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What do you like/dislike about Internet Explorer 7?

by John.Wilkinson / October 19, 2006 11:39 AM PDT

The Internet Explorer 7.0 thread has been locked so that it contains only information regarding official updates/notifications, but we still want your opinions regarding IE7. If you have any likes/dislikes you would like to air, feel free to sound off below.


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So far I like the speed and the clear text:)
by Glenda / October 19, 2006 2:05 PM PDT

I just downloaded it tonight so I really have no experience with it yet:)

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Seeing as I am a spineless, pathetic, weak
by MarkFlax Forum moderator / October 19, 2006 9:03 PM PDT

and generally all round coward, (I treasure the 4 white feathers I have received over the years), I haven't installed it yet.

I prefer to let others go where I fear to tread, Devil


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I feel the same way:)
by Glenda / October 21, 2006 5:36 AM PDT

That's why I put off XP forever and I wasn't going to even try IE7 until Mark5019 and Kiddpeat said how good it was. I am so happy with IE7 one of MS's best improvements!

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I did it!
by MarkFlax Forum moderator / October 23, 2006 5:22 AM PDT
In reply to: I feel the same way:)

You made me feel guilty, and a coward Glenda, so I did it, Happy

Downloaded and installed, no problems so far. The interface is quite different but I'll get used to it in time, although I generally use Firefox. I particularly like the tab thumbnails. Great idea that is.

I see John's post about the new Firefox release. I suppose I will have to upgrade to that now!! I think I'll wait awhile.....


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It's stable...
by John.Wilkinson / October 23, 2006 6:21 AM PDT
In reply to: I did it!

I've experienced several problems with IE7's release version, but so far Firefox 2.0 has outperformed Firefox 1.5 with all of my extensions and has yet to encounter a glitch. Mind you it hasn't been a full day of use yet, but I knew of IE7's woes just seconds into loading Sad

Join us, Mark...all your friends are doing it. Wink

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Yes Mark...
by glenn30 / October 23, 2006 6:34 AM PDT
In reply to: It's stable...

We are all doing it! Very happy and not the first problem yet... as John says its only the first day. Wink


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One small problem with IE 7
by Jayne / October 27, 2006 8:05 PM PDT
In reply to: Yes Mark...

I really like IE7 with one little glitch. I set it on installation to use ClearType,as I have been using since it came out, but MY MSN page is not in ClearType and I can't seem to figure out how to get ClearType on that page. Every other page is like it should be with that exception. Anyone have any ideas? One of MS best upgrades except for this glitch. Guess maybe the bugs will get worked out soon.

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One small problem with IE 7
by jo-bralley / October 28, 2006 8:55 AM PDT

Using Yahoo download for IE 7 was easy but I use Outlook Express to receive my e-mail. Yahoo puts a script error message on my home page when I go to my inbox to receive my email with Outlook Express. They want me to use my Yahoo e-mail. All I have to do is click the error off and I have no problem. At first I was confused why the message. IE 7 has improved and much faster and easier to use.

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I've had problems too!
by Rltnspd / December 8, 2006 8:37 PM PST

Using juno download for IE 7 was easy but I use juno email to receive my e-mail. Upon my signin to juno, I immediately get multiple script errors messages. It also now takes longer to sign in to juno dialup since IE7 took over. All I have to do is click the errors off and I then have no further problems. Ocassionally I also get butted off the internet now sice the auto download. At first I was confused about all this, but for the time being, I am just going to accept this unless you folks tell me how to stop this nonsense. Overall, IE 7 has improved and is much faster and easier to use.

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One small problem with IE 7
by kartini / October 31, 2006 12:47 PM PST

cookies problem the developer should test it out and introduce to their own staff intead of asking public to try.. Not stable enough might as well stick to IE6 sp1. Or used other browers which are more stable and doesn't cause much problems

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I have been testing IE 7 Beta.
by Ed2400 / October 31, 2006 2:17 PM PST

This final version seems very good, so far?


