What can cause a montor to go blank at times

I have a 27" Samsung monitor.
Recently I installed a new video card which only has a digital output (GTX 1050) - I had my monitor connected to the old video card via the analogue output.
I have installed the latest video card and monitor drivers.
I am starting to notice that at times the monitor goes blank
(black screen) for about 1 - 2 seconds and there doesn't seem to be any pattern to this.
I feel that it is the monitor which is going blank and not the video card as when the monitor doesn't get a signal from the PC (eg when the PC is powered off and then back on) I get an small image image displayed briefly in the top left corner indication that it is connected via digital.
Any ideas what could be causing this?

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Reporting: What can cause a montor to go blank at times
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Clarification Request
Did you also upgrade the BIOS?

Are you using a convertor from digital to analog? Does this blanking happen in just one particular program, or in other programs too?

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Did you also upgrade the BIOS

I am not using a converter. I am using a standard DVI cable between the DVI socket on the video card and the DVI socket on the monitor. It doesn't seem to occur with any particular program.

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You installed a new video card and connected it to the monitor with a dvi cable.
No adapters/converters.
Is that correct?

Look in your control panel/power and set the monitor to turn off "never".

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What can cause a montor to go blank at times

Thanks for the quick reply - much appreciated.
I am not using any adaptors.
Just a standard DVI cable between the DVI socket on the video card and the monitor.
The screen saver is set to NONE.
I noticed just a short time ago since posting that the screen went blank at least twice in a row with about 1-2 seconds between each time it went blank.
Could it be a fault with the monitor and if so how do I prove that it is?

I recently upgraded the BIOS which in itself caused a problem which resulted in Windows 7 thinking I had changed hardware and refused to startup and after trying hard for a over a day to rectify I 'bit the bullet' and reformatted and reinstalled everything. That was about a week before I installed the new video card.

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(NT) I'm not talking about a screen saver.
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I'm not talking about a screen saver

Control panel/power.
Set the monitor to turn off "never".

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What can cause a monitor to go blank at times

Sorry I meant to also state that I have the 'power options' set to "turn off display' NEVER as well as 'Put the computer to sleep' NEVER although strangely I am sure that my SATA hard drive sometimes powers off as at times when I attempt to open a folder on that drive there is a definite time lag and I here a whirring type of sound as if it is spinning up. I have no idea why that happens.

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Power plan

Go through the advanced power options for the plan your using.
Set everything to off/never/max performance...etc.

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Power Plan

Yes I found hard drives were set to turn off after 20 minutes.
I can't remember setting that so maybe its a default during Windows 7 64bit installation (I did a fresh install a few weeks ago)

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What can cause a monitor to go blank at times

Well after checking that all 'power settings' are set to (turn off) NEVER the monitor continues to go blank at times - not often and no apparent pattern.
Once again when it does go blank the screen does not display in top left of screen that it is connected via DVI which it does if the PC is powered down and back up which suggests to me that the monitor is not loosing a signal from the PC? I stand to be corrected on that though.

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get a flashlight

shine it at the monitor at an angle to see if any images is still there. If so, then monitor backlight is failing.

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get a flashlight

Thanks for the suggestion but I don't think I will have time to pick up a torch and turn it on when the monitor goes blank as it is completely random and onl;y goes blank for 1 - 2 seconds.

I just googled the same question and lo and behold I found that I (yes me) has posted the same question on another forum over a year ago. After a few suggestions which didn't work I decided to try connecting with the analogue cable and the problem disappeared so I left it like that - not the solution I guess.

When I installed a new video card a few weeks ago I found that it only has a DVI output socket so connected the monitor via a digital cable and now I have the problem again but now I can't do anything about it.

It now appears to me that the monitor might have a fault which has existed for a while. Would you agree?

Is it possible that a monitor has an intermittent problem with the digital input and not the analogue input?

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(NT) NT - I think you've diagnosed it correctly
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About latent or fault waiting for you to discover.

Have to write yes. While there could be something on the edge, I can't find the exact Samsung model.

But you can check this out. Hit the site for your monitor and see if they have a driver or monitor.inf file. I can't check this for you as I can't find the post with the full model number.

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About latent or fault waiting for you to discover.

My monitor model is S27C450B model code LS27C45KSU/XY and I downloaded the latest driver from the Samsung Australia web site 2 days ago and installed - strangely I could not find this model on any other web sit apart from the Australian on so maybe its a special model for Australia.
When the software installs you end up with an icon on the desktop (Monsetup) which when run prompts you to install the analogue or digital driver - of course I install the digital one.

BUT hey look at this - when I right click on the icon and select OPEN FILE LOCATION I find in that folder there is also an application named MonSetupXP64 which suggests one for 64 bit operating system and I have Windows 7 64 bit installed.
I will now run this and select digital driver BUT the name suggests Windows XP - should that be a problem?

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Almost nothing has changed in monitor.inf files.

I want to avoid getting technical but monitor "drivers" for years have been nothing more than a monitor.inf file but as folk were getting less technical makers had to wrap them inside an installer.

All the monitor.inf file does is specify the model name and capabilities. That is, to show the user what modes are valid in control panels.

This monitor.inf file is some decades old and I won't worry about 32, 64 bit or XP on this one.

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Almost nothing has changed in monitor.inf files.

All I could find at the Australian Samsung website for my model monitor was a manual and the program (listed as for Windows XP, 7, 8 32bit and 64bit) which when runs puts an icon on the desktop and when run prompts you "select the monitor you want to install - analogue or digital.
In the folder which contains the program are -
MonSetup.exe (presumably 32 bit application) size 47Kb
MonSetupXP64.exe (presumably 64 bit application) size 88Kb (security catalog)
S27C450B.icm (icc profile)
S27C450B.inf (setup information)
Setup Blue Screen.ico (icon)

No documentation.

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