The virus spreads as an email attachment. Message content may be pornographic in nature. The following list is provided for content filtering purposes.

The virus body also contains the following message:

Dear User ,
This is A very High Resk Virus Alert.
This email is sent to you because one or some of your friends has been infected
with The W32.BlackWorm.A@mm Virus.
And you could be infected too. This Virus has the ability to damage the hard disk.
This Virus infects computers using many new ways :
1- it arrives as an email attachment inside of jpg pictures.
2- it infects the ip address without the victim's knowledge.
3- it infects Microsoft Word Documents using a new exploit in hex (00fxf0xf10x).

Symantec Consumer products that support Worm Blocking functionality automatically detect this threat as it attempts to spread.
Symantec Security Response has attached a removal tool to clean and prevent the infections of W32.BlackWorm.A@mm.

Norton AntiVirus

Indications of Infection

When run, the virus displays a fake error message: