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Westinghouse LTV-27w2 Power Supply Woes

by hb58 / March 20, 2007 6:58 AM PDT

In February of 2006 I bought this 27" LCD tv at a really good price. Being the consummate cheapskate, I figured the included 12-month manufacturer's warranty would be good enough and didn't opt for an extended warranty. This has proven to be my undoing.

A couple of weeks ago the tv started behaving erratically. It would sometimes recognize remote control commands and other times lockup so completely that even the manual panel controls would have no effect. The only way to regain control was to completely power down the tv (i.e. remove the AC cord from the wall socket) for a period of time. This lasted for a week and the tv is now completely dead. Apparently due to a power supply module failure.

I tried contacting Westinghouse about the problem via their on-line web site and discovered I shouldn't have even bothered! Not only does Westinghouse not auto respond, but according to their own reps they're hopelessly backlogged. The good news is that I was able to immediately connect with a rep via their customer service landline. Imagine that!

Speaking to a very polite rep I was informed that because my LCD TV was just out of warranty (by about two weeks I might add) he could do nothing for me. Having purchased the set from Best Buy he suggested I return the set and have the local "Geek Squad" repair it. He said to make sure I returned the set to the "Geek Squad" personnel and not the store repair shop as they are two completely different entities and that Westinghouse has some sort of repair agreement with the "Geek Squad" franchise.

I have no experience with the "Geek Squad" but I have had dealings with third party tv repair shops. At best it's consumer beware and hold on to your wallet. What's so disheartening about this whole thing is that one would expect an LCD set to last at least a few years before going belly up.

So, my sage advice is if you're considering getting a rather expensive piece of hardware give some serious thought to buying an extended warranty.

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by stewart norrie / March 20, 2007 8:21 AM PDT

Before I bought any equipment for my home theater system I checked the phone book and called warrenty repair centers in my area to make sure my brand could be repaired locally under warrenty and after warrenty. This turned out to be a bl;essing when my Sony 65" 3 tube rear projector . 10 ton t.v. failed The next day Sony came out and replaced all 3 c.r.t. in my home Especially something large like your t.v. it would cost a fortune top ship it good luck steweee

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this is why i NEVER recommend westinghouse to people
by masterying01 / March 20, 2007 10:53 AM PDT

these tv's are made of bad quality parts and they break more consistantly then first generation dlp's.

now to answer your question.....the westinghouse "rep" is wrong. best buy covers products through their own service center IF the product is still under manufactorer's warrenty. because it is out of warrenty, best buy will not service it for you. geek squad does not fix anything nor do they know how to fix anything. when you bring a broken product into the store, its geeksquad's job to basically say "yes, its broken" and fill out the appropriate paper work to send it out to a service center (only if the product is still under warrenty).

it sounds like your only option is to bring it to a local service center to have them tell you it'll cost $1000+ to fix it. take that money and put it towards a new BRAND NAME tv. there are a lot of tv's going on clearence right now for a great price that are still brand new in the box. check out the samsungs, sharps, lg's, and sony's.

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Points Well Taken on Westinghouse LTV-27w2
by hb58 / March 21, 2007 5:22 AM PDT

When it was working the Westinghouse LCD performed very well. Your point about inferior or cheap parts is on target as that's how the current company is able to make the price point so inexpensive. And it's not limited to the Westinghouse moniker. Many formerly respectible US trade names have been purchased by companies whose products quality and reliabilty are circumspect.

Methinks one of the things that worked against me this time is my past experience with products such as these. Usually non-mechanical electronics will crap out within the first couple of months - sometimes the first few hours. If they make it thru what I like to call the initial burn-in period they tend to last a very long time.

This unit managed to hang on just past the warranty which I have to admit flies in the face of my experience.

Thanks for the input on the Geek Squad. It did seem kind of strange that a group known for helping to solve computer related problems would have expertise on LCD tv problems.

