...especially the first one you buy ;). This translates into always buying the largest one that fits both budget and space, especially if there's plenty of movie/sports watching. More important is how good the PQ is on the Sharp. If you are satisfied with the way it looks/overall feature set, it's time to save the $499 on the BB card and move down to your #2. FWIW, $499 isn't a bad starting point for an HDTV. Spending a little more though will give you better selection with better PQ.

#2- Don't settle for the built in speakers on *any* current HDTV since they are poor/meddling at best. Even the non-audiophiles complain about their lackluster sound(!) With the $499 gift card you could easily acquire something that would allow you to properly create an entry level HT experience. The All-in-One units for sale (w/ Blu Ray too, for example) aren't my first choice, but you could certainly start this way for entry level HT. Or, you could choose one component such as an AV receiver, or maybe even AV receiver + BD player (totalling ~$499), then look around for budget 5.1 speakers/sub, such as the ever popular budget priced Energy Take Classic 5.1 (@ Amazon, etc.). IMHO, obtaining the free HDTV provides you with a good catalyst to get the ball rolling Wink