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What is the best phone for 2011

Dec 9, 2010 4:00PM PST

I need advise on what's the best phone for 2011. I want to place one in my New Year's wishlist. I ant to replace my iphone that i bought last year. Samsung phone's seems pretty popular this coming year. Should i get one? Anyone with experience on Samsung?
Stumbled upon this post and realized i also need a cool mobile phone for 2011

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LG Star
Dec 10, 2010 1:28AM PST

I was checking this one out on Phone Arena the other day. It looks awesome!

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RE: Samsung phones
Dec 10, 2010 1:35AM PST

I currently have a Samsung Fascinate (or Galaxy S phone). I love it! It has a few small issues, but the overall phone and display make up for its shortcomings. There is a GPS issue (check out in for more info on anything Android! it's very useful) and most of us Galaxy S users are still waiting for Froyo (Android 2.2) to be released for our phones. There's, of course, the speculation that we may get Gingerbread (Android 2.3) before we ever get 2.2 but that remains to be seen. Desperately still waiting for the update. I think that's my biggest issue since I'm really looking forward to having Flash capability. Other than that, I really do recommend the Galaxy S phones.

The new Nexus S phone (to be released in the coming days) looks to be, basically, a Galaxy S phone without the carrier ties. There is speculation that the GPS could have been fixed for that phone, and it's being released with Gingerbread.

however, if you're looking for newer and better for stuff released next year, as my previous post said, check out the LG Star. I'm looking forward to seeing it. It'll have a dual core processor, which I'm interested in checking out. (the Galaxy S phones and the Nexus S have a 1Ghz Hummingbird processor).

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Tell more about the GPS issue.
Dec 10, 2010 1:50AM PST

Last week I had to demo GPS to a new user to show that startup time is not an issue. The cold start time is annoying to those that don't know what is going on.

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android forum :-D
Dec 10, 2010 2:29AM PST

I have lived on this site since I got my first Droid (went through 10 of them! LOL). Here's a link to the GPS thread for the Samsung Fascinate:

The cold start time can be very annoying. In addition to that, there is some issue sometimes with accuracy. Within that thread, a couple users mention a GPS app that can be downloaded to tell you how accurate your GPS is.

For daily use, I use an app called Waze; it's a social GPS app, so it's really just useful and fun. (check it out at Anyway, when I'm using it, it shows me right where I should be on the map. However, my boyfriends likes to "ping" (message) me on it when he's getting close to home in the afternoon, and often times, he says it looks like I'm sitting in the middle of the park (I live near a large park in our city) or I'm a block away from home. So, that's a little odd. IDK if that's something wrong with Waze or with my GPS though. I know if we're in the car together, our waze avatars are about 1/2 block apart even though we're in the same spot.

From what I read in the android forums, whenever us Galaxy S users FINALLY get Froyo (Android 2.2), it should fix our GPS issues...I think. Of course, we're still desperately waiting for it! LOL

I hope I've helped a little. But definitely check out the thread! Wink

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Ok, about accuracy.
Dec 10, 2010 2:42AM PST

I'm finding some to be miffed over the 5 meter or so that we expect from GPS.

Let me reveal I'm involved in embedded GPS so I can talk about jitter, accuracy, cold, warm, hot starts and more. But what I find are folk that don't want to know or their eyes glaze over.

But beyond all that there is a TRICK used in car GPS to mitigate the errors. It's very simple yet you don't see it written up too often. Ready? Take the gps location and snap it to the nearest street on your map.

The handheld GPS I see in the droids don't do that and it's VERY NICE they didn't as it works better for those that are hiking.

But no where do I see a document telling "HOW IT ALL WORKS."

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(eyes glazed over) LOL
Dec 10, 2010 3:08AM PST

how do I do that? (take gps location and snap it to the nearest street on my map)

yeah, I'm one of those that gets the glazed over look! ROFL I read all of this and I'm trying to understand it. I'm a very bright person and work with a lot of technology and can understand almost anything, but when I'm in these forums and I'm reading about the GPS stuff and the rooting of the phones and ROMS and stuff, my brain just kinda quits working! LOL

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That helped.
Dec 10, 2010 3:14AM PST
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Missing link.
Dec 10, 2010 3:19AM PST
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smart phones
Jul 12, 2011 11:27AM PDT

