The Wildwood Weeds, a take off on Wildwood Flower by Mother Maybelle Carter. Essentially the rural inhabitant of a large extended family, is waiting around and pulls up a weed to chew, "Then things got fuzzy and then they got blurred, and then everybody was gone. When I come to my brother Pete was there and he asked me what was wrong with my eyes. I said they was glassy from chewin' them weeds an' he said he thought he'd give it a try. We searched all that day and all that night just lookin' for my brother ... Bill, when we finally found him he was just lyin' there singin' on top of the old windmill."

End of the story, the authorities came round "and they dug and they burned and they burned and they dug and they tore up all our nice little weeds, an' when they went away we just smiled and waved, sittin on our sacks of seeds."

I will say that one is not likely to be arrested while "holding" a ping-pong ball. Besides, I'm an asthmatic, I can't inhale anything stronger than regular indoor air.