Vizio M65-C1 (2015 M series) picture settings


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Calibration report using these settings:
(see post below)

TV software/firmware version tested: 1.2.21-UHD

Below you'll find the settings I found best for viewing the 65-inch M65-C1 in a dim room via the HDMI input. Your settings may vary depending on source, room conditions, and personal preference. Check out the Picture settings and calibration FAQ for more information.

Calibration notes: As usual with Vizio the Calibrated Dark setting delivered the best image quality in my dark room. That said, its grayscale was relatively plus-red and minus-blue, gamma was off, and color luminance errors were higher than I expected. I was especially surprised at these issues since and all three sizes of the E series I tested measured very accurate prior to calibration.

With the 2 point and 11-point adjustments I was able to get the grayscale and gamma under control. As I've seen on past Vizio sets the gamma is pretty difficult to nail due to vacillation from measurement to measurement, especially at 80 and 90 percent, and to the big spike pre-calibration in the midtones. The controls for grayscale are quite consistent otherwise, however, and despite the significant menu effect (having the menu onscreen affected both luminance and white balance) I was eventually able to get a relatively flat gamma/grayscale out of the TV. It was significantly better than what I saw pre-calibration.

The CMS was also a bit problematic, again because of shifts in luminance from measurement to measurement. There were also controls, such as hue for green and saturation for blue, that didn't seem to have any effect. Regardless, unlike with the E series I was able to improve considerably upon the default color measurements, and get everything down below Delta error of 3. While the saturation errors didn't improve much before and after calibration, they did tend to shift toward less-saturated colors. Color checker was also much better after calibration.

---Picture settings menu---
Picture Mode: Calibrated Dark
Auto Brightness Control: Off
Backlight: 39
Brightness: 50
Contrast: 50
Color: 50
Tint: 0
Sharpness: 0

--More Picture submenu---
Color temperature: Normal
Black Detail: Off
Active LED Zones: On
Reduce Judder: 0
Reduce Motion Blur: 10
Clear Action: Off
Reduce Signal Noise: Off
Reduce Block Noise: Off
Game Low Latency: Off
Picture Size: [no change]
Picture Position: [no change]
Film Mode: Auto
Color Space: Auto
Gamma: 2.4

---Color Calibration submenu---

Color Tuner:
Red [Hue, Saturation, Brightness]: 0, 0, 37
Green: 0, -15, -5
Blue: -10, 0, -12
Cyan: -2, -24, -8
Magenta: -5, 0, 0
Yellow: -2, -6, 0

Red Offset: -1
Red Gain: -21
Green Offset: 0
Green Gain: -1
Blue Offset: 0
Blue Gain: 7

11-point white balance:
[Red, Green and Blue gain]
5%: 0, 0, 0
10%: 0, 2, 1
20%: -12, -12, -15
30%: -29, -24, -24
40%: -28, -29, -27
50%: -38, -36, -39
60%: -27, -33, -36
70%: 19, 0, -3
80%: 13, 14, 14
90%: -1, 3, 1
100%: 0, 0, 8

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Reporting: Vizio M65-C1 (2015 M series) picture settings
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Link to calibration report
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M70-C3 Flesh Tones

I used the calibration settings above. With understanding that sets may be slightly different, I see artifacts only on caucasian flesh tones. It only happens when watching blu-ray, which I use my PS4 and a Pioneer Elite SC-91 as passthrough. The receiver is capable of upconverting, but I switch that off. Tried with it on too. Artifacts do not appears in Native 4k content, seems only on upconversion. Any thoughts would be very helpful. I know the tv works, maybe I am doing somthing wrong.

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same issue! need help

i have this same issue with odd looks on caucasian faces. ESPECIALLY when in characters are in lighting. Weird orbs or discolors and its annoying. Tan faces look super tan and fake. I hate it bc its the ONLY downfall to this TV. Vizio is useless. They basically said, sorry nothing we can do. I was contemplating returning the TV, which was bought from Amazon. Any suggestions on this? Anyone else facing these issues?

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I know what it is!

I figured this out partially. It is the color temp setting on my tv. I urge you to follow the calibration instructions for best quality. However, under the color temp setting, as soon as you change it to "Computer" or "Cool", the problem on my TV immediately corrects itself. I have Geek Squad Protection, so I am using them to fix/replace the unit if they can't fix the temp issue. "Normal" along with the calibration offered by Dave Katzmaier offers the most accurate color quality by far, I want the temp to work correctly. I will report back this coming Saturday the 3rd after the techs see it and figure something out.