i cant believe that this nonsence is still floating around. the Galaxy Class Phones from Samsung are by far up or above the best named phones.i Have a Samsung Fascinate and wouldnt trade it for anything on the market,, as for GPS its on the dime or closs enough.. you can actually see the curves in the road or trees etc ..depending on your viewing particulars. it can be themed and updated well before its time and the OTA aka:over the air update to froyo 2.2 took place a few months back. I must admit that with Verizon presently the service lacks something.
so say its because they are updating the 3G to 4G consumes a lot of work as the tractor trailer sized boxes presently have to be removed and the newer smaller boxes put in place. This should increase all verizon smart phone usages.
this memo is written 07/12/2011.. up to date.. i cant stand to read something of importance and find its months old or even last years events. i can speak for the fascinate..mine was dropped into the Tenn. Aquarium and my son dove head first retrieved it and i thought there goes my phone..welp I was up and running the same phone that night till present and its like a timex..takes a licking and keeps on tickin.. there are mods etc who've made upgrades to the phones if one so choses and their upgrades are sometimes far and above what could be expected.. as for the iphone.. it is no match against the Samsung Galaxy Class S smart phones.. i have yet to find anything it wont do except walk the choses one makes ,,well,, everyone has an Samsung Fascinate for me and hundreds more..also the upload/download speed is much faster than most of its competition..3 of us stood one day about 3 feet apart to dowwnload the same app and the fascinate was first to have the app and first to run the chose well.. Samsung fascinate is sound durable and fast,,the hummingbird processor is much faster than some of the snapdragon processors in other phones..

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nexus s
May 28, 2011 7:33AM PDT

I have the sprint nexus s ...its great runs smooth like an iPhone even faster..overall its a good phone slim design fits nice in your hand, the good would be the fast processor, runs 2.3 gingerbread, the UI runs quick and more smoothly, no lag for the most part runs videos Netflix and streams very well over the sprints network signal. Even faster over wifi .. the display is smiled and has great screen resolution .. along with a super amoled display ..4inch screen.. alot of great new apps with the gingerbread market.. navigation is a disappointment it dies not have sprint navigation, it comes with the Google navigation only which is not as great.. battery life is decent's the bad.. no notification light to alert you of messages or calls,etc., takes forever to fully charge, only has a 5 MP camera and does have front facing camera for video calling. No SD expandable memory but does have internal 16 gb memory visual voicemail you have to get one from the market ..wifi range is kinda glichy ..
overall there's no glitches with the software like I had with the htc evo 4g constantly so. I've come to the conclusion that its not only the software that matters but who manufactures the phone ..HTC I've always had problems with Samsung I haven't at all..
This is great phone if you don't mind some of the minor things its a great pick for

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best accessory for 2011
Dec 29, 2010 3:17AM PST

unfortunately, i'm in the middle of my contract so i've just been doing wishful searching around the internet. i've found something kinda cool though and makes adds some extra security to the phone i already spent so much money on. the gadget is called a ZOMM and hooks right onto your keychain. it works as a cell phone locator, personal security device, and a speakerphone. the ZOMM's a bargain, too, especially if you can't quite spring for a new phone quite yet. i got mine at

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Feb 15, 2011 7:48AM PST

welp it seems you need to be told that if one purchases an item and that item does not do as described, take the thing back... and do not pay any early contract termination fees.
I am sure if you come on the web and started to get things organized , we could all swamp Verizon at once.. think about the lost revenue they would lose just by a drop in smart phone services,, plus theres a posibility that a Class Action Suit could be levied at Verizon.. i have decided to hang for a month then i will either remove myself from the contract termination fee or root this fascinate , some call it Jail Breaking. what i like about the rooting idea is that after a root ,,verizon no longer has control of the 3g usage. all of that adds that one could carry a laptop,set the phone for 3g and "wifi" day and night and verizon couldnt do anything to stop it unless one were to let Verizon have access to their phone. signed:Fed Up Vet. (last words) either something is , or it is not.

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best phone
Dec 29, 2010 4:02PM PST

The iPhone 4 is the firstclass handset of the year 2011 because of its aesthetically looks, screen,hardware and OS. The handset is also very pleasingly thin phone in the market right .The iPhone 4 is a spectacular 3.5-inch Retina & it display with a emotioanally boggling 960?640 resolution.

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Feb 12, 2011 1:27PM PST

welp about the best i can say is that Verizon has promised froyo 2.2 on the fascinate for about 6 months. I myself bought one under that same premise a tad over 1 month well into having it for two months.
while the phone is good and has certain qualities that the others do not i do not think there will be any updates and as such i intend to return it to verizon very soon and tell them i am not paying any termination fees for something that didnt give me what was promised.
Now on a brighter side its screen is hard to beat.its response time is fairly quuick with a 2.1 OS. I used it on a trip and it showed every curve and turn on the trip both there and back. So it would be hard for me to get rid of it. I just hate the thoughts that some carrier uses the clients to gain cash flow and not produce the goods.
I have heard it is more stable than the droids although the droids have 2.2 except the droid X and i heard a rumor it now had 2.2.. this is the date this is answered.. feb the 13th 2011.. i stated that for a allows anyone who reads it to know its not a post made 6 months ago about a update coming at the end of the month, making one who doesnt read the posted date feel more sure of their opinions..
Me , i own the fascinate and like it , but i bought it under the premis and promises of a soon coming 2.2 froyo update.

