Although you mention that it's a desktop, you don't say which operating system is installed.... Which browser you're using? Or whether you think the "extreme web searching bar" appears to be malware?

But assuming the search bar IS malware, please follow all of the steps below to rid your computer of such.

First, reset your browser to it's default settings. That's done slightly different depending on which browser you're using but as an example, for Internet Explorer, open the Control Panel, then "Internet Options", then the "Advanced" tab. Once there, click on the "reset" button and follow the prompts. For Firefox, do it this way

After that, click on the link below and follow all of the steps to the letter, in the order they're given. It may take a while to run all the scans but it will get rid of most malware.

“Expand” the post titled: "Please try this" at the link below:

Hope this helps.