Not everything in your post is clear to me, but I can say a few things.
1. If you can't play the game from the original legal undamaged CD (invalid win32 program) meant for Windows, you should return it.
2. Don't know why the exe copied to a hard disk should be changed after a day of playing. Try making it read-only and see what happens (after all, it's read-only on the CD).
3. If graphics acceleration is disabled in DX9, have a close look at your video properties and video driver. DX9 is a layer above the standard video, and if that doesn't support it, DX9 surely won't. Right click on an empty part of your desktop, choose properties and check all tabs.
4. "i increased my paging file". The recommended option is to let Windows handle it and not set your own parameters. So what you did doesn't seem to be recommended. Are you sure you've got enough free disc space that the game requires?

Tell more if necessary.

Hope this helps.