What is Org.codeaurora.btmultisism

Nov 27, 2018 11:38AM PST

I found these on my phone. I'm not into anything tech but have had my life ruined. I feel like a target. Someone please explain what these are?! I've had 4 iPhones 3 phone carriers, sim cards and prepaid phones from target. 3 bank accounts. This is my first android and after. Not having a phone for 2 months because I was experiencing a total invasion not only financially, but even some kind of energy weapon. It could only be one of two people and whatever entity it is, isnt doing any good with the power they have. Apple, and wellsfargo accounts among others have been invaded. I thought at first it had something to do with research google was conducting or some kind of military recruitment. But then someone scared me and said not all cops are good and there would be no point to go to authority.
What are these? This is just a few!
Microsoft exchange
Chrome extension 
Firefox extension 
Email-personal (pop3)
Email-personal (IMAP
Trustee Certificates
Tethering automation
Silent logging
Security log agent
I0t hidden menu

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Re: org.codeaurora.btmultisim
Nov 27, 2018 11:54AM PST

Are you sure it's multisism, not multisim? If it's multisim, it seems a legitimate Android app from is the contact form on their site. Use that to ask for details.

Most other terms on your list look like rather technical, but for techs certainly not uncommon, IT things. For example, MTP is the Media Transfer Protocol, used to transfer files between the phone and a PC. Nothing to worry about, I'd say. If you want to know more, just spend a few hours googling.

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Similar Issue
Jun 2, 2019 10:47AM PDT

I have had the same issues with my phones and have also changed carriers, phones and services multiple times. Thank you for asking this question. Would be interesting to chat with you and see how similar our experiences might be.

