What Camera Will Show Date/Time with Seconds?

We want to make legal deposition videos, and our state requires a date/time stamp showing the hours, minutes and seconds. Most cameras seem to do hours and minutes, but no seconds. Any advice on what to buy?

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Asked others. Most said.

Put a tabletop clock in the video. It's a shame the sellers of these things won't answer your pre-sale question.

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Unfortunately that is not legal. I need a camcorder that will do it. Legal depositions have very specific requirements.

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Different countries, etc.

My background has been to support lawyers over the years and here, I won't debate with you so let's go with you being right for your country. Are you saying that a timepiece must never enter the picture?

Then the old fashioned method works where the interviewer calls out the time to the second as needed. This was how it was done in England and still is.

Also we have smart phones that we could use for this purpose.

Remember that spoofing is not what I will ever discuss.

I've encountered folk that were being disingenuous about the time requirements. ALL the cameras I've seen over the years are not spot on as to time. They have been off by a lot when compared to a time source like the official NIST Time service.

So back to you. You have your requirements and if there are no such cameras for sale there, look at using the smart phone and apps, or the old English method.

Just sharing that I have worked with English, Canadian and USA lawyers over the years on this.

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Thanks, but not the info I'm looking for.

Thanks very much for responding. Yes, the law here in Massachusetts does not accept a clock in the picture as a legal date/time stamp. The date and time must be automatically shown by the camcorder. This is just the way it is and believe me, the attorneys involved and I have researched this thoroughly.

I am looking for specific recommendations for camcorders that people know for sure will make a date/time stamp with the format hh/mm/ss, which includes the SECONDS. These are used by deposition videographers in some states in the US where the law requires SECONDS to be displayed. Unfortunately, the most recent camera recommendations I've found are several years old and those cameras are no longer available. I could write and ask one of the current deposition videographers what equipment they are using, but somehow I don't think they will want to share the secret.

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I forgot what I use everyday. Here's a video with seconds.
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Need Professional HD Camcorder

This needs to be a professional level camcorder, with a tripod and built-in microphone with good range, and ability to get good HD in low light. I want to know what other people doing depositions are using, and it sure isn't car cams.

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I'm a bit surprised

That Sony and other makers won't tell you this. For me it would be a slog through the models to see if they reveal this.

But this I do know. That time is on the video file. But I find folk that want what you ask DEMAND it be burnt into the video and not by using the usual tools. I have found a few do come back a little weary from the search and then admit that they ended up with a HARDSUB solution.

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Tape based camera

Would a DV camera with time code not give you what you want?

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Even tape based cameras had this issue.

When folk asked for time on the video all too often they demanded the time be in the video and not in the timecode. I understand this as I worked in the engineering and design of surveillance video gear.

So the timecode is there, but is often not burnt into the video. It's just one step to get the timecode to display or to make a video DVD with the timecode hardsub'd onto the video but folk that wanted this would then argue the timecode could be faked.

BTDT, good pay!

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Thanks for your reply. The answer is, I don't know. Lots of cameras do a time code, but when it shows on the video image it only displays hours and minutes, not seconds. There is no way to adjust the format. That's why I'm asking. Hoping somebody out there is a professional legal videographer and will take pity on me. I have Googled at length, and sever older Panasonics are recommended, but the info is from 2014 and earlier and those cameras are not easily found now. I'd love to get the name and model of something that definitely works, rather than speculation.

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This One Does!

I asked at B&H and their sales department researched it for me. They tested some camcorders in their store. Here is their answer:

" I have verified with my own eyes (I have a sworn witness - pun intended!) regarding the

Panasonic AG-UX90 4K/HD Professional Camcorder - B&H # PAAGUX90 - $2,095.00. It will burn a time/date stamp with seconds: hh/mm//ss

Please let me know if you require any further assistance.

Mark S
B&H Photo Video and Pro Audio
The Professional's Source.
E-Mail Sales Department"

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I also use video cameras for legal deposition and have had the same trouble finding a camera. Not only do we need the date/time/seconds to display, we need it to record.. Many cameras I have found will display, but not record on to the master. We need it burned on to the video.
Does this camera do that?

Thanks for your assistance.

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Hopefully they will reply.

As I've worked this area so many times before I continue to run into folk that add more requirements than what was called for. That is, we know the timecode is on the tape and we have to show it via the usual means or use other recorders.

But I see I covered the usual above but want to write that if you say it's required then one only needs to see what others are using.

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I hope this helps...

Sony CX675... Best Buy has these at about $499.00, but you may have an issue importing audio in via XLR. The CX675 not only records running time and date stamp with seconds, it displays it while recording so you can port to your backup with relative ease. The camera is a pain in that Sony has a proprietary hot shoe requiring the purchaser to run out and purchase an adapter and nickel and dimes the consumer by not including essential things like an ac adapter and specific mics that can be attached to this camera. Overall it's a great little camera. Battery life is stellar so IME and CME's are a cinch with this camera. I've been a Forensic Videographer for the past 17 years. Sony older model workhorses like the HVR-A1U, HVR-Z1U, PD-150 as well as PD 170 all record time and date with seconds. I hope this helps.

Kindest Regards,


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Sony CX675 Time Stamp

Are you sure about the Sony CX675 doing a timestamp with seconds? I asked B&H and they said that it didn't. I really hope you are right. That would be perfect.


Post was last edited on December 20, 2018 4:26 PM PST

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I stand corrected the current model CX675 will record but not display running time and date stamp while recording.

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From the CX675 manual.

"The data code is displayed on the TV screen if you connect this product to a
TV" Which shows date and time on the (analog) TV.

However there are folk that want this to be on the video file itself which is why we hardsub or find a camera that hardsubs for us.

There are now Security DVRs that do this. Not cheap stuff in the models I know of and mostly for CCTV systems. We burn the date, time and other items into the video because that's the requirement.

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Sony camcorder

I knot this thread is old but thought I would answer since I film depositions and doesn't' look like there is an answer. I use this camcorder:

The date and time stamp are below the picture. There's not a way to place this on the left or right of the screen if that's what you need.

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First, yes this will show the date and time with the seconds and is a tried and true work-horse. This is the best camera to use for depositions even though you would need to buy it used and add the cost of the Flash Memory Unit. This attachable flash memory lets you backup automatically without the use of a monitor with recording. I have been using this camera for depositions for over a year now and have used it for a few years beforehand. Since the post is a little old, I am curious what did you end up getting?

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Panasonic Date n timestamp

Panasonic HC PV 100

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