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thanks for the reply

awesome. please do keep me posted. It is EXTREMELY frustrating to have spent money on a tv like this, and it not look anything like my picture on a 7 year old Samsung 1080p tv. 7 years old! That tv and its picture is flawless, out of the box. the m70-c3 just is so dull for a $2000 tv. I know its "mid range" to the other 4k tv's but come on. I was watching last night. Darker scenes look ok. Light brighter scenes are flat out "disgusting". It takes my concentration away from the program I should be watching. I went into Best Buy to pick their brains on the TV and its settings. Instead of telling me what they suggest, they just tell me the M70 is a junk 4K tv. I hate hearing that, after spending the $ on it. They tell me to go Samsung and spend the extra $. I'd prefer not Happy Thank you for the reply. Looking forward to saturday!

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Possible Defect??

Glad to provide the insight. I have very good image quality on mine with the fore mentioned issue aside. You say lighter scenes are "disgusting"?? Hmmm, I wonder if something else is wrong with the unit. My clarity and color is fantastic to be honest. Just the skin tones I mentioned which I think can be fixed. I would not give up on the set yet, and don't listen to what other people say about the unit. This may be an inconvenience for you/me, but I am otherwise very pleased with the sets ability to display very accurate imaging with all other colors and under low lit scenes. I do have a quick tip if you want to try it...
Turn the tv off and unplug it and leave it off for about 3 mins. After the three mins, press and hold the power button on the back of your set for at least 30 seconds. Must be a full 30 seconds, so maybe hold a few longer. Once complete, plug back in and see how it looks. Vizio rep had me do this, and part of the problem was corrected.

And no, I am not employed by Vizio, I just like the product and feel that it is worth having someone look at. Thanks for reading and for your time. Send feedback if you want, I hope it helps.

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i will try that at home tn. i heard that from various forums - is that a factory reset? or do my settings stay the same? Either way, thanks for the help. Yeah, i only see decent reviews of this tv. so i cant see why it would not be great. i prefer to keep it. its large and heavy so returning it will not be fun. and the first tv of this model i got, came cracked on the screen. so i know the issues with returning it. let me know how saturday goes and enjoy your weekend!

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Tech Visit (brancpa & Gastro_gnome)

The tech was out here Saturday. To answer brancpa's questions first, no, that solution does not affect your settings. Holding the power button is similar to re-loading the TV's bios, saving user changed settings, but resetting the units instruction path. Like rebooting a computer. Clears out the junk. The tech had his calibration tools and spent about an hour calibrating the unit professionally. He checked the main board and current software updates as well.

@dkatzmaier did an awesome job with color calibration in his review, and he was very specific to say that not all units are the same. This was my case. The white balance, and the color scale e.g cyan, red, blue, and so on was off a fair amount and the resulting correction during my calibration fixed my issue. I have the color temp set to "Normal" which was the initial root of my issue, and everything now seems fine under all settings. I do not use "Reduce Blur/Judder", but it does not apply to this.

To be thorough in my response to you fine people - some of my white balance/color scale was re-corrected by approximately 35 points e.g. from -38 to -8 and so on. The reason the artifacts appeared was due to the initial calibration, (again, Mr. Katzmaier did a great job!!). The "Normal" temp setting was in conflict with the RGB + yellow/cyan... etc. So the initial calibration set red to -41 and the "Normal" color temp was trying to make red hues where none existed due to -41 setting, creating artifacts. I feel it is not the unit or Manufacturer's fault or Mr. Katzmaier. Every unit is different and with just over an hour of calibration, everything looks stunning. I hope this long read has helped you in some way. If you need more information or explanation, we can try to connect and help out.

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not sure if this site allows, but can you send pics of what your settings are at? so i can try to mirror those? if possible

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Tried - No Luck

Can not find a place to upload pictures. I do not think it is available. Is there a way without posting on this public forum we could trade e-mails? Is there a private message center or something? I would love to help further, but don't want my contact info out in the world. If you have an idea, I am happy to continue to help you.

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pics reply

i have an insert pic option. maybe you dont. i dont know. let me think...

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Use dropbox or photobucket...

to upload a link to your pic.

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not a bad idea Daf

good idea @busht17 - try that if you are willing. then maybe I can reach you via that link too. for future chats.

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Good idea Dafydd

I agree with Dafydd. And a BIG thanks @busht17 for your willingness to help others! I am in the same boat .... as an example, I watch the local news and the faces look "shiny" for lack of a better description and the skin tone is definitely off. @busht17, what I did was to copy David's settings and pasted them into Word. I don't know if that's something you could do, then change his settings to yours, snap a monitor screenshot with your phone/camera then post one pic with all the settings. And again, thanks for any help you're willing to give the rest of us!

