iPods generally don't have great sound quality. They are just average. Cnet editors say this, and I agree. (I have an iPod Classic) Of those, I would suggest the Creative Zen. The sound quality is good, but it doesn't have the 30GB that you want. It has up to 16GB of internal memory, but it does have memory expansion. The only player I could think of that fit all of those is the Cowon Q5W. It has FM, Voice recording, (internal or using a phone headset), good sound, and great screen resolution for video. It supports lots of file formats, especially for music, including lossless FLAC files. It also has bluetooth and wifi web browsing. The drawbacks are that it is big and heavy, and the price. It costs 549USD for a 40GB model, and 599USD for a 60GB model. It has tons more features I haven't listed, so I suggest seeing an unbiased review like cnet for a full list of features. Hope this helps. Happy