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What do you predict will be the talk of the town in 2007?

What do you predict will be the talk of the town in 2007?

another iPod
Windows Vista
Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD
open source software
more browser wars
new virus attacks and spyware problems
multimedia phones
bigger, cheaper flat-panel TVs
I'm still trying to catch up with 2006!

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Open Source

In reply to: What do you predict will be the talk of the town in 2007?

Happy New year!
I strongly support Open source! Why! There is too much profiteering in software. Microsoft is the prime example of legal exploitation.
They started by pirating the windows system from Apple. The case held in the states was fraudulent from start to finish. Totally supported by a US gov't who realised the future potential income.
The case should have been heard in an international court, to attempt to have had a fair hearing.
I also support the software producers who charge but do not fleece the public.
There are many producers who provide excellent software at no charge.
There are those who suggest donations if you like the program that they produce.
Also: we have to remove the suspicion of virus makers who could be the same companies who produce the virus fighting software.
There are other contributing factors also.
Allowances could be made for people who cannot afford those ridiculous prices. EG Pensioners, Disabled, some charities!. the educational packages should be licensed in a different way. Rich private schools can afford much more than gov't schools.
There should be an authority to control the prices to ensure that false profits are not earned.
I think that will do for a start, don't you?
Prof. Brian Bevan

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In reply to: Open Source

What Microsoft really is is the prime example of market strategy mastery. If they did pirate the windows system, it wasn't from Apple, it was from X Window System that was created before Apple released any computer and Apple pirated just as much from them too. But it's always good to have professional lawyers like you commenting here on Cnet that know more than the judges that ruled that so-called "fraudulent" case you mentioned (smells like anger/envy to me, don't know why *cof*). And yes, we all know this is all a conspiricy from the US government (why not throw in the CIA and the FBI too, hm?) and how much they win with every Windows copy sold and how little they would win with every Mac sold.
I do think your ideas would be a start, yes; a start to a communist world (and we know how well that worked in the past).

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Well done

In reply to: Communism

Dialog is only valid if it is reasoned and substantiated with fact. Not all discussion needs to be dialog but it helps to raise conversation to that level to keep on track and out of prejudice and propaganda.

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Open office

In reply to: What do you predict will be the talk of the town in 2007?

Open office 2 is a tremendous product for free and already gives MS Office a run for it's money. If a calendar is introduced it will be a serious contender to MS office for sure. Open office Writer is already challenging MS Word

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Open source for sure--- Vista is a JOKE!

In reply to: What do you predict will be the talk of the town in 2007?

Vista is just a heavier operating load with prettier fonts and colors than XP, its really structurally not anything ground breaking.

On the other hand, open source software is developing rapidly every day, and there really are no borders to what can be achieved. In 2007 it should really breakout, and with the release of Vista, Microsoft's dominance could actually decrease. The only reason I'd touch an MS machine again is to play Windows games.

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Vi$ta will be the talk of the town-just not in a positive wa

In reply to: What do you predict will be the talk of the town in 2007?

I predict that Vista will flop miserably, and as people start to see how bloated/inefficient and restrictive it is, they will talk about it. Especially when people buying new computers discover that their old one seems much faster and easier to use. Of course the kind of "talk" that I expect to go on involving Vista certainly won't be the kind that'll encourage people to go out and buy this product.

I also predict that open-source software will take off in terms of popularity, however I suspect that few people will discuss it. Lots of people use free productivity software, free image editing software, and so on, yet almost no one talks about it.

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E-mail Beta, IE77

In reply to: Vi$ta will be the talk of the town-just not in a positive wa

With the exhisting problems being slowly corrected. What will be the challinges With Vista, how long to correct? Offer me Vista FREE, will refuse today. Still have IE7, waiting to down load, allways have security down load message. Can't be side tracked until many problems are solved. MS has realy become bloated, more memeory, faster processor, Function speed has not held pace! WHY??

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Exactly...couldn't agree more!