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BB or xperia or HP
Jul 11, 2011 10:02PM PDT
the answer to your question depends on your use of the phone however seeing that you own an iphone and wishing to change, i advise that you go for blackberry. there is the current top model 9780 and the new model which is the best and will be out during August which is the Bold 9900. the reason behind going for a BB is that it is totally a different world than iphone and trust me it is a unique one. I my self used to have an iphone 3gs and tried a blackberry bold and ever since and still am a BB guy. I am not going to explore BB but you will find it
Another really awesome phone is the sonyericcsson xperia play. this phone is good for you if you like gaming as it is the first and only phone to have a joy stick. check it out.
HP phone are cool, they are very smart, fast and top of the line in multi-tasking. you can try the HP veer if you want a powerful and smalllllllllll phone or the HP pre 3.
as for the android market, i heard that the most powerfull in web browsing is HTC. Samsung are good in graphics. LG is crap but they are getting there.

I hope i helped.
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Samsung U900 Features
Jul 12, 2011 4:21PM PDT

Source:"TradeTang Cheap Samsung Cell Phones"

Phone Features:
As for the feature, there is a flips hot with a swiveling display
that you can rotate it to 180 degrees, which enabling you to close the
phones for the large 2.2 inches internal displays face and activated
the camera mode.

The Samsung U900 supports for up to 262K colours while the external
screens offers a 128 x96 pixels resolutions and you can view call
information, signal strength and digital version of the analog clock
from the screen.
Samsung U900 have the 3 mega-pixel camera snaps pictures in eight
different resolutions and it also included a 10x digital zooms, 3
quality setting and brightness and white balance controls.
As for the video captures, The Flip shots record the clip in the MPEG4
formats in 2 different resolutions ( 320x 240 and 176 x 144 pixels).
You can continue shoot your video as long as your memory card has an
available spaces and 30 seconds is the cap.

The Built-In Features:
There is number of handy built-in feature for Samsung U900 such as:
- MicroSD expansion up to 4 GB
- USB 2.0 connectivity with mass storage capability
- Compatible with 72-chord polyphonic ring tones
- PIM tools: Calendar with scheduler, note pad, alarm clock, world time, calculator, unit converter
- Stereo speakerphone
- Vibrating alerts and silent mode
- Supported digital audio formats: MPE, WMA, WMA Pro, WMA Pro+
- 2.5mm headphone jack

Not only that, Samsung U900 also can stored up to 500 contact entries
and a phone's picture ID system allows you to assign picture to your
most common callers, friends or family. The Flips hot also comes with a
built-in web browser for downloads and mobile web browsing. So it is
totally possible to customize your handset theme to your own

As for someone who loves text messaging, T9 text entry technology which
it also a built-in functions for making the text or word entry a lot
easier on the handsets. Not only to the text messaging, you can also
sending and receiving the pictures, text, graphics, sound and video
with Samsung U900. When used in combinations with the phone built-in,
MMS totally open up a whole new world of messaging fun.

Overall, Samsung's U900 is a fitting flagship model with strong,
well-performing features. With the right browser, theHSDPA speeds
shine, and streaming media is great. The 3-megapixel isn't
class-leading, but is a solid performer, in the same league as
Samsung's G600, or perhaps even better.

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Jul 13, 2011 1:15PM PDT

I have a samsung galaxy s2 and its incredible. The fastest phone i've used yet. Even faster than the iphone.

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what is the best new smart phone? answer
Aug 10, 2011 6:22AM PDT
the best smart phone currently available is easily the htc evo 3d. wtih its 1.2 ghz duel core processor it eats the competition. nit to mention it shoots pics and video in 3d upto 720p, in 2d 1080p . this phone is even faster than the i pad 2 i have an i pad 2 and it can not keep up with the evo. plus for anyone who has owned an htc devise you know how awesome the htc sence running system is, and now its more refined. the only close match for this phone is the lg optimis......if you like paying crazy bills and slow internet from t moble and at an the evo is the current champ 1 gig of ram even the i pad 2 does not have that much. Motorola is going to be coming out with a phone late 2012, that will have a quad core processor by nivida, and a 12 mega pixel camera. that will be the first phone that can take down the mighty evo 3d. the new i phone 5 which does not have a release date is going to have the same processor as the i pad 2, lame this means apples rain of terror in the smart phone bus has come to an abrupt halt. both the i phone 4 and the i pad 2 failed to compete with the top android devises of the time, and so will the i phone 5.
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Which Phone to Choose
Oct 23, 2011 12:11PM PDT

I thought of replacing my current Samsung (cos the phone contract is expiring) with an iphone. But now not so sure as my husband starts using iPhone 4 this year. Now about six months later, his phone tends to heat up each time he charges.

So we went to the 'Technical Care Centre' yesterday, hoping they'd replace the set, only to be told to come back today cos they 'don't have shipments on weekends'.

A friend told us this is quite a common problem with iPhone. If this is true, I think I'd stay away from it and look at other alternatives. Also I believe that when buying any phone/products, we should be looking at after-sales service as well and not only the features of the item.

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cell phone reviews
Dec 14, 2011 2:36PM PST

Its better to go for a windows phone with latest technology. iphone is having many hardware and software issues and is not resolving it. windows have comeup with the latest technology of gaming sharing and web dynamics. the technology in windows phone is very confortable and very much latest. iphone is trying to get the same in its iphone 5. so you can either wait for iphone 5 or else go for a new windows phone.