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What did thought_stazi say?

Nov 24, 2005 2:48PM PST

I don't know but there seems to be alot of controversy in these cnet forums. I don't know why people have such big problems here. Like some guy was yelling at me for calling someone else dumb because he opened an email that said it was from the FBI but which in turned out to be a virus. I mean really do we all have time to get angry at each other over what we type in cnet forums??? Look how childish that seems. Also I have a question, how are these moderators chosen, it seems to be anyone who has posted in over a thousand posts can be a moderator. Moderators have the power to lock posts??? that seems a little unfair, what if these moderators abuse their new found powers??? Oh well there are much bigger things in life like LOCKING PEOPLES POSTS OR DELETING THEM, for which I can't stand. Let people type whatever they want; it is on technology and software for gods sake, not something like helping a convict kill someone. I don't think in thought_stazi's post he was hurting anyone and therefore shouldn't be deleted. I don't know what thought_stazi said but I agree on what he or she said in response to Mark locking up his or hers post. Peoples post should not be locked/deleted for no reason and we have freedom here (U.S.A.) like the FREEDOM OF PRESS. Where would this country be without freedom, that is what this country is built on; freedom. Besides I think there are alot BIGGER problems in this world then a guy or gal just posting a post. If MarkFlax can lock a postand deleted, why doesn't he help some homeless people in a soup kitchen? We can do alot more than fight on some tech website. As I mentioned earlier, peoples posts shouldn't be locked or deleted because that is their opinion. If this post gets locked, then I will try my best to become a moderator.

Discussion is locked

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I don't think this is a democracy
Nov 24, 2005 3:12PM PST

Their site, their rules. Cheers.

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Deleted posts....
Nov 24, 2005 3:36PM PST

....are due to the forum rules not being followed. Freedom ? Freedom of expression ? Freedom of Press ? Freedom of whatever must be freedom with responsibility. Calling people names, flaming, personal attacks...these are actions without responsibility. If you join a forum and agree to its terms, then do not follow them, you are not being responsible. And if you call someone dumb, is that responsible of you ? Do you have the freedom to call someone dumb ? Can you be nicer ? It seems you yourself have lots of time to be angry. Do you have a problem ?

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I understand that
Nov 24, 2005 8:01PM PST

But what did stazi say that was so hurtful or wrong? Besides how can these moderators be trusted, for all we know they can delete any post if they feel like it.

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His post was deleted for a reason
Nov 24, 2005 8:22PM PST

The Moderators aren't here to explain to other people who didn't see the post in the first place what was said or basically we wouldn't have the trust and confidence of the rest of the members because we would be doing the same thing the deleted post did, which is to publicly humiliate a member.

These forums are privately owned by CNET and are here as a free service to the members. CNET has its own rules (look to the link at the left for the link to them under Forum Policies)and they are linked to on every page within CNET you go to. All members agree to them as they register.

Members seek out's not the other way around. If you ASK to enter, aren't you also saying that you will behave and be respectful to others who have also asked to be here?

If you don't like their rules of conduct, you are free to go to any one of the thousands of other forums available on the net instead....but every forum has its own set of rules that you will need to agree with first.

Think of the forums as your mother's kitchen....would you take kindly to an invited guest insulting another just because they think they can?

Moderators are here to keep the peace and ensure that the members are treated with respect and civility. That's not censorship....


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What's the point of being banned
Nov 24, 2005 9:33PM PST

if it is possible to create a new identity and start posting again?

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Then What Is It?
Nov 24, 2005 10:11PM PST

I'm sure this little nugget of rationalization would be one of those I'd have to write down so I could laugh and weep about it later.

Moderators are here to keep the peace and ensure that the members are treated with respect and civility. That's not censorship....

Riddle me this then Batman... If enforcing rules about what people can and cannot say isn't censorship, what is it?

I mean, if I go out and say you can't say one of George Carlin's seven words on television, that's censorship. If I say you can't write a book on a particular subject, that's censorship. How is any of that any different from saying you can say anything you want about a person, so long as it isn't negative? Tell me exactly how that isn't censorship. It looks like censorship, sounds like censorship... Where's the disconnect?

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You know...
Nov 24, 2005 10:06PM PST

In early Nazi Germany, many of the same sort of arguments were used against the Jewish people.

That's what fascists always say when they start attacking people's freedoms. And I'm deeply saddened that you have allowed yourself to think that way. You're willingly giving away your freedoms little by little, and I'm sure the people who faught and died in the war of independence are half-way to china from all the spinning they're doing in their graves from the things people like you say and do.

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So you mean...
Nov 24, 2005 10:27PM PST

you can call people all sort of things ? Do what you like to them ? Take their property ? Shoot them ?.....all in the name of you having the freedom to do what you like ? So you are saying the Nazis had the freedom to do what they did ?

