Not likely. I will note that Apple has the service aspect down pat but people can still fault them on service and repair costs out of warranty just like any other make.

The one thing you have to accept when getting a notebook is that it's a 3 year device. You get only a few good years of service and then you have to be ready to dump it and get another. Those who are used to desktops when you can cheaply pop in a floppy drive or hard disk are rudely awakened to stratospheric repair costs with their laptops.

Another common annoyance is the 18 month, 500 charge cycle batteries. Many didn't expect that expense in year 2 or 3.

My good list is short. Major names with service centers in your country. Sony has a scorch mark in my book so I can't reccomend them for the rest of my life and Toshiba should be avoided for this year perhaps due to a design glitch they are still working on.