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What is Obama so scared of?

Everywhere, Obama and his wife Michelle too, have been urging not just to vote for Barack, but to vote early. I mean they have really been pushing this early voting. It makes me wonder if they know something we don't yet, but they fear will come out before Nov 4. I'd urge everyone to wait till Nov 4 unless you must vote absentee ballot. The longer we have to look at and listen to the candidates, the less we might regret our vote like some of those who vote early.

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I voted

already and no regrets, McCain all the way to the Whitehouse

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Just tactics

Rich Beeson, political director of the Republican National Committee, said the Democrats' approach wouldn't pay off because the voters the Democrats are getting to the polls early are mainly those who would support the party anyway, not the ``low-to mid-propensity voters'' they should be targeting.

`They are cannibalizing their list by getting their best voters out early,'' he said.

Beeson said Republicans have accumulated better data over the past decade, and will use resources more wisely.

``The Obama campaign is more dollars than sense,'' he said. ``There's no targeting involved. They are just rolling in and talking to every group and just saying `go vote.'''

Both Obama and McCain are seeking to lock in as many likely supporters as possible so they can better focus on undecided voters in the last days of the race.

`It's like a pressure-release valve,'' Chapin said. ``Every vote that someone casts early is a voter not standing in line on Election Day. So you are starting to see more states openly embracing early voting.''
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I don't look at early voting as some slight of hand...

... designed to pull the wool over the voters' eyes. I view it as an attempt to get more voters to actually participate in the voting process. I personally find it a disgrace that we as a people (US citizens), talk the talk about how great democracy is, and then produce some of the lowest participation rates in actual elections. If encouraging early voting gets more people to vote, then I could care less if Obama's motives are for some less than honorable reason. There is no excuse our elections can't even reach a 50% turn out when we have the choices to vote early, vote absentee, or vote on election day.

If I was ungracious, I might accuse you James, of trying to dissuade voters from actually participating. However, I realize you raise your concerns because you hope for some bellwether event to destroy Obama's chances of winning the election. That may or may not happen, but please encourage everyone to vote, even if it is sooner than you would like to see.

As an aside... I recently told one of my bosses that has been a rabid Obama supporter to shut up about politics. Why would I feel I had any right to say such a thing? Because the guy let the last day to sign up with voter registration come and go without getting his own name on the books. Some folks say that open criticism about our leaders encourages our enemies... but the truth is that if you don't participate in democracy, then the terrorists really have won.

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I waited in line for a little over 35 minutes

I forgot to count how many machines there were. I'm guessing about 10.

The line moved well. It has been reported that all of the early voting sites have had the same brisk business,

I suspect the lines will be long on elction day.

I could have voted by absentee ballot as a senior citizen in my state,

The campaigns have ben going on for well over a year.

Speakeasy Moderator

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darn it!

You just reminded me why I wanted to vote absentee this year. Now it's too late to do that I think. At least this year my knee is healed enough I shouldn't have too much trouble in the line. If there's a line, since it's at a church, (hmm, no separation of church and state when it comes to polling places?) I'll just sit and wait for a shorter time in the line. The last time they marked my place in line, let me sit in a chair, then vote when my place came up.

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oh boy!

I'm not too late to get an absentee ballot.

Absentee Voting - A voter who will be absent or unable to vote in person in the election may request an absentee ballot. The deadline for a voter to submit a request for an absentee ballot by mail or fax is October 28, 2008. Absentee ballots are typically available for mailing approximately three weeks before an election.

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ACORN is going door to door in my area

urging people to vote now. I'd posted here previously wondering how important it was to them to "capture the moment" in the event it could disappear. Once one's ballot is cast, it's done.

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I'm voting early and I'm not scared

I just don't see any reason to wait hours to vote on election day if I have the option to vote sooner and with less hassle.

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But if the other shoe drops AFTER you vote....

you can't change it.

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Neither can you or anyone else

And what other shoe?

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It doesn't matter...

Vote early and no matter what happens, there goes your vote. I think there's a chance that further revelations about Obama's unsavory past will come up.

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I'll take my chances, Ed, thanks


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But you don't know what you're not scared of!

Just wait and see, Josh.

Just you wait and see....

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Joe Biden leaves the ticket

then he would have nobody to help him with his lack of experience. that would scare me if I was voting for Obama.

something occurred to me: does the VP nominee automatically become the Presidential nominee if the Presidential nominee dropped out of the race?

anyone know the answer?

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I mailed my ballot Saturday and Barack Hussein Obama has nothing to fear that I might find out about him between now and the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November since I did not select him anyhow Happy

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I can do that when my absentee ballot arrives too.

Not a worry at all about voting McCain.

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His past is an open book...

unlike the ONE's.

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And, not unimportant,

being aged as he is, he has a lot more!


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Prejudice against a person...

because of his age is not nice. It's just as much bigotry as racism or sexism.

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I'm just stating the fact that McCain has more past than Obama. And probably less future (if average life span applies to both).

What's wrong with that?


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Just a caution...

lest you cross a line.

McCain has more past but it's not secret like Obama's

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Let's not leave that door ajar, EdH.

There are links that, I must say, are to the credit of some of the members here for not having posted them. And all of them do not reference events of that long ago.

To even say what one hopes damagin"secret" happenings/acts/whatever exist does not make it true. Senator McCain himself was the victim of such a vicious tactic in 2000 to knock him out of the primaries.

Speakeasy Moderator

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I don't know what you are talking about.

I think it is relevant to know if Senator Obama broke the law while in the State Legislature.

And it is true that he has disclosed almost nothing about certain periods or his life. How is that a vicious tactic?

Why is Obama exempt from the usual scrutiny?

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Are you sure?

How old was JFK when he died?

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Re: more past

Isn't that just another way of saying "more experienced"?

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That's the sort of attitude...

That's the sort of attitude that sometimes worries me, Kees. Why? Because I can see such an attitude being applied to something like universal government health care. You know how it goes, little chance of survival, additional expense not authorized, and so forth.

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As out of the country management

begins to take over here, you may see businesses pushing for government health care. I know of one case that applies to a family member. Since a Dutch company has taken over, they've cut benefits and raised co-payments and deductibles, especially on drug coverage.

They've also tried or have stopped 1 1/2 time for Sunday work.

Why? Because they don't have to do it at "home", and don't see why they should here.

I've actually been surprised we haven't seen business leaders pushing the Republican party to do something about government taking over health care since that's an expense their foreign competition often doesn't have.


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