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Nov 24, 2005 8:58PM PST

lemme see now.....

mods are not paid, they volunteer their time...
i doubt if any mod would delete a post "just for fun"...
there is always a reason...

for example, a user who might be spamming the forums by having a company name for his user name...


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My single cent's worth
Nov 24, 2005 9:25PM PST

I come from a different country....which means the forum is international. Insisting on one or other cultural or constitional behaviour is unworkable. Politeness is the common language.

I'll tell you this: The value of politeness is that it serves efficiency. This space is about information exchange primarily. Relationships can help when positive. But you can not like everyone or his / her approach. That's when you use your politeness. It saves time and space. Can you imagine the churn and clutter on this board if we allowed ourselves to freely vent and snipe and shame and retaliate? Really try to imagine it. How hard would it then be to find something out? C'mon! What is the primary purpose?

It also applies to excessive friendly relating -- too much off-topic posting clutters and distracts.


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I Disagree
Nov 24, 2005 10:19PM PST

Politeness leads to all kinds of flowery language and euphamisms out the wazoo.

What you call efficiency, I would call a slow and gradual convolution. We have to tip-toe around all kinds of subject because someone, somewhere, might somehow be offended in some way. So, instead of being able to state something bluntly, that may be an unpleasant fact, I have to spend a great deal of time trying to find a way to soften the blow. That means what I could have said in one or two sentences, which has the potential to be offensive, I might have to spend 5-6 sentences on... All the additional verbage spent on trying to qualify exactly what I meant so that the person won't take offense. Problem is, you can't possibly cover every possible way someone might take offense, so I've just stopped trying. If people don't like it... It just saves me the trouble of dealing with an overly-senstive person. I'm not interested in having to engage in self-censorship because someone else can't take the truth. We've taken the whole huggy-feely thing WAY too far.

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So riddle me this instead
Nov 24, 2005 10:31PM PST

Your initial post to that member was accusatory and rude and assumed much not in evidence. If you had flat out just ASKED her if she had done research via Google or whatever search engine, it would have been less confrontational, gotten you the information YOU wanted, and you would have then offered up advice on what she wanted to know?????

You've been spouting your excessive rudeness to members for years now under various names, you're habits have never changed even one iota, you've referred to the Moderators in these forums over the years as 'thought-nazis', which is why you use the username you do now under a NEW alias, and if you think we're putting up with your garbage and insults to members longer than we have to, you're wrong.

If you so detest how things are done here in CNET (and the former ZDNET forums), why keep coming back? The rules aren't going to change just because you WISH them to be and antagonizing members and Moderators alike won't make it any easier on you and your posts. Which will continue to be deleted as we see call that censorship....we call it stopping a member from being out and out rude for no reason.

You don't like the sandbox? Fine...go litter in somebody else's then.


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I've Thought The Same Thing
Nov 24, 2005 9:55PM PST

People here tend to take this place WAY too seriously, and get their panties all in a bunch over the stupidest of things.

If I say something people don't like, they're free to ignore it. They're free to ignore me by custom. I tend to see that as a bit of a cop-out, but that's their choice. It's a truely sad thing when so many people support the censorship of ideas, and actively try to force other people to conform to their ideals of social decorum. You can damn well bet that if someone were doing the same thing to them, they'd be screaming bloody murder about it.

People here really need to get over themselves and their importance in the world. Probably none of us will go on to do great things that will put us into the history books. Odds are, after about two generations, most of us will be forgotten by history. It's just not dignified to try and delude yourself into thinking otherwise.

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(NT) (NT) Dumping on a person = ideas?
Nov 24, 2005 10:25PM PST
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The point being
Nov 24, 2005 10:36PM PST

that being crass and rude isn't something somebody can just 'ignore'. If you don't like some of the posts that are written where people ask for help, why don't you just ignore THEM? Members asking for help is NOT an invitation to you to blast the daylights out of them when you haven't even bothered to garner the information YOU assume about them from the git-go.

You want them to work for themselves and get the answers on their own, and yet you don't bother to get the information YOU need in order to help them.

You can't have it both ways....criticism without an invitation to do so is NOT an option. Keep your trap shut if you don't like the questions people ask...just like you are demanding that we keep our traps shut if we don't like your answers.


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One Other Thing
Nov 24, 2005 10:02PM PST

The moniker I use isn't a form of "nazi"... The Stazi were the Soviet secret police... The ones who would run around terrorizing people in the USSR for doing anything they think is suspicious... And sometimes just for the fun of it.

So, for those of you who are still lost... The name I chose is a mockery of the thought police who patrol these forums.