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Well peeps, ready yourself for the automatic update of IE7..
by robnan / October 31, 2006 11:33 PM PST

Sooner or later MIcrosoft is going to shove IE7 down all our throats. I was reading up on it, to summarise:

"The Final Version of Internet Explorer 7 is now available from the downloads centre and we highly recommend you make the upgrade for security and stability reasons. A few weeks after the download has been available, we will be distributing Internet Explorer via automatic updates as a high-priority update, however, while this is highly recommended it is not compulsory."

In my own words: "We have finally brought out another browser after 5 years to stop people getting over suspicious, although, people already know that nearly 10 years ago now we illegally welded IE4 onto the Windows UI to illegally crush our opposition, Netscape, and to piss our users right off. If we had our way, we'd force IE7 onto any and every Windoze computer with an internet connection, however we are ashamed to admit that we must make this discreetly optional because about a dozen lawsuits are standing outside the door right now with a pile of IE bugs we are, you guessed it, actively refusing to fix until 2020, by when we might have brought out Internet Exploiter - if you are lucky and you give us lots of money."

And that's what I think. I'm using Windows 2000, so I am not even blinking an eye because Microsoft are turning away from us Windows 2000 users (that's good, I can shut off automatic updates and not get pestered every time I check my e-mail for ten minutes twice weekly) and all these fancy new updates won't even work on 2000. Suits me.

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I hate idiots
by Merranvo / December 3, 2006 12:21 PM PST

First, yes MS did use questionable ethics by combinding the IE4 browser with the OS, but by doing that they 'unlocked' OS-browser abilities. These were later incorporated directly into the browser and OS.

Second, if you know anything of software development you would realize that upgrading pre-existing software is substationally easier and more cost effient then doing complete overhauls on the software. Do NOT site FireFox, it has had some changes, but I wouldn't call it a full re-write.

Third, Microsoft is not forcing anything on you, you can easily be smart and review the 'automatic' updates, or be an idiot and just let them auto-install. Either way, your argument is that you would rather use an older, more "insecure" (for what THAT is worth) browser. Great argument, why not complain about upgrading to SP2 while you are at it (yes, you would rather NOT have a firewall, then windows' crap fire wall).

Fourth, name a serious flaw with IE7 without looking it up. I already know that few people can name real serious flaws, most people make up flaws, or blame Microsoft's full incorporation of java (unlike Mozillia, which removes compatability with every 'exploit' that a command can do) for being a potential idiot hole (where a very stupid person willingly grants access to a person with mallicious intent.)

Fifth, I personally believe the media loves to attack Microsoft. I don't blame them, but they never FULLY disclose what the security hole actually is. After analysing the code used for execution (and I have secunia to thank for that) I can often tell how insignifigant it really is... the fact that you CAN do something, does not mean that it can be sucessfully done. Often, the code depends on you being a participant of a specific site, opening windows and asking for your login information. Another flaw, which I am still determining the cause, does not appear to fully be what it is. Rather, it looks like an extracted webpage. And since most sites NEVER list personal info on their websites, there is no real security threat. (This is also easily fixed by disabling mhtml)

Finally, If you want to use antiquated technology, that is fine by me, but don't blame the buisness man for abandoning it. Updates cost money, and if there is a broad consumer database the cost gets substantially split up... however, if there are few customers using a product, the practicallity of financing an update is very low. There are reasons to use Windows 2000, but I seriously doubt that your reason fits any of them. I am willing to bet the only reason you are using 2000 is because you don't want to update to XP.

On a side note. If you did NOT signup for update reminders, you would not get them. Being too lazy to send the cancelation reply is no excuse either.

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IE7 problems
by Bunny1613 / November 1, 2006 2:40 AM PST

I totally agree. I had to re-enter all my usernames and passwords!!!

