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What is needed/available for security

I have a firewall and run a virus checker once a week. Are we subject to the same "key-capture" trojans? Are the popup ads I get strictly linked to the web page I am on or is there some bot buried in the computer?

My computer is running slower even when not on the net. I do run cleanups once a month, but no improvement. Memory is 256 mb with Virtual Memory at 257 mb, Backside L2 cache 256 k, 8 mb video, 5 gb free. A 2001 iBook running 9.2. Some of my favorite software and files would not work under the 10. Already have to make accommodations under the 9.2.

When I last asked this question, I was told not to worry; but with the computer hacker advances, I thought I needed to ask again. Are we still immune or is there more software the Mac world needs to add? Adware and Spybot and Houseclean and whatever else are still listed on the PC side of the house. The terrible "I assume thought" that since there is no major ad compaigns and news flashes, all is right with our world?

Thanks for your thoughts

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Re: What is needed/available for security

In reply to: What is needed/available for security

Currently there is nothing that does harm to OS X. There are still a few of the old OS 9 (and below) virus's around but they are very few and far between. Your current AV will easily catch them. Trojans and Key-Loggers are also not a problem with OS X, ditto for <=9.0
The pop-up ads that you see are a result of the web page you are on and are not an indication of Spyware/Adware/Malware. I do not know of any program that is designed to find those sorts of things, on the Mac, as they are written for the Windoze world and as such do not run on the Mac. Keep the Firewall up, the Virus Defs up to date and you should be fine. It is possible to write these sort of things for Unix but it would have to have your permission to get installed.
What Programs/Files do you run that do not have OS X versions? Would I be right in assuming that the "accommodations" you have to make are a result of trying to run your favorite software in the "Classic" mode? If I am, try booting the iBook into OS 9 to begin with. Should solve all your "accommodation" problems.
What do you do for "Cleanups"? Please don't tell me Norton SystemWorks. Do you boot iBook in OS X or do you boot in OS 9? Define slow. Is it slow when running programs or slow to boot? If it boots correctly and then slows down when you run particular programs. Under OS 9 you can allocate more memory to individual programs which will allow them to not use the hard drive as a temporary storage area. Access to and from RAM is much faster than access to and from the Hard Drive. Your iBook has 257Mb of space reserved on the HD for Virtual Memory. A program that needs more memory than is currently allocated to it, will use that 257Mb as Virtual RAM and, as a result of the slow transfer speed, will slow the program down. If you are running Classic under OS X, then the hit will be more as OS X needs a minimum of 128MB to run and only leaves 128MB to play with on the Classic side.
If the machine boots into 9: Once booted, find the program you want to allocate more memory to. You need the actual application and NOT the alias. Click it once to highlight it. Hold down the Apple Key(next to the space bar) and press the "I" key. Select Memory from the dropdown box, it says General to begin with, and you will see the Memory allocation page. The bottom box is the one you are interested in. Add 10 MB to the Preferred Size box and then close the window. Next time you launch that program it will have an extra 10MB of RAM to play with. Try that and see if there is an improvement in the overall speed. you can allocate as much memory as you have left (don't forget that the OS needs memory to run so you do NOT have 256MB spare to allocated around) The extra memory allocation is not cumlulative, you can allocate and extra 50MB to 12 different programs and, as long as you do not try to run them all at once, you will not run out of memory. You can also allocate extra memory to your OS 9 programs even if the machine boots into OS X. However, you cannot do it with OS X programs/applications as the OS allocates memory dynamicaly.
Let me know the answers to the questions and I'll see if there is anything else I can help you with.
Sorry this is a little long, but if you need more Nitty Gritty, let me know
Don't forget the answers

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Re: What is needed/available for security

In reply to: Re: What is needed/available for security

Thank you, MrMacFixit.

This is a very complete, reassuring answer that requires closer reading, but I wanted to get the thank you out now.

I can answer part of it. Sorry, it is Norton SystemWorks, 7.0.1. Due to frustration of rebates, I will be looking for a different program when the NAV subscription stops working

I never loaded the OX 10 side, only upgraded to OS 9.2. The programs are 1984 apps from MA Casteel/D Edward--Klondike 2.1 and Canfield (Sol) and Harvath's Gunshy 1.2.1, 1987. There are a few practical apps but I keep them on the Centris 610, OS 8.0. Must keep the "fun" apps on current machine. The workarounds are turning sound off (on the 1st 2) or (on the last) not getting to click the last 2 tiles so machine doesn't crash the app (not the machine), it's a small sacrifice.

