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What do you use your cell phone for?

by Marc Bennett CNET staff/forum admin / January 16, 2007 9:18 AM PST

Aside from making and receiving calls, what do you mostly use your cell phone for?

Taking photos (how useful is it?)
Playing games (are you happy with the gameplay?)
Listening to music (how useful is it?)
Internet browsing (how useful is it?)
Text messaging (how useful is it?)
Keeping track of calendar events (how useful is it?)
Nothing else! It's a phone!

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by MurrayA / January 16, 2007 12:36 PM PST

I was SO fed up with carrying a phone AND a PDA, I searched for a cell phone that I could sync with my outlook calendar and phone book.
I did not want a TREO or Blackberry-type as in Canada it costs a fortune... you have to subscribe to BOTH the phone service and a separate e-mail account... costing upwards of $100/month....and I don't want to be bothered with emails away from my laptop.
I ended up with a Motorola RAZR with an add-on software that allows me to import from OUTLOOK. Everything I need in one SMALL package! I LOVE IT!!!

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Are you working for MS?
by Rickb1 / January 16, 2007 1:02 PM PST
In reply to: Calendar

Look folks, simply, this phone is primarily targeted to MAC users. They benefit from all of the bells and whistles. Its good old MS Marketing at its best,,, Just based for the MAC. Mac Users could care less about OUTLOOK. Besides by June the iPhone will work with Entourage the MAC version of outlook (better actually) which is due out possibly in June-July (Mac Office 2007). So come on folks, get real... If you dont understand the features, Buy a MAC... then you will... It's a Phone first, Not meant to replace a PC.. I could not live without a laptop in any platform... (Hey that's an idea... why not put the phone into the laptop?) I could not possibly do one of my spreadsheets on something the size of a cell phone. Those of you who can just need something to keep your mileage and gas expenses in... Come on...

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Like the iPod was made only for Mac users!
by nevido / January 16, 2007 10:14 PM PST

Don't really understand your post. Murray says he loves it and he's a Dell man, like my nephew who is equally enamoured! I think this phone will sell more to PC users (because there are more of them). My wife uses her Blackberry constantly (that's why they call them crackberry's) and she's thinking her department should switch.

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Not just for Mac
by Maestro_64 / January 18, 2007 3:40 AM PST

It is not target at just Mac, Apple said it will work for PC users as well. I know that is a general statement Apple made, but it would not be hard for them to integrate syncing to outlook.

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Cell phone poll Motorola SLVR L7
by ylselo / January 18, 2007 6:13 AM PST
In reply to: Calendar

Besides making phone calls, this phone is my personal secretary. I use the calendar extensively for appointments, reminders, birthdays, etc. I use the iTunes feature for music on the road using an adapter in my car. And with 600 phone numbers,+ regular addresses, + email addresses, there's no end to it. However, the video is terrible. There again, I don't care so much for that.
By the way, you mentioned a software you use with your RAZR,can you please tell me the name and where to get to use with my SLVR?
Thank you.

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Add on Software
by pwolle / May 16, 2007 2:58 PM PDT
In reply to: Calendar

What software did you use to be able to sync your contacts and calendar?
I want to dump my Treo and get a flip phone and no one at the Verizon stores knows anything about this type of capability on their non-pda phones.

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Text messages for my deaf daughter
by Dreslinski59 / January 16, 2007 12:37 PM PST

I've had a basic cell phone for many years. As my daughter, who is profoundly deaf, grew from a little girl to a college coed to a grown woman, so has my need for a cell phone with text capabilities. She used a Blackberry for a few years, but she and her partner upgraded to new cell phones. She choose The V as it was much easier to text and she prefered the coverage and the plan over T-Mobile's Sidekick. When it became time to upgrade my phone, I too choose The V. I really prefer a QWERTY keyboard. I seldom use the other features, but the alarm is useful. I've used the photos a couple of times, but would never consider it as my main camera!