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Immediate Problems after downloading
by jefffox / November 6, 2006 4:27 AM PST
In reply to: IE7 problems

My comuter kept freezing so I finally did a previous restore point to get rid of it.

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by Twinkle / November 22, 2006 6:29 PM PST
In reply to: IE7 problems

Is there no way, to stop it deleting cookies, even when you tick remember me. Name and cookies deleted. Other than that I quite like IE 7

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by gina1139 / November 1, 2006 2:43 AM PST

I installed IE7,but uninstalled it, because It blocked everything.all the cookies the websites i frequent etc etc.the you have to go where they tell you,for instructions,and ofcourse,it was so frustrating that i even had to restore to an earlier date to get my computor working again.I think if you have a good adware-firewall program, this is redundent.orrrrrrrr,Im a total dummy.

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IE7 Reply
by WaNana / November 1, 2006 4:14 AM PST
In reply to: IE7

Okey Dokey, then! It's waiting time for me. If these ''small'' problems happen to other users, then guess who will have every single one of them? Yep, that lil' ol' WaNana, me (credit somewhat to Dean Martin). Besides which, I don't even know all of my passwords. I use Roboform and back up pretty regularly, so I just allow that program to choose a really funky one. Experience is the best teacher - someone else's in this case. Thanks for your honesty and your early warning.

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So far, so good
by ronappel / November 1, 2006 8:53 AM PST
In reply to: IE7 Reply

We run a tight ship here when it comes to maintenance. This P III unit has no problems with XP pro and IE 7. The only thing I do not care for is the auto hide for the side bar favorites does not work here. That is a pain when checking on stuff once a week. The other machine a P IV runs well with it as well.

Maintenace software we use here is Norton Systemworks and Zonealarm Pro. Those two companies have kept headaches next to nill.

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IE Problems
by norlor / November 1, 2006 7:10 AM PST
In reply to: IE7

IE7 does give you the option of turning on or off spyware etc. Did you try that? I had to turn it off to get my IE7 C1 to run properly. Since I already have these items on my machine already, I told IE7 to turn these off.

Some websites are a little behind in getting up to the IE7. Microsoft has already issued an add on to allow to access those IE6 or older sights.

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IE7 issues possible security?
by polishsiren / November 2, 2006 7:10 AM PST
In reply to: IE Problems

I actually like the layout, much more organized and a tighter fit. I prefer how IE7 tabs work over FF. However since I have been using it I also upgraded media player and noticed that I have had more spyware and adware than ever before even a trojan has gotten through! I than realized that the windows firewall has been turned off. I don't know if it's related to IE7 but it was fully functional before the upgrade.


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It is unrelated.
by Merranvo / December 3, 2006 12:40 PM PST

I do resets of my system every 6 months due to use of new software, or abandonment of old software (basically, the system gets clogged with all the installing and uninstalling). Now, I do use another firewall (McAfee) but I distincly remember installing IE7 first, and I didn't notice any faults with windows firewall. Then again, my memory might be failing me.

Now, you can only blame the user for trojan based attacks. Obviously you were downloading stuff you shouldn't be, also, many trojans are designed to turn OFF the firewall to allow their malicious code into the computer. (Heck, I play with virus', and came across one that attempted to shut down McAfee). But I don't receive these virus' by visiting google, yahoo, or msn. I have to seek them out.

The same goes with spyware, you have to seek out sites to infest your computer with spyware. IE7 has deautomated many website controls, and unless you are running the lowest security possible, or visiting the most incriminating sites possible, you shouldn't be blasted with spyware.

Therefore, one can only conclude that you trusted a site that you shouldn't have... ontop of not having an active virus scanner when going to those sites or running their programs.

Final note, NEVER install active x controls just to play flash games. I can't tell you how many people do that (and installing media codecs to see porn movies is the exact same thing). It is REALLY annoying when they complain that their system is all screwed up because they just HAD to install that crap. IE did this, IE did that, no YOU did it, and if you had firefox (well, besides the Active X controler) it would do the exact same thing.

