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What Happened To My Wireless Internet?!

Hello everyone. I have a wireless Belkin N1 Router. I use it to connect my laptop to the internet. Not too long ago, it used to connect on startup, but after installing a program called "Hamachi", my internet would connect to a network made by that program. So I uninstalled the program and stuff. I also disabled and deleted the network which was created BY Hamachi. Now, I startup my laptop, and the internet connects 1 in 10 times. The times where it does not connect, it takes anywhere from half an hour to 4 hours to connect. And the weird part is, it connects itself.

Can someone please help me solve my problem!

I'm running Vista, SP1
its a Sony Vaio laptop (FZ series)
Belkin N1 Wireless Router

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Reporting: What Happened To My Wireless Internet?!
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What Happened To My Wireless Internet?!

Also, I forgot to add... When I turn my laptop on, and i hover my mouse over the internet connection icon thing, it says:
"Unidentified(Belkin_N1_Wireless_414100)" with "Excellent Strength". It also says that the connection is "Local"

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Let's check.

1. Router defaults.
2. SSID broadcasting.
3. WPA security.

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Let's Check Help

1. Well, the router was working fine before, and nobody has touched it
2.SSID broadcasting?
3.What about the WPA security?

For #2 and #3, I'm kind of new to this stuff...

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1 down, 2 to go.

"It worked before" is not good enough today. It may sound cruel but I can't explain the new issues to each member each time it comes up. But I will offer settings that will cure it.

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The 169 address is EASY to cause.

There are those kiddie wifi tools to interfere with the neighbor's wifi and the sign of this is the 169 address.

As noted I must not write long passages about these new pesky softwares that kids play with.

Moving on. Did you set up the router per our forum sticky yet?

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The 169 address is EASY to cause. Reply

Well, no. I have not set up my router by the forum sticky yet. I also noticed that I have a dynamic IP. Maybe my problem will be fixed if I can somehow change it from Dynamic to Static?.. So the IP will not change everytime?

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As you may suspect I can't write the long explainer for each member.

I'm going to have to unsubscribe since you are not working the issue anymore.

Good luck and hope you figure it out.

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Well.. I would be, except I'm asking if this could be another problem. Since I'm using wireless internet, and my IP changes EVERYTIME, If I change it to a static IP, would I not stop having this problem? Because then it would know what IP to connect to?

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There is an issue with less or more than the setup we share in the forum sticky. You can fight this all you want but no security results in 169. WEP can result in 169. Hard assign can result in no connection.

We have a known issue and a good solution. What is stopping you?

Please tell since at this point it's quite the mystery why you don't want it fixed.

PS. Remember I didn't create wifi. I didn't create the issue. I only know how to avoid it and share it when others run into it.

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if you can't

And BOB; If you can't say something nice OR helpful, don't say anything.

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How does your reply help us?

Sorry, please supply the answer.

We have our forum sticky so that we can avoid repeating the same answer each time it comes up. In other words, jump in and help us out.

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Just a link.
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Bob, I'm sorry. I just thought that what I said MAY be an issue... Anyways, I'm taking a look at the sticky right now. Thank you.

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Well, I've just read through the sticky. I followed those rules when my router was first setup. I have my security set to WPA2 Personal. I can try either of the following:

1. Change the security
2. Since it's a Belkin N1 Router, and it says the firmware is up to date (even though its really not, but the router says it is) I can try to manually update it

I'm going to try these later on tonight, as my brother's on the desktop (router's connected directly to it).

I'll be sure to get back at this.

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Look at the success story.

They followed the sticky exactly. I noted these settings in my first reply and now with this many replies you are only now sharing the settings you have been using.

WPA2 should have been fine but occasionally I see it fail. Again, there is a lot of work on that advice and maybe we should not share this information. IT workers across the world need a bailout!

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I just checked out the settings again. My security is already WPA/WPA2, and passworded, so my security setting seems to be fine. As you said, you occasionally see it fail, and maybe this is one of those situations. I also tried to upgrade my firmware, but could not do so because it said that it was already updated.

Maybe I can try to:

1. Restart my router
2. Restore Factory Defaults with my current settings backed up

I highly doubt that moving my router elsewhere would work, because even when I go right up to it, it doesnt work.

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Which is not per our forum sticky.

It appears I must have been unclear here. Success stories don't seem to work here.

Tell me what you need to know.

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Success Stories

I tried many of the options which I read about in the sticky topic. Non of them seem to work, IN MY CASE atleast. I guess I'm going to grab a new router next week.. Hopefully I will have more luck.

What I need to know now is:
Would buying and giving a new router a go be a good decision? since most of the sticky topic things do not work for me?

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Sorry to hear that.

Just to recap. You use the router defaults and exactly as I noted in my first reply? No sign of WPA2?

Yes a new router may help if you are out of range. BUT FIRST.

Try another RF CHANNEL.

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I tried resetting my router and there is WPA/WPA2, which is exactly what I was and am using. Its really weird because I reset my computer, and shutdown and rebooted my computer, and I had no problem these 2 times. I guess it only makes sense for me to try another RF channel when the problem occurs again, if it does. When it happens again, hopefully it doesnt, I'll be sure to try switching the RF channel.

Thanks for the help Bob. I really appreciate you taking your time to help me, a person who's new to this stuff.

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What we want to see is just WPA.

WPA2 on some hardware drops out or fails to connect. This is why we check the router manual and see where they offer "just" WPA. If they don't offer that, try changing the channel on the router.

Can you share what channel its on now?

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Yup. I put the router to default (channel 6) and its working fine.

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The manual to your Router?
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Much Thanks

Hey dude... I just want to thank you again for taking your time to help me through my problem... Much appreciated Grin

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We all appreciate it

When every keeps trying. I wish it was easy.

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