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Wanted: Blacks To Fill Seats At Obama's DNC Speech

Seems Obama's people are worried Obama might be embarassed by empty seats at his party's DNC get together during his speech. I personally don't think they should worry about it because his media will do the close in shots to avoid showing the emptiness. They always do that as it befits the image they wish to portray. I've seen demonstrations that other photos showed was small, but the close in shots made it seem more lively. At the same time the close in shot has been used to deny large numbers of Tea Party get togethers in past with phrases like "a few people showed up" and then some close in shots at the fringes showing some gaps even there. Has the Obama campaign become worried their media might not cover for them as they have the past 4 years?

"The Obama campaign have been working desperately to ensure
that the 74,000-seater Bank of America stadium in Charlotte would be filled. Buses
for students from across North Carolina and even members of black churches in neighboring
South Carolina have been arranged.

Footage of rows of empty seats at the stadium, home of the Carolina Panthers, as Obama
speaks on Thursday night would be politically disastrous - an enduring image of
the contrast between his campaign of 'hope' and 'change' in 2008 and his dour, negative struggle for re-election in 2012... the speech
will be moved to Time Warner Cable Arena, which has a capacity of just over

As one commentator quipped, "The EGO has landed"

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Reporting: Wanted: Blacks To Fill Seats At Obama's DNC Speech
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Lets see, when Bush would only let republicans into his...

Lets see, when Bush would only let republicans into his town hall meetings, that was called common sense.

When the DNC looks to do the same thing, that's called staging the scene and stroking the ego.

Double standard much?

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no double standard

It makes good sense, for appearances sake. You always assume too much, too early, and thereby embarrass yourself.

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re: assume too much, too early, and thereby embarras yorself

Expressing an opinion is not making an assumption.

On the other hand, trying to score a zinger on every person who expresses an opinion about a subject that you might not agree with speaks volumes about you and your character.

Why don't you worry less about trying to put down people on a personal level and more about sticking to the subject of the post?

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It's only a zinger

if it's true. However it's tedious when it's not, and very tedious when it's wrong so often from the same source. How is "double standard" not "personal"?

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LOL, you raised the actions of the DNC

I pointed out that the RNC has done the same thing, and make a point that complaining of one but not the other is a double standard.

If you took my comment as a personal zinger then maybe you should not post threads where it is so easy to point out the inconsistencies of your subject versus the actions of those you support.

Complaining about the DNC when the RNC did much the same thing is a double standard.

Take it personal if you want to, but it is still factually true.

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Who's complaining other than you?

I think it's humorous. At least there should be enough empty seats that maybe Obama can pretend Clint Eastwood is in one, LOL. I think it's even funnier they'd worry about it since the media will do everything they can to keep from making such emptiness noticeable. It's all just a show, isn't it? Sit back, enjoy it. Grin

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I was wrong

They openly showed the emptiness in the convention center as I noted when they called for floor vote on platform amendments. I thought some tumbleweeds rolling across the center might have been appropriate with the sound of a whistling wide open prairie wind. I guess the buses didn't arrive? They were so much better about busing of all sorts in the 70's, they've grown out of practice.

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Mail Online = Daily Mail...Old World News

That's your source?...OLD WORLD NEWS?

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why should I discriminate?

I'm not into discrimination, not when it comes to viewpoints. If I was, I would never listen to anything YOU post, would I?

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RE: why should I discriminate?

You tell us.

Something derogatory about Old World (England) in a previous post by you.

Or were you just whistling in the wind?

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James is working hard today, to be disruptive...

... but being consistent from thread to thread has never been one of his strong points.

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Another opportunity to make a buck off of Obama
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Like the Unions paid and bussed people to show up

and strike in Wisconsin?

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A couple of things mentioned last night

during the coverage....The first two nights (before BO) are at the TimeWarnerCable arena because it IS smaller and appears to hold many people; however, it is less than half the size of the RNC convention center used in Tampa. When the crowds at the DNC applaud and cheer it SOUNDS massive because the construction allows for reverberation effects more easily and the technicians have the sound deliberately cranked to full throttle...causing the commentators to have to shout into their the appearance to television audiences that the hall is much larger with huge numbers of people there. One of the commentators mentioned that a DNC plan for "Panther Stadium" (which is what the BO team is calling BofA Stadium because BO is so against the banks that they don't want to give credit to BoA for spending millions on acquiring the name change) for BO's appearance is that if they don't get the crowds that could fill the stadium and have large numbers of empty seats that they will use the weather as a reason to move it to the much smaller TWC arena instead.

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The Time Warner arena holds 20,200 people

What is the capacity of the arena used for the RNC? I couldn't find a number.

And are you saying that the technicians DIDN'T crank up the audio levels at the RNC?

Obama must be pretty amazing if he can alter the weather depending on the turnout for his speech.

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twice that size I heard

but looking around, unless changes were made, the seat count would be almost the same. RNC showing the DNC how it's done. Happy

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The RNC had a big sign showing the national debt, and in front of it a banner saying "We built that."

Truth in advertising at last!


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Just announced....knocking down BofA stadium now

FoxNews showed the workers in the process of knocking down everything......BO is 'afraid of the weather' and a Dem spokesperson (unknown yet) told Fox that they are also afraid they won't be able to fill the 75,000 seat stadium.

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They're knocking down the stadium???

That's a bit harsh.

If he can control the weather, you have to admit that's pretty impressive.

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RE: BO is 'afraid of the weather'
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You're an idiot

The hurricane was making landfall by Tuesday and had stalled dumping torrents of water all over Tampa all day Sunday AND Monday when their convention was supposed to start....the Reps didn't want anybody standing in that downpour and risking that there would be a slight turn to the east of that stalled storm. In BO's case, they can't get people to fill the stadium and he's using the 'possibility' of weather as an excuse.......the weather experts are indicating that skies are supposed to be clear on Thursday in Charlotte, NC. Hell, the whole world has a 'possibility' of rain every day they wake they call off their lives for a day and stay inside, 'just in case'?

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Yuh huh

And if they decided to go ahead with the outdoor event and a storm hit, you'd be ripping him a new one for being so careless with people's safety "so he can boost his ego with a big event."

The weather in Charlotte has been crappy all week. The stadium is probably wet and will likely remain so.

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(NT) They COULD wait till 5pm tomorrow and then decide what to do
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After all, how long can it possibly take to break down all that equipment and set it all up in another venue?


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(NT) especially when made from styrofoam, LOL.
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I told you last week to expect that

when you were crowing over the bad weather in Tampa. What goes around comes around.

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I wasn't crowing. I was just wondering whether you would see it as "God's revenge" when it happens to your own.

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RE: You're an idiot
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RE: Hell,
Hell, the whole world has a 'possibility' of rain every day they wake they call off their lives for a day

NO!...they move the event from an outside event to an inside event. That's what the DNC did....

Does it matter if it's a hurricane or rain...YOU GET WET!!!! Whether RNC or DNC...surely to God they have enough sense to get out of the rain. Who in their right mind wants to sit outside dressed in silly headgear displaying their political affiliation.

the weather experts are indicating that skies are supposed to be clear on Thursday in Charlotte, NC

Thunderstorm 31 °C
40% chance of precipitation
Tomorrow Night
Chance of a Thunderstorm 21 °C
Chance of T-storms
30% chance of precipitation

In BO's case, they can't get people to fill the stadium and he's using the 'possibility' of weather as an excuse.......

I don't suppose you have a link to a reliable source confirming the above statement do you. An Obama spokesperson that has a name would be sufficient.

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