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if the phones were just phones...maybe they would work best
by bartsfarts / January 16, 2007 12:45 PM PST

As music devices they suck, for videos they suck,as cameras guessed it ..they suck same can be said for internet apps. There are far better options for dealing with all of the above. Why not just make them decent phones and be proud,

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by rbrodner / January 16, 2007 10:07 PM PST

I work for a company that does classified work, so no cameras are allowed on site. That means... you guessed it... no cell phones with cameras! So I have to leave my phone in the car all day where it's 150 degrees and ruining all the electronics inside. Why can't they just make a great phone without all these useless gadgets that I don't need or want?

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You ask why
by Maestro_64 / January 18, 2007 3:42 AM PST
In reply to: Agreed

because you and are no longer the target market for these products. the 20somethings, they are a larger market segment for buying cell phones.

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(NT) I agree 100%
by guyi / January 26, 2007 8:48 PM PST
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You asked the wrong question.
by timuskm / January 16, 2007 12:45 PM PST

Yes today I use my cell phone only for calling - because my cell phone today doesn't do anything else well enough to be useful. Nothing I have to hunt and peck for through 6 levels of navigation is worth using.

But could I use a device like the iPhone to do more than just be a phone...ABSOLUTELY. Although I really honour Steve again for hitting it bang on. The Killer app for a cell phone.. is the phone. It MUST do that well. Which it looks like the iPhone might do a good job at, at least from the demo. I will miss the dimple on the 5-key but I will live and learn.

The difference between other cell phones and the iPhone is the iPhone will do other things the way you do them on your other devices - address book and SMS like on your computer and music and video like on your iPod. It will be a breeze to do those things, so why not. It's not like I am going to have to read a 50 page manual in order to get my phone numbers in there.

The other thing of course is that because it is apple, it will just work. Plug it in and features will work as described without rebooting, reinstalling, or retreating to bizzare support websites for downloads of drivers for your third party USB card. No because this is Apple, the software will work, it may be limited (unbelievable that you can't write appointments in on the device - major feature gap) bit it will work as described gracefully. And it will work like your Mac if you are fortunate enough to have one.

So will I use the address book function? ASOLUTELY! The iPod? ABSOLUTELY! The Web broswer, Mail? Oh yeah baby. I will use them all. Well I may be too old for SMS.

My point was if you asked people which features would they use the result would be different given how much more usable this "Cell Phone" is going to be. Maybe not as different because it must do the phone bit first. But lots of people are going to pick this as their next iPod too.

Can't wait....

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You left out an obvious answer.
by jsdoyle / January 16, 2007 12:57 PM PST

I use my phone for PHONE stuff but you left out email!! How could you leave that out as an option??

I check my email when I'm out of the office. Very important!!

Now, I have the Cingular 8125 and it is everything I need at this time. It's not the fastest on the Edge network (iPhone's connection) but it's fine for my needs.

That said, I'm in line to get an iPhone. Sign me up, reserve me one, I will switch. Unless... the specs from now until the launch bring out some hidden down side to the iPhone.

I'm a heavy Microsoft user but an Apple want-a-be.


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If only they could get the phone part working better....
by Artcabell / January 16, 2007 1:02 PM PST

My complaint about cellphones is that I wish the phone part worked better. I can't seem to make a 3 minute phone call without it dropping. Its bad enough trying to have conversation on a cellphone any because of the non-duplex operation and because you can't hear yourself in the earpiece. The dropping calls is intolerable. And I have Verizon.... can you hear me now? No...

I occasionally use the camera function when I'm travelling. I bought a USB cable to download the pictures to my computer, but the quality is poor. Its OK to send a photo to someone, but I could live without that.

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I use my phone for everything
by Colin Hogan / January 16, 2007 1:03 PM PST

I have a Cingular 8125 and use it to keep everything I do together. I got sick of carrying my iPaq and phone everywhere so I got this. As for call quality, its Cingular so you can only expect so much no matter what your phone is, but its pretty good.

I can check my e-mail anywhere I am, go on wifi when I am on campus, keep track of all calender and tasks everywhere so I don't need a planner, syncs via bluetooth with my computer, and has great battery life and a qwerty keyboard + touchscreen. It also has a 1.3 mp camera that is above average for a cell phone. Whats not to like?

