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Welcome to the NEW CNET Windows XP Forum

Welcome to our brand new Home.

To make it easier for everyone I thought I?d put down some notes to help expedite resolving any Windows XP issues.

Remember if you are the one trying to solve a PC problem the others reading your post only has whatever info you divulge in your post to work with.
So remember to provide as much detail as possible.

The following details would be helpful:
1. System information ~ CPU, Ram, Power Supply, Video Card, Sound Card, Motherboard etc.
2. OS ~ XP version, upgrade or clean install, dual/multi-boot, SP1 + updates applied.
3. Details of problem ~ any error message, new hardware/software installed etc.
4. Any attempts to solve problem and results.
5. For continuity please try and continue with the same thread till the problem is resolved.
6. It will help all others if you post a message once a solution is found.

For new members remember that this Forum is a free service so do not expect prompt replies as members & moderators will assist when they can.
Tip ~ when you encounter a problem you should first go to XP?s Help & Support Center as it is a great source of information and provides a link to Microsoft Knowledgebase resource.
Then do a Google search for your specific problem as you?ll be surprised what you can find.

For the others who volunteer their expertise let us continue assisting those who have problems with a professional approach.
Bear in mind that oftentimes the person having the problem may be unfamiliar with his/her PC so a bit more tolerance may be required on our part.
Everyone is encouraged to offer their opinions as that is the only way for us to broaden our knowledge.
But let us continue to treat each other with respect and not let any thread degenerate into personal attacks as has been seen in other forums.

Let us all continue our efforts to make the Windows XP Forum the place where everyone feels at Home and will visit frequently.
Those with tips & information to share should post them so that collectively this forum will be a tremendous resource for everyone to draw on.

David Chan

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Re:Welcome to the NEW CNET Windows XP Forum

You all finally did it.


Really appreciate all the help in the past.


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Welcome Ben. Glad you made it Home!

I see you are the second one here!

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Kinda figured....'d be one of the first DavidHappy

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I happened to check on

and discovered that the new forums are up. Happy

Meanwhile the old forums are still running Confused

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Re:I happened to check on

Maybe Bob is still in the old forum! Grin

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Most are asleep now!

Better get some shut-eye's 1.25am!

Good night...

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Hello David

Are they giving out free donuts and coffee to welcome us? (at least in the states they are!)

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It appeats these forums reorder, so that the top post is the most recent

interesting, but going to be confusing, no?

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Go to Feedback Forum...

and post any suggestions or your take of the new forum software.

So far HTML, links & images are issues not resolved.

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Is this by design or a flaw


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Re:Welcome to the NEW CNET Windows XP Forum
Grin glad see you here david not wheres the foodHappy
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Coming over the NET....

Sent coffee & donuts via Net but opps.. appear to have been hijacked by hackers! Happy

Welcome Mark.

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Is there a ZDNET forum equivilant still rather than CNET?


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don't believe so, it's all one now


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Thanks. Guess I'll have to work on that signature box.


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Re: Testing


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If you are trying to post a GIF, etc.

I think that is one (of the many) kinks they are working on. Be patient, I imagine it will take time (especially with every new poster asking the same questions and posting their complaints!)

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Check the Feedback forum for a list...

of bugs, wishlists, whatever.

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NT - Thanks - have been there.


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NT - It is, and thanks. Guess I'll lay low for a few days/week.


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Gifs don't work but images & links OK

for Images & Links use the standard HTML syntax but without quotes Shocked)

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Re-Test Gifs
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Trying something - 'ur thoughts!



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Trying something - 'ur thoughts!


I note that when replying to your thread that the full text of your message does not display above this editor. Strange to say the least but ony the words above and below the animated Gif -- including it is there.

After checking the page source of your message, I see the source for the image as:

<img src=>

If I insert the GIF image following from my own site using the same structure -- no quotation marks, I only seeing a red X on the <u>view</u> page -- but the URL appears exactly as entered when viewing the properties of this red X. I doubt seriously this will work entirely across the WEB without the quote marks but will post it just to see:

<IMG SRC= Gaston.gif>

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I may have lied.

<UL> The GIF image entered from my site would have made the HTML code 70 characters long, including spaces. The properties view for the red X on the <u>view</u> page only reflects the first 64 charcters and therefore does not work because it's incomplete.

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Rename Gif/Image ?

When I tried to reply to your last post it said No further post permitted!
So I am posting a reply to your earlier post.

Have you tried renaming your gif/image so that it is shorter?

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Re:Welcome to the NEW CNET Windows XP Forum-Yo, David!

Thanks for the welcome. I look forward to your continued help (hehe)! Good luck to you and everyone here. This is a great learning place, and your knowledge is indispensible. I REALLY prefer the look of the old forum though... well, they say change is good...guess we'll see, eh?


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Welcome Home Brandon..So glad you make it...

<p align=center><img src=>

As you can see the new format takes getting used to.

Embedded Links & Images will only work without quotes.
Any text within quotes will not display.

Check out the Forum FAQ.

But new posts appear instantly Happy

Now you can't remove your own post.
Have to get a Moderator to do so.
As off now Moderator designation has not been effected!

<img src=></p>

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