In reply to: Vi$ta will be the talk of the town-just not in a positive wa

I agree. I think that there will be thousands of apple fan boys criticizing vista, and thousands of others telling them they're wrong, and even more word from how good it is, and then people who disagree with them! All in all, it will be a huge tug-of-war going on that will, without a doubt, outweigh all other topics in 2007!

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ubroadcast's new Internet Radio software will rock in 2007!

In reply to: What do you predict will be the talk of the town in 2007?

ubroadcast ( lets anyone host a LIVE Internet talk radio or music show. Imagine being able to have a forum to discuss anything in an uncensored enviornment. I think the audiance for this will be larger than blogs and podcasts put together since nothing beats LIVE 2 way interaction.

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2007 Tech Winners are...

In reply to: What do you predict will be the talk of the town in 2007?

2007 will undoubtedly be a year to remember for the tech industry. The newly minted deal between Novell and Microsoft will have repercussions for years to come. Microsoft is pushing ahead with their offensive against Adobe, Apple's Leopard is sure to be a monster hit, and the gaming war has just started to heat up.

The music and video industries know DRM has not nor will it ever be, widely accepted. Expect a gradual shift to DRM free, albiet more expensive media and new deals with companies that can offer proprietary ways to deliver the content to minimize piracy.
Prediction: Sales will still fall, just not as much as before. Expect mergers across the media industry. The winner(s)? Consumers!

A year ago, music on your cell phone was unheard of. Now, with the success of iPod and iTunes, Apple is forging ahead with their plans for a media enhanced cellular platform. How will it be implemented? Who will carry the phone and provide service? Will Apple afford their users the ability to get a rebate with a service contract, or keep the Apple Premium intact? Mobile media is sure to be a hot space in 2007.
Prediction: Apple's phone will be big, just not as stellar as the iPod. Expect a new version of Windows Smartphone software to empower the latest devices, and more media and social content supported by mobile phones. The winner(s) of this market for '07? I expect Apple, Nokia, and Motorola will be the big winners.

HP is winning the war against Dell. Intel was bruised in 2006 by arch rival AMD. And Apple is gaining ground with Macs. Oh yeah, there's also that little thing called Vista.
Vista is going to be a smash hit in 2007. We already knew that. I mean, come on, it's Windows after all. But the big news this year is HOW Microsoft uses Vista, how the integrated DRM will be used and to what extent, and the adoption rate of this rather expensive albeit revolutionary OS. Leopard will gain share from those that defect from the Windows universe, and Ubuntu will be the new leader of the Linux and Open Source community.
Prediction: Expect AMD to launch a new family of hybrid (CPU+GPU) technologies, while Intel maintains their technological lead. HP to gain against dell and IBM in servers, and Apple to be unpredictable as always. Vista? It will of course dominated the headlines, but I doubt it will be because viruses and attacks. Big winner(s) of computing? Intel, HP, Apple will make and maintain good strides in 2007, and Ubuntu's underground following will become more mainstream.

Wii, Playstation 3, and Microsoft's XBOX 360- an amazing lineup for an amazing industry. Now that all three have launched, the war can really begin. The Wii has shown amazing sales in the last quarter. The PS3, well, has performed as expected. And X360 is already an established platform and has a powerful and loyal user base. With the talk of exclusives being lost from Sony, Microsoft launching strings of mega-hit franchises, and Nintendo stealing an unlikely audience to empower their empire, 2007 for gaming is unpredictable at best.
Prediction: Sony will ramp up production but it may be too late. Nintendo will face stronger competition than expected from Microsoft, and the XBOX360 will continue on its rise to power. Exclusives will switch the the X360 from Sony's grasps, and Microsoft may make a nice new purchase by years' end. Winner(s) of Gaming? Nintendo, Microsoft, and the agile and adaptable 3rd parties.

Again, it is hard to predict what will be the big thing for 2007. Video came out of nowhere to be the "it" technology of 2006. Social networking proved to be more than a passing fad. And let's not forget CES, the new E3, and Mac World are coming in a short while.
I have to predict that the unexpected leading tech of 2007 will be the "universal platform". Access to your content from nearly any device, at any time, from anywhere with a connection. Google, Microsoft and Yahoo! have a decent start with this already. The ability to check your mail from anywhere. The ability to have a singular location for your bookmarks. Video chat from your phone, laptop, desktop pc and even Television. This whole unified and connected platform, I believe will be the big tech of 2007. And, to get the feeling that it is already happening, look no further than and Apple's iTV.

