YES YES and YES. I too am within hours of canceling my account that I've had for 8 months. I love the service, no problems with it at all - it redirects to another phone on the rare occasions it's been down (either my own DSL or their system).

BUT calling customer service is pure HELL and that's assuming their phone system doesn't cut you off before anyone picks up the phone. All was well until I switched my DSL from dynamic to static IP. I'm writing a nasty letter to the customer service manager - not that it'll do any good, of course.

Once I was tossed to 9 different reps for totalof 2 hours on the phone and they just throw you back in the phone queue with no warning. Most are clueless and I can barely understand what they're saying. I asked one of the Indian reps where he was located and he said India (which I figured as much) but later I asked another rep who had an American accent if they have a phone center in India and he said no. !! ***? If outsourcing to India is the solution to paying $$$ to people who actually know something, we're all doomed. I'm leaving ONLY because of their customer service, not their phone service. So how much good does it do them to hire idiots and not train them?