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Westinghouse LTV-27w2 Final Solution
by hb58 / April 19, 2007 4:52 AM PDT

For those of you wondering how things turned out there is a happy ending - sort of... After days of scouring internet tv parts suppliers I came up empty. It appears no one supports Westinghouse Digital moniker products. Being a retired certified electornic tech I decided to open up the beast hoping for a longshot like an intermittent lead or module connection.

To my dismay I found loose ground connections on almost every subassembly and was particularly upset to find that the primary power supply ground (e.g. grounded AC input) was floating on its screwpost. I recently moved to southern Nevada where the humidity level is very low and this tends to facilitate tremendous static discharges. Perhaps this was what wiped out the set - who knows?

Anyhow, after considerable research I decided to toss the Westinghouse and bought a new Sharp 37" 1080P LCD set. My spouse and I love the new tv's features and its incredible picture. And, we also love the fact that our new set has a 5-year warranty.

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Ha Ha

Ah the classic if it last for the first year it will last forever thought. I don't know where consumers get this from, couldn't be further from the truth. Studies show ANY electronic device failure rate goes up exponentially each year of its life. One thing you should also understand is a manufacturers "warranty" is not a guarantee by any stretch of the word. There is very very little that the warranty will actually cover. Your power button breaks, call them, oh too bad you pushed it too hard. Fan goes out in the back, your board overheats and fries, oh too bad you didn't replace the fan, its your negligence. I could go on and on. Also if you spent a few extra dollars on a decent brand you wouldn't be having this problem right now. Take it back to where you bought it and then get pissed when they say there is nothing they can do since the warranty is through Westinghouse. Like every other ******* that buys a piece of **** and complains when it dies on them.

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I've had exactly the same problem
by cordowich / April 3, 2007 2:41 AM PDT

Just to note- I just had exactly the same problem with my Westinghouse LTV-27w2 in almost exactly the same timeframe. Just after the warranty ran out (1 year) the tv died (Westinghouse also told me it was the power supply and to contact a local tv repair company. I was wondering if it's possible to fix this yourself (i.e. buy the power supply online and replace it?). I'm looking into this, otherwise, it may be time for a new tv (not a westinghouse).

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by Riverledge / April 19, 2007 2:57 PM PDT


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Same problem
by kratic / April 18, 2007 7:54 AM PDT

I had the same problem you described it right on. I have had no luck geting it fixed the repair shop i took it to said it was the signal board. I think I will try the geek squad out and then i will never purchase any white westing house products again. If you were able to get it fixed let me know BJ

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by Riverledge / April 18, 2007 11:36 AM PDT



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You Are Wrong
by louismayte / September 1, 2007 5:52 PM PDT

Westinghouse made TV's from the 50's through the 70's. I know because I had 2 of their models at that time.

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by Riverledge / September 2, 2007 10:14 AM PDT
In reply to: You Are Wrong



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Westinghouse LTV-27w2 Power Supply Woes
by djelbert / October 23, 2007 3:27 AM PDT

I too purchased the same set from Best Buy.. My set is not even 2 years old and now is worthless. I was told by a westinghouse representative that they would under no circumstance take this set in for repair. I too was told that my problem was a power supply issue. The lcd screen would go black, turning it off then back on temporarily corrected the problem. This began to occur more frequently until it stopped coming on all together. The people that I spoke to at Best Buy said that they would send it back to the manufacturer for repair......?? I have called around to many electronic repair shops to see about having it looked at, as soon as they found out it was a westinghouse they apologized and said that there was nothing they could do because westinghouse does NOT stand behind their product..They would not even attempt to fix it. So buyers beware! Steer clear of any set made by this company.

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Dead LTV-27w2
by Westinghousesux / November 8, 2007 9:19 AM PST

Just got off the phone with Westinghouse Rep. Although they were very nice, they don't have the answers. My problem is about the same as the others listed above. Locking up, powering down, screen going black, audio only then NOTHING.

I took it to Best Buy's suggested repair shop, a large shop with a great reputation. The prognosis was it needed the lcd board which ironically is not even available. The westinghouse rep just told us it may be a different part but I tend to believe a company that works on hundreds of tv's monthly.

