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What Do Democrats & Bedbugs Have In Common

The DNC it would seem, LOL.

"Severe weather, protesters and
gaffe-filled speeches are always a worry at political conventions, but
unfavorable hotel reviews hint that bed bugs may also be an issue for
the Democratic delegates this year. According
to a bed bug complaint website, nine of the hotels being used by
convention delegations have had bed bug sightings in recent months. Even
though county health officials said that they inspected all of the
hotels in question in July, some of the complaints from angry visitors
allege that the problems may not have been fully exterminated. "
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Reporting: What Do Democrats & Bedbugs Have In Common
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They're things that only James Denison would associate

in one of his posts. According to his own post this is not about Democrats or policy or a speech or the platform, it is about hotels unrelated to the Democratic Party. But I have learned not to expect much from this source.


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Only an Idiot (to borrow your words remaining in previously moderated thread, which must be OK now for all of us to use) like you could not see that I merely reported the association, already made.

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North Carolina is a "red" state, isn't it?

So those are most likely Republican bedbugs, unless you're suggesting the hotels there are BYOB (bring your own bedbugs).

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when it's all over with

maybe the bedbugs can have a war with the lice, may the best bug win. Wink

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Bed bugs don't bite Republicans?

How distasteful are you when a bed bug won't even bite you?

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My wife's upset

that mosquitos don't bite me either, lol. I'm starting to feel left out. Maybe growing up in Florida I developed some immune reaction which makes mosquitos avoid me?

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It's the females that bite, isn't it?

And they find their prey by smell and largely through the victims breath. It could be that you don't smell like food. Devil

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I used to think it was tobacco

but even after I quit smoking, the same reaction.

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Natural Deet?

or odd blood type maybe. But the best way to stop mosquitoes from being attracted is to not give off CO2. That's how they find you.

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In other words, shut up, James.
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I give you a good straight line

and that's all the better you can do with it? Happy

Actually, I was going to suggest he could use that on his wife the next time she complained. Wink

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Befriend James...Sell your Bug Zapper?

I wonder what coverage he gets.. IF he gets good coverage he could be a keeper in mosquito country, he'd have lots of friends.

Democrats would rather have the mosquitos

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But mosquitoes are bloodsuckers, aren't they?

And isn't it said that people tend to want to be in the company of their own kind? threw me a straight line and that's the best I could do with it for now.

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REpeople tend to want to be in the company of their own kind

James and mosquitos...NO

His wife and mosquitos....YES

James and his wife?

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RE: What Do Democrats & Bedbugs Have In Common


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well, they do now

and they are already meeting each other.

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So if I met you

we'd have something in common?

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Which one are you?

Since you're not from the US, you can't be a Democrat. Devil

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RE: Which one are you?

I'd be the one you know as JP Bill

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