If you did NOT do any of the above, I can only say that someone else must have done so... browsers are only a means to the end, but they require interaction on the users side for the end to come. An IP attack, however, is different... these either grab IP's, or randomly generate them and ask ('are you alive') to verify them. Having a strong firewall helps protect against these type of attacks.

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Don't Like it Don't Want it.... Mozilla Baby
by kclarke225 / November 2, 2006 9:56 PM PST
In reply to: IE7

So a few days ago, I reformatted my computer and an update for IE7 came up. Just curious to see, I downloaded it. When i Started using it all it did was piss me off by blocking everything, spam guard, and other stuff like that. Let me just say after about 2 hours of Using it I backdated the program back to what i had before, Opened Mozilla Firefox 2.0 and was happy again! In my opinion Microsoft is trying to be mister LEADER again and trying to one up everyone else but FAILING miserably. Bill gates go back to just creating OS's and get them right first before you even start messing with Internet browsers that people have already hacked!

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My IE 7.0 experience . . . I hate it!!
by netnut6977 / November 4, 2006 11:57 AM PST

I have been using other browsers (Netscape, Firefox) for quite some time now as they offered tabbed browsing which is much less cumbersome for me and my home business application. I tried the Microsoft Beta browser that had tabbed browsing (came with the Microsoft desktop search) and I liked it. I didn't like the desktop search though so I uninstalled it and unfortunately with it the tabbed browser. Bottom line, I like tabbed browsing so I thought that the hype about IE7 indicated that it was just what I was looking for. That was until I installed it as an upgrade (as recommended to me repeatedly. . .)only to have an error regarding an "illegal access point" in some DLL file. I would have been left "webless" and unemployed were it not for my backup NETSCAPE!!

Don't get me wrong. I love Microsoft and have made quite a bit of money because of them. I expected that the bugs were worked out of their install routines so that I would have had a flawless upgrade to a product that I'm sure is great to someone and is going to make me a lot of money!

Has anyone else had a similar problem? I hope this problem is resolved soon. I did send MS an error report and hope to hear soon that this is fixed.

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Hate the nag from it on security settings.
by William the pirate / November 13, 2006 9:02 AM PST
In reply to: IE7

I hate the nagging that it keeps doing. It doesn't like my security setting and keeps trying to force me to change my setting. It thinks it know better than I do on how I want my settings/ I have a hardwired router for a firewall plus a good AV s/w and a very highly rated anti-spyware too. I rarely use IE 7 because of this. The only times I do use it is if I need something that has to use Active X or I'm linked to it because it is the only browser that a site links to. I much prefer Firefox.

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Cleartype not working in my msn homepage
by billeue / March 14, 2007 12:31 AM PDT

Cleartype text is disabled in homepage. Seems to be working elsewhere.

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don't wait
by rockyolson / October 28, 2006 7:04 AM PDT
In reply to: I did it!

it has tabs too:)

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I already went to FF2
by Glenda / November 8, 2006 1:32 PM PST
In reply to: I did it!

You are getting left behind here]:) LOL

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IE7's *STILL* Waaaayyyyyy behind!
by cbcooper79 / October 31, 2006 4:35 PM PST
In reply to: I feel the same way:)


You would HAVE to expect SOME improvement after *FIVE YEARS*

IE7 is still not as good as or as FAST as Opera. In fact I don't see anything in this version that would even make me think of using it.

The convenient features of other browsers beat the pants off IE7



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Too little too late!
by yarnlvr / October 31, 2006 9:19 PM PST

I agree! IE7 made some very necessary changes in both the format and the security but they are still behind the curve. I have been using both Firefox and the beta of IE7 for a long time now and there is really no comparison. I know that IE7 came out with extensions but did anyone notice that most of them are not FREE! I have IE7 installed for emergency use but with the extension IEtab in Firefox I rarely even need it!

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