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We're having a heat wave

a tropical heat wave , lalalalala.......
It's finally warming up and a balmy 34 deg.F and might get near 40 ,even 55 toward the middle of the week .
Hmm, might have to plant some taters Cool

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Reporting: We're having a heat wave
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(NT) My "heat wave" is up to -10C/14F
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My brother just moved to KY from MI.

That's southerly, in case you didn't know. Zero at night and below freezing in day, and snow.
Also worse weather than in NM.
I use text to communicate. On the phone he would hear me laughing.

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we almost reached 50 today in Maryland

what a relief after single digit temps for 2 weeks. I dread my next electric bill.

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52F in San Diego. Little rain.

Deep Winter here.

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Watching the news here

about all of the mudslides and folks being killed.
That's terrible ! Wish I could help !
Mudslides are nothing new in Cal. though.
Those folks need to listen when told or were suggested to evacuate.
Still, it's sad...

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It happens, in the West.

Fire season followed by rainy season. Here in NM also. And where my BIL lives, in Colorado on the dry side of the mountains.

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True but

I don't remember all of these global disasters happening when I was a child.
Tsunami's , Volcano's , Floods , Fires , Earthquakes , Mud Slides ,Tornado's , Hurricanes , Cyclones .........
and so on and so forth .

Maybe Man has helped to damage the ozone but, this has happened before Man walked this earth.
I think that we all should stop eating red meat and that way there would be no need to breed cow's ,
Sooo, no more cow farts to screw with the ozone and Man can continue to thrive Wink

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What about all those beans

Mexicans and others who eat Mexican bean dishes? Mexico has 127 million, the USA has 34 Million, so about 160 million farters at work on methane production, LOL.

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I must confess

I have tried all of the different recipes to cook gasless (?) beans to no avail.
I grew up on southern cooking and navy beans were always on the table , ( along with raw onions to top the beans off ) so generations of family added to the ozone depletion .
So sue us LOL.....

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Ever tried Beano?
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You're right.

"I don't remember all of these global disasters happening when I was a child."
Some are mentioned at Matthew 24,25; Mark 13: Luke 21. Some are natural, some manmade.
The ones at 2Tim 3:1-5 are manmade. All pertain to a particular period of time, as the authors say. 2Tim 3:1; Mt 24:3.
More information - more than most folks want - at

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don't worry too much about it

...unless you are this guy.

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When you were a child

We did not have the 24hr news cycle.

You got your news from some local newspaper, radio or tv station.

A mud slide in China did not appear on one of your news sources.

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While watching PBS nature programs

I'm noting what could be a peculiar conflict in how mom nature operates versus what humans perceive as destructive. We see forest fires as an altogether bad thing when it's really a necessary thing to the survival of some species...possibly our own. I've read that, in my own state, Native Americans actually set fires deliberately and such is why we have both large forests and savannas. Each has its own population of plants and animals and the two have a unique symbiotic relationship that aids their own survival and that of man's. Last night's programs suggested that the giant sequoias out west which may be thousands of years old would not be there were it not for the occasional forest fire. These trees survive it while others don't. Of course the program was also suggesting that global warming was taking a toll on these forests and trees. So what's a mother to do? We find that "Smoky the Bear" has his heart in the right place but might not have his head there. We already know where man's head is sometimes, Happy

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Meaning, something better than man is needed

to manage the planet.

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It snowed in the Sahara Desert

That's north Africa, Algeria region. I think Al Gore is in hiding, LOL.

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Anecdote. Narrow view. Limited data.

Limited time span. Sound bite.
It's the American way!

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Heat wave

19F below a couple of nights ago.

I suspect AAA was quite busy in the morning.

Kept my home heating system quite active.

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minus 19???

Man, you gotta move! Whaddya, stoopid???

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Move next move will be a nursing home or the cemetery.

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And, about the time you posted this,

the Rover reported -9 somewhere on Mars.

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Sorry question

Hello friend where are you??? Australia? or South Africa

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The servers are in Southern California.

We are all over the northern hemisphere, I believe.

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