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by pgoss / January 16, 2007 1:11 PM PST

I use email more than the phone and i check weather and financial info... but the "phone" has become a blackberry...had a walkman sony and it was a good idea, but too heavy and not enough memory really... the cameras are not very good, but they will be.. until then? a little web browsing, but until you experience push email the phone is just a I guess.. btw this is not business email.. buddies...very little business email as I'm retired, but a few ventures still cookin' slowly....

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by Iran Ranatunga / January 16, 2007 1:33 PM PST

I chose the answer "nothing else"! but it is handy to check the time when I don't wear a watch since mine has a front display. Also, I do love that I have a camera for those "Kodak" moments when I don't have my digicam handy. I wish the camera had higher resolution, but it's better than nothing.

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Other Use
by bdriscoll4238 / January 16, 2007 1:51 PM PST

I use the phone as my watch. I no longer wear a wrist watch.

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What do I use my cell phone for?
by harryic / January 16, 2007 2:04 PM PST

1. Receiving calls
2. Making calls - in that order
3. As an emergency camera
4. Occasional notes
I prefer my Palm Pilot for other requirements

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I use mine for
by catkins / January 16, 2007 2:41 PM PST

Texts and the news (world top ten stories every day) and I bought a ring tone (Leona) for 3-50 which made me scream cos it only plays for ten seconds. BUT now I want to set it up for my notebook so I can use my notebook while I am away.

I do sometimes browse the shops and oops almost forgot but I take tons of pictures and thats mainly because I can't be bothered to use my camera and oh just remembered I did a video of some ducks running after me to try and get 250 pounds from that TV programme.

How use is it you ask !!!!!!!!!!! well the web browsing is okay if you have a large magnifying glass and the music is okay if your not fussy about good sounds and the video is okay if your about five years old. Having said all of this I couldn't be without it cos my house burglar alarm is logged into it so I can know instantly if a naughty is in my house looking for what I don't have

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iphone=smart phone
by elite2600 / January 16, 2007 2:45 PM PST

I paid Verizon $500 for a smart phone worth $650 called Pocket PC. The problem with smart phones is that they have touchscreen dialing, which makes it impossible to dial a phone number without stopping what you are doing. I heard iphone has the best touchscreen technology not available anywhere else in the market. The success of iphone would depend on its ease of use, and accurate touchscreen technology. I use my phone mainly for calendar events and some text messaging.

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Oh the mighty cell phone! How much can one afford???
by atheria / January 16, 2007 2:57 PM PST

No, I don't believe a phone should be your mp3 player, your game-boy-alternative, or your camera. PDA/phone, maybe, but I haven't
seen one that is everything a Ipaq or Palm is yet.

How can a device that costs SO much and goes out of style, out of usefulness and out of technology so OFTEN be useful for long in any other capacity than a phone??? I hate the cost not only the phones themselves, but the SERVICE! It's NEVER perfect (a corded phone is still better than a cordless and a cordless is still better than any cell phone) but the COST of the SERVICES are just nuts! Ask anyone who has gotten stuck with "overages"! Not overages from minutes they have lawfully and duly used - because they just can't NOT call their friends and family, NO! I am talking about the minutes that some cell phone companies levy but WILL NOT allow you to protest - even when you know when you called a person and HOW LONG you spoke to that person. Finding HUNDREDS (and more) minutes that were not used on one's cell phone bill just isn't funny anymore... The cell phone companies have used this tactic to rack up millions (more?) of dollars from customers who just don't have ANYWHERE to turn when something goes wrong.

Prove it you say? It's not a third party story, I am living proof that a cell phone company charged me for 666 minutes MORE than I had in my "plan" and then when I protested, ignored me for months no matter who I talked to. FCC, FTC, and the BBB... all no help. Nothing would show the company for what it was, a greedy, meanspirited company that will do anything including charge for minutes not used to anyone's account. The topper? When they had MORE minutes on my account two months running AFTER IT HAD BEEN TURNED OFF!!! I didn't even have the phone, it lay dead in a friend's home in a room that wasn't being used by human or pet. I got burned and I will no longer use cell phones for ANYTHING but their necessary use... emergencies and necessary calls to family and friends who have the same cell service I now have.