""Would I be right in assuming that the "accommodations" you have to make are a result of trying to run your favorite software in the "Classic" mode? If I am, try booting the iBook into OS 9 to begin with. Should solve all your "accommodation" problems.""

Since I haven't worked with OS 10 w/OS 9, I am not catching this. I thought OS 9.2 and Classic were the same thing?

I am hoping when/if I convert, Apple will support the older OS with the latest version. I have read that I might need to do a clean install reloading the OS 9.1, upgrade to 9.2 then load the OS 10 that came with the system and progressively add the OS 10.1,10.2, 10.3? and what other numbers fall in there. Since that sounds nuts, I hope Apple has a clean (though, of course, expensive) way to get me the use of the 2 OSes I want.

My turn to say hope this isn't too long and, I'll include from my end, not to dumb. My only excuse is just want to enjoy, not conquer my computer.

Again thanks you your time and advise.

PS: Thanks for the quick key-- Hold down the Apple Key(next to the space bar) and press the "I" key.

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Re: What is needed/available for security

In reply to: Re: What is needed/available for security

OK, what_now3,
That's quite old software. I'm sure I have seen a later version of Klondike than that though. Is yours still Black and White? I'm not familiar with Gunshy. The OS that came with the system is possibly Jaguar, if not older, and to get up to speed you will need to be at Panther. If you are going to move up to X, you only have to load the last one you have. Panther is the latest and you do not have to load 10.0, 10.1, 10.2 etc to get there. 10.2 (Jaguar) and 10.3 (Panther) are standalone installers. You might want to wait for Tiger which is due out next year, sometime in the first 6 months of 2005. That'll cost you around $120 for Tiger which will also be a full installer. You will not have to do anything with OS 9.2.2 to install X. OS 9 and OS X will live on the same HD quite happily, with neither of them getting in the way of the other.
Technically, "Classic" is OS 9 when it runs under OS X. The difference between 9 and Classic is that when booted into 9, there are a bunch of things that get loaded, (that march of icons on the bottom of the screen are extensions that improve the OS, the whole machine is controlled by 9. Internet, file-sharing, clock, files, printing, you name it, is all controlled by 9. In Classic, the march of icons is a lot shorter because only some of the things are controlled by 9 with the rest, Internet, file-sharing, most printing and a host of other things are controlled by X. Essentially, you have two OS's running at the same time. In your case, you boot into OS 9, not Classic, and run your machine that way. Nothing wrong with that if it works for you. The memory thing will work for you in 9. I lost faith in Norton Systemworks a while ago. They did not keep up with the changing face of OS X and as a result caused more problems than they fixed. At one point it was not smart enough to know that it could not fix something which it thought was wrong (it wasn't) so it went ahead and "fixed" the problem. Can you say Re-Install! I use Disk Warrior for directory problems and TechTool Pro for the other types. Both are available for 9 and X You might want to consider more RAM for that machine, you can never have too much RAM. It's quite easy to install yourself but do not buy it from Apple. If you can afford it, max out the memory.
If you liked the Quick Key, I've got a bunch of them. Apple + P print, + C copy, + V paste, + N New folder, Shift key on start up - Start up with no extensions loaded (good for troubleshooting) to name just a few

hope some of this helps

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Re: What is needed/available for security

In reply to: Re: What is needed/available for security

Thank you, mrmacfixit, for the follow-up. You cleared up the "Classic"-OS 9 confusion.

Thanks for the alternate for Norton. I'll start another thread asking about files hi-lited by Nav when I run it again. There or some .dat files that require a password. For the most part I haven't had too many problems but I haven't tried it with OS X.

Gunshy is the name given for a Shanghai-like tile game. When you win there is a picture of a "Banana 6000" instead of a Dragon roaring. The Klondike etc. are in B/W. I paid $27 for a later product in color but it gave me more trouble than I was willing to put up with and stuck to my more tried and true. On my Centris, they work fine including the clips from "The Sting".

Thanks for the quick keys. I haven't used the apple +N or the Shift key on boot. I guess that's equal to PC's "safe mode", I forget how that works, it's been a while.

I use the apple +a, even in this box to select all. You might get a kick to know I used a red marker on the edges of options + apple and esc. Another valuable group is apple + shift + 3 for a screen shot. I hate to make notes or make printed copy for a quick tickler.

I agree it would be nice to have more memory but I got the most I could at the time. When I win the lottery, that will be one of the first things tucked nicely into a newest, baddest machine I can buy. Until then I'll have to be satisfied with what I have.

Thanks for the heads up on Tiger. Glad to hear it is more in the $120 range not $200 plus plus plus.

If we had been having this discussion on the Apple Discussion board, I would have been adding +points to your chart.

Have a nice evening.

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