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Aug 12, 2019 8:54PM PDT

I am experiencing a similar situation and so much more. It has been ongoing and escalating for over two years now. Way to much to put it all here BUT you NEED to REPORT what is happening to you to every single appropriate authority AND company possible! DO NOT LET THEM CONTROL YOU THROUGH FEAR! Report the bank, phone company, manufactures ect and don't stop til IT does! They want you to be afraid because that is how they get more control. Yes there are corrupt, sick, twisted, vile, rotten individuals at every and any corporation and government office and it only takes 1 to at each office for them to continue to pull this off this level of scam. It is surely an organized crime ring. They typically go after disabled people that own property. First they try and make them look crazy. Then they ruin their credit by making fraudulent purchases causing overdrafts ect, which also break their wallet and then they go after their property. They will follow you, run you off the road ect to try to get you to keep quiet. Next time your being followed drive to your nearest State Police Barricks. Trust me they won't follow you there! I went to a friend's a few months ago that lives about an hour from me to try and get new devices and set them up away from my hacked home and needless to say that did not work either they just hacked her network, devices, landline and had hacker software download to her new phone... Anyway, I knew I was being followed so I got off an exit knowing at the bottom of the exit ramp sat a State Police Barricks. When I was almost to the bottom of the ramp I said, "Ok you Muther Truckers, you want to follow me?! How about you follow me into the State Police Barricks at the bottom of this ramp?! They immediately slammed on their brakes and proceeded to back out of the ramp to get away back up onto the highway! I then started laughing and said, "Yeah I didn't think you wanted to follow me in there! lmao! And that was the day a few months ago that I knew I would shout from every rooftop if I had to and I will not stop til they are toast! So there is your your proof that there is nothing to fear but fear itself! Yes we are hacked, tapped ect And yes is it crazy and terrifying. Hell they have even invade my home and do so on a pretty regualr basis. At first I thought they were doing this just to torture and scare me before they killed me or something but I have since concluded they were after my documents, my information about my accounts ect. They get in despite any of my efforts to prevent them they even bypass my ADT Security system and every time they do the camera always fails to take pic. They also like to let you know they have invaded your home, car ect because almost Everytime they enter they take something noticable and or return something they took before and leave it lay someplace where it is the first thing you see when you walk in the door or wake up. Yes, they even come in my house when I am sleeping. I was living in terror for ovwr two years. I am very sick and disabled and have very little time and energy each day, if any, to try and get all of this evidence together and file all of these complaints and I know they know that and they know they have me entirely overwhelmed and at a complete disadvantage so my newest game plan is to take just one thing, starting with the worst first and do a complaint or report about it. Each day just pluck away at it as I am able since there is just so, so much and so many things they have done I would never be able to compile it all into a few complete and concise reports. For at least the past year and a half my calls were rerouted and I spent hours upon hours on the phone and on online chat trying to report everything that was going on and trying to get things fixed like a functional phone, phone service, internet that wasn't hacked and rerouted only to find out I was hardly ever talking to who I thought I was. My bills were getting spoofed saying they were more than they were and they were routing the payments somehow and skimming the difference off the top. When I say report all of this do not just call you need to physically go in person to the local FBI Office, Police Stations, FCC ECT. and that isn't enough because you also need proof that you have reported everything so you also need to send everything in the mail and mail it certified and mail multiple copies and explain why you are mailing multiple copies of your complaints ect. Also make sure you use several different Post Offices and hand deliver them when you go in person to talk. Try to get a receipt that you dropped off a complaint or report. Email a copy as well even though it will probably not get there. That is ok it is just more evidence of how you are being CYBER HACKED, SPOOFED, STALKED, ABUSED, TORTURED ect. You are actually the only person I have seen on any forum with something similar as I think most people are afraid to post about it or these criminals are just deleting people's post. IDK but I do know a few other people personally that this has happened to before they came after me. I'm infuriated that these sick disgusting pigs have done this to me and others as I said earlier I am very sick. The past year and a half my health declined even more and what little time and energy I had for the basics and visiting my family is being used up by this insanity. There is no way to ever get back the time I have lost because of these disgusting criminals and I hope they all get what they have coming to them soon and I hope I get to watch! I have never been an angry or vengeful person but this has been one of the worst experiences of my life. Another reason you have to report it is because these companies will not investigate your accounts without an incident or report number from the police. So reporting it to the police is the first steo. I suggest you report it to the police the FBI and the FCC all on the same day and let each of them know you have reported it to the others. Please contact me as I have some ideas I would like to run by you! I think I have also figured out how they keep hacking every device brand new right out of the box without me entering any of my info or prior accounts within 15 minutes now. Factory resets do not work, the best paid for antivirus ec5 do not work, practicing safe cyber rules do not work and I did all of this before I got hit by these criminals anyway... And PS APPLE can be hacked just as fast as android. A reset it new device used to give me about a week or so until they had full control again. My phone was using at least 10 GB of data a month and I do not stream, I do not play games and only make a few calls and text a week not to mention most of the few calls that were placed to me never made it to me and people claimed they left voicemails or sent me text and I barely got any of them on a $1,000 brand new phone with supposedly one if the best networks. How they could not see what was going on is beyond me unless they too are part of the problem! They were also routing my stuff through WiFi for almost a year before my carrier made WiFi calling an option and installed the proper stuff into my phone. I only recently found that out. This has all been total insanity an absolute nightmare and I would want my worst enemy to go through what they have put me through. Best of luck to you! And good luck ever getting any straight answers about apps on your phone! Most appear harmless or claim to be lol

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I doubt anyone will read your post in full
Aug 13, 2019 10:20AM PDT

Nothing personal, your post is difficult to read without being separated with paragraphs. The way it looks now is an enormous run-on sentence.

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I think you should contact a hospital and let them know
Aug 16, 2019 8:53PM PDT

Being a very sick disabled person, you should probably contact some local help lines- or a hospital and explain, with the same detail in this post, exactly what's going on. Don't you know all hospitals are secret CIA headquarters. Just demand to talk to them, explain these issues, and someone will finally be able to assist you in these matters. God speed

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TIme to close this thread....
Aug 17, 2019 2:28PM PDT

Because the OP hasn't responded since the thread was created in Nov 2018 and this thread is now going off the rails, there is no point to keep this open.

Post was last edited on August 17, 2019 2:35 PM PDT

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