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What is my motherboard model number

Mar 25, 2018 6:59AM PDT

Does anyone recognize what type of motherboard number this is? A guy on eBay sent it to me by accident along with an item I bought but said I could keep it. I have looked everywhere on it for the model name but can't find it. And I can't use it because I have a laptop and don't own a desktop PC. If someone could let me know it'd be much appreciated.

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Clarification Request
Image of the motherboard
Mar 25, 2018 7:01AM PDT
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Mar 25, 2018 7:51AM PDT

Looks like something for a xeon server with those 4 cpu sockets.

Look on those paper stickers for some numbers.

Plug those numbers into google and see if something pops up.

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I see G34 sockets. Very old.
Mar 25, 2018 8:03AM PDT

Only the new and unwashed will think there is value here. Sell it, don't think beyond that.

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Mar 25, 2018 8:19AM PDT

How would you sell something if you don't know what it is?

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Mar 25, 2018 8:51AM PDT

Supply pictures. Definitely better ones of the areas with stickers or other numbers and letters.

Ebay is the garbage dump of stuff like this.

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I think
Mar 25, 2018 9:33AM PDT

It's up to the seller to do the leg work to determine what they are selling.

Tossing it on ebay with a title of 'mobo for sale' with some pics and expecting buyers to do the leg work may not be a good way to sell a product.

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If only that were true.
Mar 26, 2018 8:40AM PDT

It appear the first seller already managed to sell it without details.

But my view here is this Opteron board has negative value.

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First seller
Mar 26, 2018 7:29PM PDT

It appears the seller added this to an order by error.

Not something the OP wanted or ordered.

Whatever this mobo is it would be best to ID the thing before putting a 'for sale' sign on it.

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This board is so bad that
Mar 26, 2018 8:07PM PDT

I would put at the garage sale with a tag "Free."

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It's an Opteron CPU quad for rack server.
Mar 25, 2018 7:48AM PDT

From 2010 it has NEGATIVE VALUE as disposal fees may cost more than what you could sell it for.

DO NOT FIND OPTERONS. Just don't bother.