We bought our TV just prior to the super bowl '06, it died Oct '07 it sounds like I may be the lucky one in this group for getting an extra 9 or 10 months of use.

I am going to follow through with the part the rep suggested (without much optimism) before strolling around Best Buy with the lemon sign taped to the TV on Thanksgiving Weekend, the busiest shopping days of the year. Of course I will inform management before I stroll. If I get thrown out I may even rent a billboard and invite the media while I drive through Best Buy's parking lot just because they are still selling this TV and I like driving in circles.

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HAA LMFAO @ Westinghousesux,
by JAWZ1980 / January 17, 2008 8:35 AM PST
In reply to: Dead LTV-27w2

That would be awesome,wish I was there when this takes place!! But ya I am seeing tons of these tv's pop up at best buys outlet center here in Dallas,Thank You guys for steering me clear of these POS's I was going to get one b/c there soooo cheap for my bathroom ya I said it for my bathroom (hey who doesnt want to watch some HD tube while... well you know) but thanks again you guys,JAWz

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Never Buy Westinghouse again
by FunkMasterChan / June 23, 2008 1:14 PM PDT

I bought a Westinghouse LTV-27W7 on the eve of thanksgiving of 2006 and now the TV is useless. I would turn on the TV and for a second everything is fine, than the picture will go out and the blue light will remain, also I can still hear the audio. I'm not going to waste my time or my minutes calling customer service because just reading the forums above it seems useless, and also my warrenty expired. Next time I should just shellout another 3hundred bucks and buy a top quality Flat Screen like Sony or Samsung.

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Westinghouse LTV 27-w2 :(
by jcmcgee1969 / December 8, 2008 6:45 AM PST

I have had the TV since either late 2005 or ealy 2006 and it has just recently began exibiting these failures:

I have been having the same exact issues with this my Westhinghouse LTV 27-w2.

The screen will go black after about 5 to ten minutes of viewing and it will only come back on after anywhere from a 30 second to 10 minute full powerdown.

Westhinghouse's service seems lackluster at best. It seems that I would have done better using the 700 dollar bills I paid for this unit as toilet tissue. I do not believe that I will ever again purchase a Westhinghouse Brand TV (or anything else for that matter).


I will open this bad boy up when I get around to it to see if I can repair the PSU (Power Supply Unit). I will repost if I am successful.


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Do not ever buy westinghouse products
by rousimmons / August 25, 2009 11:59 AM PDT

I was shocked to find everyone's postings about Westinghouse LTV-27w2...I too purchased this model in 2006 from Best Buy in Canada (Alberta)...Bestbuy seems to be a major carrier of this TV recently died..screen went completely make matters worse
i couldnt remember if i had extended warranty and couldnt find my original reciept. I was going to look into fixing it but now i think i venture on to something worth my time and effort..this experience has been very dishartening..i will never buy another westinghouse product again.....STEER CLEAR OF THIS COMPANY AND ITS PRODUCTS!!!! Before i purchase another new TV, i will be making sure to do my homework......extended warranty also important.....and as for BestBuy....I am sure they know that Westinghouse is crapy..but i will make sure management in my local store is aware........I am very disappointed..i hope i can steer people away from this company's TVs.

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Westinghouse LTV-27W2
by hchir / July 5, 2008 3:21 AM PDT

I had no picture, called them wrote to them, etc. and here is my (unanswered) email to Westinghouse:

I will NEVER own anything made by Westinghouse again. You DO NOT stand behind your product at all. I have a 2 1/2 year old Westinghouse 27" LTV-27w2 LCD TV. I have sound, electric and use of the remote. The only thing I do not have is a picture. I am told by one of your reps that it is probably the back light which is not worth fixing for the price. I also cannot find anyone in the entire state that will work on it. They say that the parts & the schematics are too hard to get from Westinghouse. I'm told by Westinghouse that there is only a 2% rate of problems. I told them that if that is true, then Westinghouse should be responsible for the cost of fixing the 2% since it is just dumb luck to be in that 2%. No go. You refuse to help me and therefor I am forced to spread the word of how bad Westinghouse is product and customer service wise and I will never purchase anything from Westinghouse again. This was not a cheap TV & we expected it to last for more then 2 1/2 years. We have 2 other TV's that are over 10 years old by Samsung and Panasonic. I'll just stick to those brands from now on. I WILL NOT RECOMMEND WESTINGHOUSE, EVER! If you would like to contact me, please feel free to do so. If it is to rectify the problem, then I will be happy to recommend Westinghouse once again, but if it is not, then you can be sure that I will go into as many websites & verbally spread the word about my experience with your company.