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In reply to: What do you predict will be the talk of the town in 2007?

As we move into the wireless generation, I believe more and more software will be designed and utilized in a wireless WiFi environment. WiFi phones will start to materialize and fewer minutes will be required on your cell phone; thus, creating a burden on the cell providers. Open source software will become more utilized and accessable. Can't wait for the day to come! VOIP and IPTV on your WiFi phone....oh don't forget HD video on your phone. Those of you who understand what muni-wifi brings. Go to your City council and start making a case for the City to move forward and catch the wave!!!!!

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other - console wars

In reply to: What do you predict will be the talk of the town in 2007?

Despite vid games being more popular then ever, movies are still more mainstream. However, since HD-DVD players are around $500+, BD players $800+, HD-DVD/BD movies are typically $5 - $15 more expensive than DVDs, and are outnumbered by by DVDs 25:1, I think more ppl will be getting into vid game the action.

360 already has good selection of games, good feature set, specs, and availability. It's an affordable way to go HD. It appears Wii will be more readily available and sooner than the PS3, which gives former gamers, old tymers, and the adventurous to romp on the controller and its games. People who have introduced Wiis to those demographics and mainstream gamers have gotten approving results of the system and it's "gimmicky" controller. I doubt that PS3's impressive specs and and features allow Sony to hit their next US release date of March '07. Maybe they may make it, but again quantities could be limited. Whether you're into HD gaming, unique ideas, or how a power system will pan out, people will be talking about these events for years to come

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Microsoft Vista will be the talk of the town

In reply to: What do you predict will be the talk of the town in 2007?

i predict that micorsoft vista will be the alk of the town , because it is too expensive, a lot of hardware will not be recognized and it will be full uf bugs, just like any other Microsoft Operating system, i still can't think why microsoft won't hire the best hackers in the world and give them a stedy job at mircosoft ,, with one goal the find all the bugs the can in vista, windows xp pro home and mediacenter so that micorsoft knows what bugs the have to focus on and alos for office 2000, 2002, 2003 and so on. i will not buy vista until it is the fith generation and will work speedy on a 2.8 pentium 4 with hyperthreading and 2 gb of ram . untik this pc works i will certainly not buy a new one just to be able to run more bugged software

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Broadband-based content in the living room hits Big Time

In reply to: What do you predict will be the talk of the town in 2007?

The iTV, Xbox 360, and Wii will hit Big Time regarding broadband-based content in your living room. This will be the year. Everyone will begin to jump on the bandwagon. We will see the beginning of the end of Blu-Ray or HD-DVD. It will also affect cable and satellite providers, but only slightly.

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I'm going with blue ray

In reply to: What do you predict will be the talk of the town in 2007?

As much as i love open source, i really don't see it making too many headlines. There's been pushes before, but its never really got mainstream. I really do think that the HDDVD/Blue Ray battle is going to be the big thing, just like VHS/Betamax. And the losers will be, as always, the early adopters.

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Opera Mini

In reply to: What do you predict will be the talk of the town in 2007?

As Wii and browser capable phones grow Opera mini will become the standard for small wifi devices. There really is no competition.

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1% is computer use. The other 99$ is Windows Vista overhead.

In reply to: What do you predict will be the talk of the town in 2007?

Vista promises to be so resource hungry that you'll need a "gaming" machine just to open an email.

Please someone, start a Long... Slow... graded transition to an Open Source Operating system (OSOS) so that those of us who now have inflexible minds can make the transition as well Happy

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Vista, Tv's, blue ray, talk really is cheap!

In reply to: What do you predict will be the talk of the town in 2007?

After reading some of the articles about vista it will be the last thing to make it to my computer for at least a couple of years.

The good versions of Vista ( if there really is one) is also well overpriced as with many things these days.

TV?s, it would be nice if flat panels came down by half their price!

