..you DO have video.. After you formatted the drive, there is nothing on it and as such, you won't have full video till you install Windows.Still, if the CMOS/BIOS display is still there, that's all you should need.

A note here.. "Formatting" the drive with the Vista disc still causes things that are Vista to remain on the drive.. Instead, try wiping the drive completely by using a program like Killdisk or Dban which can be burned to a bootable CD.. (Be sure to setup the boot options correctly in the CMOS settings so the floppy drive loads first, then the CD drive, then the hard drive.) Once that's done, you'll need to use a NEW, correctly licensed version of XP SP2 to format and load XP.. Your "friends" XP disc won't allow you to correctly validate the operating system and as such, XP won't work after a short time.

Hope this helps.