or hiding somewhere behind the bridge or bush.

I am looking for as much information on Escort from the users who have had both positive and negative experiences to be able to decide whether this unit shall become the unit of my choice both for personal use and for promoting it. Hence, I would appreciate if you could elaborate on your comments with some data supporting your claims. It would really help because so far I have not come across too many negative reviews regarding this particular unit.

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Escort in city & 360 protection
by jerryatrictoo / November 24, 2009 11:22 PM PST

I live in Canada & find in my city, LOTS of false alarms. This with No X city mode. It's reached a stage where I no longer use it in the city.
I'm just advising people that new police radar can catch you even if your behind the police car.
That's where Escort shines. It DOES offer 360* protection & it WORKS!
My big problem with Escort was with their "customer service" dept. as I described in a previous post. As much as I like the unit on the highway, next time a different brand.
There are other great brands of detectors offering the same, if not better protection at around the same price, hopefully with far better service if you need it.

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New Radar Detectors Review Site
by lucas_85 / January 7, 2011 8:18 PM PST

Hi Everybody

Just found a new Radar Detectors Review Site -
Check this out and let me know what you think


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Despite popular belief
by SuperGeek81 / January 10, 2011 6:25 AM PST

Well i will tell you i bought a cobra radar detector about 9 years ago, and it cost me 75 bucks 9 years ago. i have been saved by it about 50 times, i generally am not much more then 20 over but, even then, it still saved me. So i would say get yourself the sears special radar detector, because honestly mine kicks butt...

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by royce0191 / January 17, 2011 12:06 AM PST
In reply to: Despite popular belief

I have recently purchased K40's new radar detector the RL360, and I have to say I like what they did with this radar. The detection range is tremendous, I am picking up real threats over a mile out. Combine that with there new GPS features make me love driving with it everyday.

Here is a link showing the K40 radar detector in action check it out it really help me in making my decision.

Thanks K40 !

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