As far as blue ray goes it seem like such a waste.
Do you really need the picture that much clearer?
I don't!!!
Storage capacity to me is the only real advantage.
The change from Albums to Cassettes to CD's was a really worthy one.

To just throw an excellent format to the wayside is crazy.

Blue Ray will be another product that sooner or later everyone including myself will be forced to own.

Manufacturers will just stop making conventional DVD's as they are today and if you want to watch "Men in black 8" or "Terminator 14" you'll have to keep up with technology.

I believe it's sad to be forced into technology, I don't want to replace items that work perfectly well as they are now. I didn't buy all new DVD's to replace several hundred of my VHS movies; as a matter of fact they are still proudly displayed in the TV room, Oh! I mean home theatre section of our house.

I run a recording studio so I am immersed daily by technologies latest toys if I choose to be.

The cool part is as TV's continue to grow you won't even need to be in the house to watch. You'll just drive into the backyard and up from the ground will pop your new 18 X 32ft. drive in, flat panel, wide screen, high def, 12.1 - 80,000 watt (50,000 extra for the subs) surround sound, split screen, theatre seating, PIP, refreshment stand, 500 different I/O's, covered by a dome of silence for your viewing pleasure and Ferris wheel for the kids. I still trying to figure out the virtual Ferris wheel, doesn?t sound like much fun!

I'm sure I missed something or just tried to forget about it before I wrote it, but there's my take in 500 words or less.

Hope I get good marks on this paper, it's been 40 years since I was in the first grade.


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Vista- another lame duck.

In reply to: What do you predict will be the talk of the town in 2007?

You're asking for trouble when you've got more patches than pants. When you keep adding glitter to something that's fundamentally flawed you can never make a product that's reliable/secure, but Microsoft takes the route US car manufacturers do, more chrome, new fenders, sunroofs and then wonder why the imports are taking over. Apple faced the problem a few years back. Then, if an application crashed it could take down the system, extensions would fight each other for dominance. So they bit the bullet and rewrote the system from the ground up. Going unix angered a lot of the Mac faithfull and everything was "too different" from what we were used to. Software had to be re-written and not all developers decided it was worth it, meaning even more software was Windows only! That's what biting the bullet is all about. So Apple is out of the tunnel now. Macs don't get viruses, they don't get hacked and the fun is regrowing. Microsoft still tries to play catchup on features but the new coats of paint keep cracking because the structure is still flawed. Talk of the Town? I remember when the talk was "Blackcomb" then "Longhorn" and now it's "Vista". What would really make it the talk of the town was if it signalled the end to Viruses.

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Not really

In reply to: Vista- another lame duck.

No, American car makers aren't sitting idle, making chromed-up cars with sunroofs and wondering why imports are taking over. Just look at their recent offerings, both in concept and pre-production models. You'll be amazed at their progress - the new Chevrolet Malibu is better than Honda Accord in every way possible, said a website.

Well, if you're a die-hard domestic car hater then my argument will be nothing to you anyway...

But Vista won't be another lame duck. It's an important thing - even if it may be flawed, it is still important because 90% of the world's business and personal users use Windows. I haven't heard of many businesses operating Mac-only. Hell, even schools, which are hell bent on loving Macs, use Windows for Photoshop, CAD and accounting.

Says a lot about Window's acceptance around the globe, doesn't it?

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It's important for the wrong reasons then

In reply to: Not really

It's important b/c it's the most common, not b/c vista might actually be better and more secure OS

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Might be, might not

In reply to: It's important for the wrong reasons then

You may be right but you may not be. it is important because it gets out businesses and worlds going. It is important because it is better than XP and in several ways better than Mac OS X. Security isn't everything - like the OS X proved; eye candy is a huge part in modern computing, as well as hardware and software compatibility.

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In reply to: Might be, might not

I have several IT buddies who say Vista is just a fancier looking XP. There are some neat new multimedia, biz, and home features, but we'll see how pan out

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I can't believe you said that!

In reply to: Might be, might not

"Security isn't everything"???
I guess all those PC based businesses don't notice the costs of viruses, spam, prevention and cure.

