is in relation to frequency. The frequency output of a video card must match the frequency set by the monitor or visa-versa. The higher the frequency the faster the screen re-paints itself. Most video cards can handle a range of frequency. Out of phase means that you have exceeded this range on one end or the other. Here is a link to further explain. RpbCB0aGUgZGlzcGxheSB3YXMgYmFjayB0byBjbGVhc i4gV2hhdCBpcyB0aGlzIHBoYXNlIHNldHRpbmc/IEk gaGF2ZSBub3RpY2VkIHlvdXIgYnVzaW5lc3Mg& fw=12&fc=3&ss=-1&es=-1&gwp=11&ver=

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