Want to revert back to genuine factory Windows

Hello experts,
i bought a new laptop, with Windows 10 home (single language) and in order to upload a language pack, i upgraded it to Pro version using a product key... Now i want to revert back to factory Windows, but i can't find the key... I tried a keyfinder software which gave me a OEM keys and pro key that i used.. but n

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Reporting: Want to revert back to genuine factory Windows
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Clarification Request

but now the OEM key is not working... i don't know how to solve this problem... Please help me

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Clarification Request
language pack

are you trying to revert back keeping the language back or go back to the very beginning.

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want to revert back everything

i want to go to factory state... Actually i tried twice, but when i factory reset windows, it goes back to the setup and then Cortana, and the language pack also uninstalled and back to Chinese (factory language) and everything feels like factory reset...but the Windows display as 'Windows 10 professional edition'... And then the windows never activates through updates... i tried to recover the version of windows (i found by a key finder software), but it doesn't work now... i am so confused now because i want to send this laptop back to the retailer, and the Windows is not genuine ?

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That's quite the hole you are in.

I'm about to depart here so the problem is how W10 activation works and it's a long road for many to understand but since you did the W10 to Pro upgrade, the Microsoft activation servers will give you Pro even if you want Home.

It will cost you to undo this. Even a set of restore media from the laptop maker will now end up as W10 Pro.

Nothing is broken here. It's working as Microsoft intended.

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but i am broken

nothing is broken in the computer but i am broken because now the retailer won't accept this thing back... F**k Ch**ese

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It's worse than say upgrading a car.

But first, sorry about the return problems.

Because of how W10 activation works, I've seen folk do a factory restore and the OS still be W10 Pro. That is, they did see W10 Home BRIEFLY but as soon as the PC checks in with Windows Update, it flips back to W10 Pro.

Maybe a call to Microsoft and paying for support can undo this but that's costly too. My bet is 100 to 200 bucks to straighten this out. Money to Microsoft to undo the W10 Pro upgrade and 50 to more bucks to the laptop maker for restore media. All this will take time (days, weeks) for media to ship to you.

My car analogy is not exact here since any upgrades you did on a car usually can be undone. Windows today, not so much when you change from Home to Pro.

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thank you

thank you sir...
i am the victim of chinese conquering the world by their stupid language, food and counterfiet electronics...
if i want to be its part, my everything has to be in Chinese, even my sh*t too...
There is no soft corner for humanity, there is just earning money whatever it takes, whatever

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Read my reply below.

My reply above DOES NOT APPLY in your case. Now that it's known you may have used a shady upgrade this removes my advice just above.

Please folk, I can't tell when you do something shady.

I give people a lot of credit here. That is, I will think they did this the legitimate way unless I'm told otherwise.

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Maybe we can tackle what's going on that caused the return?

What do you need in W10? Maybe the usual "I want it to look like W7"?

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i need to go to home basic version

i shifted from (genuine) home basic version to pro version (not genuine)... now i need that genuine home basic back because i need to return this computer back

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Since it's pirated or cracked.

What I was writing above DOES NOT APPLY. Folk, if you leave out details you lose time and waste mine.

-> At this point you need to wipe the drive and a) just install W10 from Microsoft (use their media creation kit) followed by drivers and apps from the maker or b) order the recovery media from the maker (about 50 bucks) and this wipe the drive and use the recovery media.

I really don't know why folk use pirated Windows. The downside is pretty steep.

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Re: revert everything

What happens if you go back to your latest image backup or the recovery drive you made before you upgraded to Windows 10 Pro?

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i tried it

yes, there is a recovery drive made by the factory... And it works fine if i want to restore back to factory windows... but after recovery, it goes back to the same Windows10 pro, and not home basic...

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Re: tried

Then I'm afraid you'll have to replace the motherboard first. Use the same make and model. Then, since in fact it's a different version of the same PC, I expect the recovery drive will work again and Windows will stay as it is.
A new motherboard and the work involved for the shop won't be free.

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Nothing is certain as the OP used "not genuine" Windows.

They didn't reveal this till later and because of that, any advice is not a sure thing.

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Forgot to also mention
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While that is noteworthy the OP left out details.

But they do want to get back to factory condition so they can return the product.

Either they had a backup before all this (they didn't) or they try the methods noted so far in light or the non-genuine statement.

Again, since some non-genuine OS is in plain this means a wipe of the drive to blow off the common ACTIVATOR so the factory recovery media can be used.

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They're stuck with it seems

Mine is hope in such eventuality.

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Install the original OS

Keep it off the internet so it won't update,then send it back after being sure it stays as factory reset while it's off the internet. After that, it's the problem of seller if he got it back as original install.

If you can't get refund, consider a good Linux like Mint, Ubuntu, Elementary OS, Zorin OS, Fedora (redhat).
Can download free linux versions from home page and burn to DVD, or can order cheap copies from this site. I suggest Mint version 19 with MATE or Cinnamon desktop.

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