I'd also like to know the ways Vista is better.
To quote John C. Welch who writes for InformationWeek,
?I?ve yet to see anything in Vista that blows away the Mac OS, even a version of the Mac OS that?s over a year old.
In a nutshell, Vista vs. Mac OS X is Revolution vs. Evolution. It's about a massive, long-delayed upgrade that has to account for almost 6 years of progress by its competitors, versus a well-executed strategy of regular updates.?

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Of course, now we know that...

In reply to: I can't believe you said that!

that whoever that wrote the quoted article was biased towards Macs, as many IT writers are nowadays. Its a simple fact of life to us Windows users. People all over the world bash us because Microsoft either takes too long with its products or they produce too many buggy products, yet they use them at home. No, this is not sarcasm...

Well, I've already taken enough bashings that your post doesn't really make much difference to me yeah. I won't get into the whole discussion again. Please, no.

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Now the people speak

In reply to: What do you predict will be the talk of the town in 2007?

Technology is now for the masses, no longer just for geeks. Because of this, "what's cool" will be what's talked about.

Browsers? Operating systems? Open Source?? Boooring!

Multimedia phones have just begun to take off and are being gobbled up by everyone.

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The Second Apple Revolution

In reply to: What do you predict will be the talk of the town in 2007?

Like Apple said it once after Macworld, 2007 won't be like 2007 prepare for the next digital revolution and the beginning of the Mac take over. Be ready for a truly next gen OS: Leopard, be ready for the wow I never thought my phone could do that and I so need that: iphone and be ready to iTV finally integrating the living room and the computer like they really should...

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What do you predict will be the talk of the town in 2007?

In reply to: What do you predict will be the talk of the town in 2007?

Everything has it's day and everything in this list will have some sort of impact somewhere along the way in 2007. I can remember when everyone bashed Windows XP but now it's pretty much the standard as operating systems go. Sure there are the Apple die-hards out there along with Linix users. I can remember when XP first came out and everyone moaned about how much of a system hog it was and all the driver and even software conflicts that it went through as companies caught up with the OS it quieted down and Vista will more then likely do the same.

All of the web applications are great tools and some may even make a dent into the pay for software market. The thing I wonder about is how soon after everyone starts using them then all of a sudden they decide to charge you to use them. Add to that most work well if you have a high bandwidth internet connection. There are still a lot of users stuck with dial-up or the cost for the high speed internet connection is out the question due to cost. Sure there are tiered levels for that connection but it is still expensive and getting worse. Fix this digital divide and you might have a great story for 2007.

Right now having used the beta versions of Office 2007 I believe it has improved enough since the release of Office 2003 that it will end up being the best software upgrade paid or free in 2007.

The cell phone rage is out of control much like PC's were in the mid 90's when there were hundreds of manufacturers building them and as soon as the dust settled only a handful remain. The phone industry is making so many changes so fast it's nearly dizzying with a lot of the options offered on some phones un-needed...sure it's great to listen to you music collection with them but start watching movies or TV, sending text messages, and taking photos or movies with them all of a sudden you have a $200 monthly cell phone bill...who needs that especially when there are devices out there that can do the job much better. Sure you might need to carry and extra item but even those digital cameras are about the size of a credit card and easily fit in ones pocket.

By the end of 2007 I'm sure we'll see some fantastic new items for the general public and plenty in the business world as well. When all is said and done none of these items may even be close to making this list for 2007 after all there are a lot of people with great ideas and inventions out there and some will find a way to bring them to the general publics attention or to the corporate world and end up making a big splash...

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Bit Torrent

In reply to: What do you predict will be the talk of the town in 2007?

Bit Torrent will be the tech star of 2007. Screw the record and film companies...

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Format War

In reply to: What do you predict will be the talk of the town in 2007?

First of all, happy new year to everybody!

Anyways, I think it the reincarnation of the "Format War" will make the headlines this year, tied with Windows Vista. Now that PlayStation 3 is out, it will certainly compete with Xbox 360 for the sales...and both consoles and backers of the formats would most likely use the HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray as their selling point.

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