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you can get this power supply from sears
by pigbro / July 31, 2009 3:22 AM PDT
In reply to: Westinghouse LTV-27W2

check out
The part # is 4900211680 I ordered it several weeks ago and though it was back ordered I just got an e-mail notifying me that it should ship on 8/2. the cost was about $100 shipped. I'll re-post once i get the unit.
Good luck to all.

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Westinghouse TV Sk19H210S
by pennysmom / August 5, 2009 11:51 PM PDT

On 6-15-08, I purchased a Westinghouse TV SK19H210S )- Sent in the warranty registration on 6-22-08. On 6-25-09 turned on the TV and it was stuck on 1 channel. Thought the remote was not working so I turned it off and went to get new batteries. When I came home, the TV was on. Put new batteries in and still could not get it to change channel. Thought it was a bad remote, again turned it off went to buy Universal remote, when I returned home it was again turned on. Could not get the new remote to work. Turned off-removed power plug and plugged back in-was able to get to menu and went through setup and autoscan and got it to work. The next morning tried to turn it on-no power - either with the remote or side panel. I have unplugged from wall and TV -no power. Tried to find a fix-but there is nothing on Westinghouse site that even mentions a power problem but I found this blog that indicated this problem had been going on since 2006. Emailed Westinghouse, they responded with a 800 number to ITI -since I was out of warranty. Spoke to someone there on July 1st and they said they would get back to me with the cost - haven't heard back as yet. Appalling that these TV's appear to be programmed to last 1 year -these are not throw aways like a Bic lighter - too expensive to just throw away but if they don't come up with a reasonable cost to fix - that is exactly what I will have to do.

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What's Up with the SK 19 H210S ?
by OldChuck / October 15, 2009 3:28 AM PDT

I purchased one of these units from Sam's Club 02/2008. Set it up in my guest bedroom and connected it to a older PC, a DVD player, and cable television. Between 02/2008 and 07/03/2009 this unit has not been used 50 times, probably 30 to 40. The granddaughters came in town for the Fourth of July weekend, and go, "Grandpa, how do you turn the tv on in our bedroom?" It took me about 10 minutes of trouble shooting to actually realize that something was wrong with the set itself. Power cord was energized and securely attached, the surge protector and bedroom circuit obviously energized. No sound, no picture, no response from the remote(installed NEW batteries) or power button mounted on the unit. I unplugged it and tried the next day, and the next, etc. I then realized I purchased a lemon. The repair shops want as much as I paid for the set to repair it. Guess what, Best Buy has a 19" Dynex for $169, guess what I'm buying? Never Again, Westinghouse. What a waste of money .

p.s. I stumbled across this forum while searching for some info from Westinghouse Tech Service.

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Westinghouse power supply available from Sears Parts Direct
by pigbro / August 19, 2009 7:25 AM PDT

Well, I got my new power supply today and popped it in. TV now works again. Please refer to my previous post for the part # from Sears Parts Direct. it took a while to get as it was back ordered but it's all good now. My advice to anyone with this problem is to fix it youself. Very easy repair. Cost of part shipped = $100
Good luck

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by the way
by pigbro / August 19, 2009 7:30 AM PDT

I agree that this TV is junk but if I can get a few more years out of it for $100 its worth it. Also in comparing the replacement PSU to the original it looks like they are using a different brand of Capacitor. It is however the same manufacturer as the original.

