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Web Conferencing - Online Meetings & Presentations

Nov 6, 2007 11:37AM PST

With so many tools for web conferencing (online meetings and presentations) available, I?m totally confused about choosing a software/ hardware combination appliance for my office. Thanks in advance to anyone and everyone who might have used one and recommend!!!

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The best one we had was...
Nov 6, 2007 10:33PM PST

From a service in the city. It was pricey but it "just worked." No futzing. The service was from the telephone company and since we couldn't have it being flaky since is was a key component of our development system we paid and were happy.

Hope this helps,


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Web Conferencing - Online Meetings & Presentations
Feb 20, 2008 12:13AM PST

My business partners and I have just started a web meeting/conferencing site. There are not too many sites out there that are affordable, so we decided to design a cost effective model that a small business can take advantage of. Right now we are offering a one week free trial before purchasing with no obligation. If you are interested, check out

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There is another good one....
Mar 9, 2008 3:42PM PDT

I agree with the views of guys above..Security of the data exchanges is the major concern of any small-big organization. One must go by the appliance which provide encrypted and hassle free video streaming. Yep Rhubcom is good appliance but there is a software i.e. which too supports all known platforms and provides connectivity within seconds.