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Was Obama born in Keynesia?

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Reporting: Was Obama born in Keynesia?
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Or go to the YouTube source..
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Didn't realize that 12th century nuns wrote the censoring program.

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it's priceless allright

Many Americans (and other nationalities) are illiterate when it comes to other countries on this planet.

Remember some say he was born in Kenya? People from Kenya could/might be called Kenyesian. I think the proper term is Kenyan.

Others say he was born in Hawaii.

Are you trying to say it had something to do with Keynesian economics?

I didn't hear the word economics in the questions on the link.

I would have said

What's a Keynesian? ...Some probably did, but they didn't make the cut on the video.

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look again

the sign didn't say a thing about WHERE HE WAS BORN!!!!! Duh!!

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IF you're going to be like will I.

The guy asking the questions/with the mike was carrying a sign?

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So they can't spell?

Here's one of the commenters on the video

steven jeffries says:
November 1, 2010 at 8:36 PM

national ad for Dumbing down from the collage of Your Choice and Fed indoctrination chambers lol

he's going to collage

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OK since we are talking spelling

ALL RIGHT or ALRIGHT NOT ALLRIGHT! Happy And no one said jack about where he was born, LOL The people being questioned assumed that was the case just like you did by reading Mikes OP he said born the video commentator asked was he keynesian, LOL So you all assummed something that wasn't said.

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and when they tried to refer to economics

the guy with the mike said...I'm asking the questions.

assumed that was the case just like you did

I assumed did.

I brought up all the possibilities, and if you watch the entire video 1 lady questioned his pronunciation of the word.

And no one said jack about where he was born,

The people being interviewed did.

Perhaps they need to learn to read and have a hearing test also.

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go back to the video

WHAT do you see in the very first take? A sign with "is Obama Keynesian?" OK? Did you understand?

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I suppose you and the hubby talk about Keynesian Economics everyday.

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You shouldn't be giving so many clues away.

someday you might need one. Happy

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Speaking from personal experience?
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That's something I never thought I'd see

YOU posting a smiley.

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(NT) Nixon...Didn't say, "We're all Kenyesians now." But hesaid
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Before defective software interrupted me...

A few pages later came the now famous quote from economist Milton Friedman: "We are all Keynesians now." Friedman later objected that it was taken out of context--all he meant was that everybody used Keynesian language and concepts. But the phrase stuck. It's often attributed these days to Republican President Richard Nixon, but what Nixon actually said, in 1971, was the less expansive "I am now a Keynesian.",9171,1853302,00.html#ixzz149OgxoJy

Gee, I'm so glad they "improved" the forum.

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Fat Finger Syndrome?
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No I hit Enter to get another line and...

it posted.

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Just think, if they adopted Friedmans economic policies

The Sign would have said


and they would have responded..... No he's ??????

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Let me help them
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I thought it was quite funny.

It's a word trick of course, and would probably get the same reaction from non-Obama supporters. But instead of saying No, they would say Yes.

A good psychological test.


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I like that woman who was going apewire....

then there was the stoner who thought Obama MIGHT have been born in Kenya but was trying to come up with a justification for it.

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(NT) The lady in the red coat was a hoot !!!
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(NT) Yep, saw that and had a giggle.

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