Do I have a different service, YOU BET! Did the other one ever get resolved? NOPE! They sent out threatening letters for a year and then gave up. It hasn't even shown up on my credit report... go figure!

The OTHER thing I have used my cell phone for is an alarm clock. Yep, the free thing it can use it for and it works well enough most of the time...


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and videos
by MrMe003 / January 16, 2007 3:12 PM PST

i taking pictures and videos on my Nokia N93.

all other stuff like browsing the net and typing text messages i do with computer....

mostly i even speak phone from my computer.. using skype for that...

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Taking Photos.
by Ed-duh-win / January 16, 2007 3:32 PM PST

I use them mostly for taking photos. Its especially useful when I spot some crazy car/events and I can record it with just a flick of my phone...its a lot better than carrying both a camera and a phone. I guess that point makes up for the low quality of the pics, but oh well.

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Alarm Clock!
by wendyannh / January 16, 2007 4:42 PM PST

>> Aside from making and receiving calls, what do you mostly use your cell phone for? <<

1. As an alarm clock! It has about the nastiest-sounding ring I've ever come across and almost an almost endless snooze button, both of which are highly prized features in my book. I use it as an alarm every day - even more often than I sometimes use it as a phone.

2. Taking photos (how useful is it?) - Every so often. It's moderately useful because the pictures really suck, but occasionally, I've been able to take a picture where I wouldn't have been able to otherwise. I always carry a Nikon Coolpix in my purse these days, though, so I almost never without a camera.

I do like being able to look at pictures of my pets and my niece and nephew without having to pull out a larger device, though, and just have something nicer to look at than Cingular's screen crap. My recently deceased dearly beloved kitty is my current background, and still seeing her sweet face every day has helped me a lot through a difficult year that included losing her.

3. Internet browsing (how useful is it?) I've tried it, but it sucks! In a pinch (like once every couple of years), movie listings are nice to be able to get, but it's only with difficulty because it's so darned slow. I use other means.

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Re: alarm clock!
by rmcferren / January 16, 2007 5:21 PM PST
In reply to: Alarm Clock!

Yes, I use the clock the most, but I chose text messaging. I use my camera for making wallpaper mostly and for photo caller ID. I don't pay $5 a month for web browsing.

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One for all...
by balouke / January 16, 2007 6:44 PM PST

When my good old cellphone broke down last year I purchased a Mio A701 GSM/GPRS smartphone and it serves me very well as an all-in-one.
It has a 520 Mb processor and Windows Mobile 5 OS. So it has all the PDA functions, Bluetooth(also for the phone) and USB connections for any uploads or syncro with Outlook's Calender or Contacts.
The internet facilities I don't use for the moment: still too expensive and I have no real need(I'm retired!).
It plays music or you can watch photos or videos via Windows Media Player (SD slot for 2Gb card).
The camera (1.3 Megapix)is just good for emergency (but it is there..).
And finally the integrated GPS facility (SIRFstar III) is exellent for both on- or off-road, by car or on foot.
Apple will have to do better to get more from me than just my attention...

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Other = All of The Above
by donnana / January 16, 2007 8:08 PM PST

I use my phone (Cingular 3125) for everything but the dishes, and I'm pretty sure there'll be software for that soon.

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All-in-one all over again...
by jbaccarat / January 16, 2007 9:03 PM PST

This is like a miniature version of those humongous hifi-radio-record player-tv combos used to buy in the '50s. All the functions in one place but not as good as the separate versions (e.g. the camera) & if one thing stops working then you're stuck with a disabled product even tho you can still use the rest. Nah just a typical marketing brainshower.

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I use it for several things
by dickgoodwin2003 / January 16, 2007 10:09 PM PST

Like some other people, I didn't want to carry more than one device, so my cell phone (Motorola A1200 - awesome!) is a great touchscreen phone that is also my calendar, alarm clock, notepad, camera, and emailer in a pinch. It does all these, and more, very well, and syncs easily with my pc. And ... it runs linux. Hasn't crashed on me yet. It also has FM stereo and a Gb of MP3 room, and sports stereo bluetooth. It's quad-band, $312 unlocked from samstores dot com. I love it!

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