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What affects my connection speed?

Nov 27, 2015 12:50AM PST

Do I need a home phone line to use Internet service?

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I am surprised
Nov 27, 2015 1:29AM PST

that you need to ask your question.

According to the digital services you mention in your profile and the About Us link in that web site, your services are the world leader in providing digital out of Home media services and solutions.

I am surprised that you ask such a basic question, given your expertise.


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Re: speed
Nov 27, 2015 1:34AM PST

That are 2 very different questions in one post. But they are easy to answer both:
(a) everything involved
(b) no


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Here Your Answer
Nov 30, 2015 2:50AM PST

long poor quality cable, poor dns affect your connection speed.

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Dec 2, 2015 11:53AM PST

Most ISP's have different plans: the more you pay per month, the higher the speed.
And for some wireless subscriptions: if you used your monthly allowance, the speed drops to very low or even zero.


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(NT) do i need a home phone line to use internet service
Dec 2, 2015 10:32AM PST
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Try to post new questions in new discussions.
Dec 2, 2015 11:36AM PST

But no. In my country, most cities, many places you don't need the phone line. DSL includes a phone due to how DSL works but even there you can research (Google) this _> NAKED DSL.

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Or: ...
Dec 2, 2015 11:54AM PST

cable, satellite, glass fiber, 3G, 4G or WiMax.