I had a similar problem with a WD drive two foot drop off the coffee table and it got the click of death. I've also had a Verbatim Hard drive for 6 months that works well, though im not sure who actually makes the HDD in it. But i cannot say how amazed i am at my memorex 500gb hard drive. It has a toshiba hard drive in it. My memorex has been dropped down stairs once, dropped on cement from 4 feet, and a few other less dramatic drops. It still works. I use it with my logitech revue and keep it hooked up almost 24/7 and had no heating issues. Toshiba is probably best, and this is a toshiba drive WITHOUT its impact smart shock sensor stuff. Toshiba Canvio is the only one with that and it maxes out at 1tb. Toshiba does make a 2tb drive as well. Just search amazon