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A Rhode Island high school student won an art award and an A from his teacher for building an abstract scene that juxtaposes Nazi swastikas and quotes by Adolf Hitler with American flags, desert-colored toy soldiers and an image of President Bush.

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wont be supprissed if theres

an electrical fire in that store.
and boy i wish i could meet that a hole

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So whats new?

The US educational establishment is largely biased. Based upon my observations, the funny thing is that at least in the secondary school levels, the teachers most concerned with not influencing students are those who teach Social Studies/History/Government. Funny how those who know more about what they are talking are more careful about directing students' opinions.

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That troublesome "free speech".

Thinking, reasonable people who oppose the Iraq war know better.

I cannot recall anybody hating Wendell Wilke when he ran against FDR. Nor Thomas E, Dewey. Nor Adlai Stevenson when he ran against Eisenhower.

Politics has hit the sewer. And it looks like it will stay there.


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Amen to that...and freedom of speech?

The tools people first learned to make for hunting eventually found more use killing those who made them. Freedom of speech was also a great tool until it was fashioned into more of a weapon.Sad

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No but the Right sure hated FDR and Truman.

Wasn't it Father Coughlin, a catholic radio priest, who called him "Franklin Double-Crossing Roosevelt". And made insinuations that Eleanor Roosevelt was sleeping with black men. The poor fool missed the opportunity to come perhaps a little closer to the truth by sayin she was sleeping with black women From what I've read, Fr. Coughlin could give the Right wing radio and TV pundits today a run for their money in vituperation and offensive remarks.

I fear politics has always been at least partly a sewer. viz. Gangs of New York and the Draft Riots, or the administration of James J Walker as portrayed in the Musical Fiorello.

Rob Boyter

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A rant

Thinking, reasonable Catholics knew that Fr. Coughlin was an abomination.

We now know FDR had a woman on the side. Some people did not care for Eleanor because she was a strong woman and activist. First Ladies were supposed to just christen ships. Her sleeping habits you cited sound more like what Fr. Coughlin would spread.

In those days, the media (newspapers and radio) did not delve into reporting what was personal. (I and sure wish they still didn't! It's not my job to elevate my presidents to sainthood, nor should it be theirs to lower them to devils.) One media guy, Drew Pearson, made unkind remarks about Margaret Truman. Truman immediately called him an SOB.

I just love the way we attack the character of the dead!

We have only learned more recently about the "transgressions" of our presidents because the media kept their mouths shut. Amazingly, this country prospered in spite of our ignorance.

Sure- there have always been people who did not like our leaders. Though there have been some assassins along the way, most came to terms with the fact that the voters had spoken, and, for better or for worse, accepted our Heads of State.

With the demise of the campaign trains (where we could see/hear them in person) and the radio speeches, the advent of the champions of spin TV ads, and now the internet , rumors fly (so there must be some basis for them, right? And repeat something often enough and it becomes true). We now have a bipartisan industries to foment hate.

In my lifetime there have been Washington scandals, and they have come to light, like the "vicuna coat" one. I considered the McCarthy hearings scandalous, and they were shown to be so. Watergate proved that, even though the power of Capitol Hill circled the wagons, it was revealed. Perhaps that is what sparked the continuing mistrust of those we elect. or is it the too expensive and too long campaigns. or is it that the style now is to attack the opponent rather than championing the candidate they support.

I suppose that the primary system is more fair re: selecting candidates, But I miss the convention in which they were decided. Also the floor fights, including those regarding the party platforms. Not that the platforms were ever particularly followed, but one could get a pretty good idea of where their defining interests were.


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(NT) (NT) First Amendment, step away gently and put down that axe
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The kid's artwork ...

... is free expression. He's not being jailed or persecuted for it. However the school giving it an award is in very poor taste, and nothing about the First Amendment covers that.

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Hopefully the work was judged.... its quality and not its content. If the kid has talent, he has talent, even if his work offends some.

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(NT) (NT) What makes good art?
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That's an aesthetic question and not a political one.

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But it goes to judging.

I say good art should be judged by how it is perceived by the majority, not some individuals that look for some special talent or deeper meaning in some "works" (thinking "Pi$$ Christ" here). The kid's good with glue.

Evie Happy

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Maybe the rest of the submissions

were poorly executed finger paintings of Washington Crossing the Delaware. Art should be judged by it's intent, content, and execution.


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We'll never know.

His panorama wasn't too impressive.

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