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Welcome to Mitt Romney's Minstrel Show!

SERIOUSLY? Did Mitt Romney Get A Bad Spray Tan To Appeal To Latino Voters?

Mitt Romney went on Univision. He then called undocumented immigrants "illegal aliens" as though they were an invading horde determined to destroy America. And then... well, we'd like to preface this by saying we would really like to actually cover important issues, but then Mitt keeps doing interesting things like, I dunno, intentionally darkening his skin to grub for Latino votes. Free campaign advice, Mitt. DON'T DO THAT.

The site swears the picture is not photoshopped. I've seen these pics on other pages also. Apparently whoever sprayed him forgot to do his hands.
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Reporting: Welcome to Mitt Romney's Minstrel Show!
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Seems they both come in several shades
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Do you think Romney doctored his face

to look Latino/not so white?

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They all get made up for camera lighting

I see the photos on my PC screen. They may not accurately reflect what the audience saw. Actually, I think he looks rather jaundiced and not of Latino hue in that photo so he might want to consider a new makeup artist the next time.

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Rather interesting though.....

......that of all the TV appearances he's made in this campaign and the '08 campaign, that this was the only one where his makeup made his skin look noticeably darker -- at least some of it.

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I think it would have been stupid to try to

think that deliberately making oneself look closer to the skin color of one's audience would appeal to them. If Obama, for some reason or another, was invited to speak at a KKK gathering and accepted, do you think he'd even entertain the thought of looking more white? What could be likely and Obama does it quite well is

"code switching"

He will change his verbal and body language to suit the makeup of his audience. Maybe Romney isn't as good at dialects as is Obama.

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I think it would have been stupid too

That's one reason it's so shocking that he apparently did it. Wink

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"apparently",,,,,REALLY, Josh

Just in case you were watching Hannity last night......Sarah Palin was on and when they went to live feed from Nevada for her, you would have sworn she was also darkened to look black or Latino. I did a double take trying to figure out what happened. Chalked it up to crappy lighting because it stayed that way for the entire time......but it was a definite contrast compared to the split screen they had with Hannity in the studio.

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If it was crappy lighting....

.....then the skin tone would appear to change when the camera angle did. That didn't happen here.

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RE: Chalked it up to crappy lighting

HOW did you determine that?

2 people in 2 locations with different makeup and different lighting.

3 variables...location, lighting and makeup.

You determined it was lighting.....How?

How did you eliminate the other 2 variables?

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It was something I didn't

think was important enough to lose sleep over....obviously Josh feels differently about Romney's 'color' and felt he was pandering to Latinos deliberately.

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How could you lose any more sleep.....

......than you currently lose every night panicking about "BO" winning the election?

I don't know whose idea it was to bronze him for this appearance or if he even knew. Professional makeup artists wouldn't do something like that by accident though.

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The makeup artist says it was a real tan,
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That "real tan".....

......only affected the front part of his face (no other part of his body), and apparently was not there just a few hours before he went on that program. Look at the pics in the link again.

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You are so over the top with this

fabricated belief of yours that he deliberately 'tanned' himself up to pander for votes, that you are beginning to sound like the very people you accuse of demanding BO's past records, Josh. Are you demanding proof that he didn't do what you believe he did? Oh my..........

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(NT) Your pettiness is getting out of hand
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LOL, Toni

Coming from you that is beyond hysterical.

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I guess you missed the point

With my comment. YOUR pettiness continues to be directed at me personally, Josh...

>>>Coming from you that is beyond hysterical.>>>> Show me where I have been as obnoxious towards you as you have been towards me.

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RE: Show me where I have been as obnoxious
Show me where I have been as obnoxious towards you as you have been towards me.

You admit to being obnoxious, BUT not AS obnoxious?
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Stay away from those "Basement Geek" websites Josh...

They're bad for your mental health. Happy How much more evidence do you need to admit that these clowns are nothing but frauds as is this whole farce about Romney's tan????

The geek site you linked to got his photos from another geek site, I alluded to in another thread,they search for anything they can spin.They are drunk on Koolaid and can't tout their candidate's record so they attack their opponent.!!

The link you posted shows two photos in question.One is obviously under different lighting because even Romney's hair looks lighter and he has a different color jacket on.The second one is blown up and pixelated! to the point where these geeks could very easily photoshop a "non tan line in" to fit their agenda! They actually have the chutzpah to call this a major find???

The link I provided shows a pict from ABC,who is in the tank for BO,notice how even his tan is.The artist who made Romney up is a 25yr employee and said the tan was genuine and Romney was a lot darker than he expected????

Hell,I'm pretty good with Photoshop,I bet I could take that "tan line"photo and put in green scales and convince these geeks that Romney is an alien lizard that wants to take over the world,would you believe that too?? Grin

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Liberals pay lots of attention to "color"

The Liberal media has been caught time and again adding or subtracting color in photos published too.

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One of the major news mags

Perhaps it was the Times??? When OJ was on trial had a very darkened pic of him on the cover.....and admitted that it was touched up to show him to be 'blacker' than he is for shock value. Whether he was guilty or not of those murders, they went out of their way to portray him as scary looking as possible........that 'big black man' killed those two white people mentality and fit the profile that they wanted him to fit.

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(NT) Yep. Remember that and others.
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It was Time magazine
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Josh...Time link you gave

specifically said it was doctored...or didn't you read your own link this time like you accused me of doing a few times already?

>>>The cover portrait of a blurry, darkened and unshaven Mr. Simpson is actually a doctored version of a photograph made by the Los Angeles Police Department.>>>>

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You said it was doctored for a specific purpose

The man who did the doctoring says that was not the case.

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LOL James

"Liberals" pay a lot of attention to color.

Unlike you. Wink

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Have you noticed Obama seems be getting lighter? Think maybe he's been dipping the skin bleach a bit? If so, could it be to appeal to a particular voting group?

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Probably just wishful thinking on your part.

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I hope you aren't offended

by my question about Obama's skin tone.

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(NT) Only part of Obama getting lighter is his hair, going grey.

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