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Power Supply
by pennysmom / August 20, 2009 6:45 AM PDT

Hi - thank you for the info - however - this is a small TV and I only paid $259.00 for it - to spend $100 and pay someone to install is a little bit nuts. Westinghouse finally responded and offered a repair part for $150 or to send someone to install for $450.00....I said no thank you. They asked me to return the TV for their repaair center to look at - which I have done - haven't heard anything further. Thanks again, Candy

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Westinghouse paid attention!
by pennysmom / September 8, 2009 11:20 PM PDT
In reply to: Power Supply

Don't know whether it is the volume of complaints or the threat of class action law suits - but something worked! The customer service department told me to send back the TV at their expense - which I did - miracle of miracles...they sent me back a "refurbished" TV which appears to work okay - well - we'll see but for the moment they do seem to be paying attention. I did have the receipt - was only a short time out of warranty - and for whatever reason, I even had the original box - but I would recommend pursuing with Westinghouse - maybe they are beginning to listen.

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My westinghouse LTV-27w2 not powering up, only get blue ligh
by myersdam / May 5, 2011 9:25 AM PDT

I have read numerous posts on different sites. After reading about what I already thought was the problem, power supply. I thought about "cold" solder joints. I removed the power supply and resoldered most every joint I could get my solder tip on. I did find 1 that was loose. Under the thin grey rectangle device {might be a relay. After all that I hooked it back up and walla, it came on and has been playing longer than before. So far so good. Try it. it inloy takes about 30min and it's free! Especially when I found this TV sitting out to someones trash.

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loose solder connection
by mikeamay / July 4, 2011 12:42 PM PDT

hi, had a similiar problem .found the rectangle item you described had a loose solder joint on one is a capacitor #c310. soldered both ends and everything is back to seems the parts company that made the capacitor did a poor job of tinning the wire ends so the solder didn't take.shame westinghouse has to take the heat. many thanks for your input. really helped me & hope others will be helped.real nice picture,works great as a computer monitor.

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Re-soldering Capacitor C310 saved my Westinghouse ltv-27W2
by Joe Friendly / November 1, 2011 1:03 AM PDT

Thanks to Mikeamay for detailing the gray rectangular item as capacitor c310 that was causing my Westinghouse ltv-27W2 turning off after 10-30 minutes. I had found the 27 inch flat screen thrown away in Manhattan in a wealthy neighborhood and for several months had solved the problem with a fan blowing on the back of the set, but eventually even that didn't prevent turnoff after some minutes. Taking the thing apart was a matter of unscrewing lots of phillips head screws in the back and then prying the whole plastic back off with a couple of flat screw drivers. Then the sheet metal covering of the power supply circuit board located below the center of the set is removed by unscrewing 4 more philiips screws. Then the whole power supply circuit board is removed by unscrewing 4 more screws and disconnecting 3 wiring connectors with small flat screwdrivers to get access to its underside where the bad soldering connection can be located and corrected by re-soldering. Looking over all the soldering points without any help I was not able to locate the one that was faulty and needed repair. But with the clue that it was a grey rectangular thing, and then the additional help that it was capacitor C310 pointed directly to the problem, with "C310" printed clearly on the top side of the power circuit board, near the middle. Some comments talked about buying an entire new power circuit board for $100 to solve the problem, but apparently the soldering of C310 is what has been causing all the problems with turnoff after some minutes of play of many Westinghouse Ltv27s and it's trivial to re-solder once it is accessed and located. The cause of the problem is noted by another commenter as improper tinning of the capacitor lead by the manufacturer, causing the robotic soldering to not quite complete the connecting.

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Re-soldering Capacitor C310 saved my Westinghouse ltv-27W2
by AeroHog / November 9, 2011 10:00 AM PST

Holy cow, thanks Joe Friendly and mikeamay! I just touched up the cracked C310 capacitor solder joint with my pencil iron, and my Westinghouse LTV-32w1 works again!

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C310 is indeed the problem

Same problem, same solution. A friend gave me this TV for free when he got sick of turning it off and on again when it blanked out every five minutes; now it works completely. I'm using it as a second monitor.

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