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where do we stand?

anyone get info on this? pics? still have a crummy picture. Football is this weekend!

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Home Tonight

Sorry for the wait everyone. I am out of town for work but arrive home 6PM CST. I will have a post with all the numbers and/or pictures to help out. If I can't get the upload to work for a pic, I will type out every setting I have which would only take a couple mins. Either way, I am committed to helping this community and prove to you all that the TV really is good and can produce stunning picture. I won't let any of you down. Look for my post tomorrow morning around 10AM CST.

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you rock

you go! you rock man. thank you! we all appreciate it. looking forward to seeing what you have. Thank you!

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Home Tonight

You're awesome ..... thank you SO MUCH for your help!!!!

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This is so awesome of you.

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My Calibration/Hope it works

PLEASE READ ENTIRE POST. These are the settings that worked within a Delta rating of +/- 3. All sets are different.

Ok all, the stupid document won't attach, so I am going to type what my specific settings are. I am going to use the format dkatzmaier used in his review above. That way it is uniform and easy for everyone to read.
***Note: I agreed with Dkatzmaier about all sets being different. The man who came out to calibrate got all settings within +/- 3 Delta, meaning the threshold of our ability to notice.***

Leave general pictures settings the same e.g. backlight, contrast, temp...

Starting with Color Calibration Menu - Leave Green/Blue/Cyan/Magenta/Yellow at the setting listed in the above calibration. We will be adjusting Red. We did adjust green slightly to make it pop less, was a bit bloomy. If you want Green Gain -3 instead of -1

Red Hue: 0 Red Saturation: -5 Red Brightness: 20
Red Offset: -1 Red Gain: -26

Those are the big changes. Below are white balances. Only a few changed from Dkatzmaier's

5%: -2 30%: -32 70%: 4 80%: 7

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Quick Question

First off, THANK YOU for posting your settings!!! Earlier in a post you said that having the color temp. set as "computer" or "cool" fixed your problem. I set my temperature to "computer" and now, when watching the local news for example, the faces look quite accurate and it seems all of my issues have vanished (keeping David's other settings intact). Did you keep that setting ("computer") when you had your Vizio calibrated or did you switch back to "normal" and then calibrate from there?

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Good Question

No I did not keep it. I returned to 'Normal'. Computer changes the way the tv processes video. I assume you notice your picture artifacts disappeared, yet the picture was a bit brighter??? If so, what is happening is that the picture changes from RGB Full Dynamic Range to a computer type YPbPr setting and has more gray scale. Although this looks good, using normal provides a fuller contrast due to full dynamic capability. You will get darker blacks (more complete grayscale), and richer color. Only notice on blu-ray really or high quality HD Streaming e.g. 1080p/4k Netflix.

For HD tv I think the computer setting is sufficient. I am pretty anal, so I use Normal.

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Another Question

Thank you for the lightning quick reply! Yes, the artifacts did indeed vanish when switched to "computer" on my HD TV box from Verizon Fios! In your post from 10-5 you mentioned that some of your white balance/color scale was re-corrected by 35 points (ie. from -38 to -Cool but I didn't see that drastic of a change in any of the settings you were kind enough to share with us. You also mentioned the initial calibration set to -41 ... where did the "-41" setting come from? I looked at David's setting and I didn't see that particular value for any setting. My initial issue was solved by your magnificent tip on resetting the TV (the unplugging for 3 minutes, holding power button for at least 30 seconds). It cleared it up quite a bit so I actually just did it again, updated your settings with David's and WHOA what an amazing picture! You are a sir and a gentleman for being so helpful to all of us Blush I people are still having issues try the reset trick TWICE and see what happens. BTW, I have an Nvidia Shield TV on HDMI-5, HD cable box on HDMI-1 and Samsung BluRay player on HDMI-2 and I'm using your revised settings on all three and could NOT be happier!! So, again, THANK YOU for being so gracious and taking the time to help others!

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Sooo much typing

It was my bad on the -41. I was trying to reference 11 not 41. Yikes on fat fingers. 11 meaning degree of change. Although some changes were greater than a scale of 11 change. It was just the first number I saw in the settings vs DKatzmaier's settings. I was flustered as well upon my earlier writings like many of you who want your $2000+ TV to look good. My bad.

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Quick Response

Thanks to you I am enjoying the picture on my M55-C2 as we speak Happy Kudos to you for such quick responses!

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Kudos, again.

Kudos for the courteous public service you're providing. Just came off night shifts and will try your settings tomorrow when more conscious- or tonight with the room dark if I can't sleep.

I have VZ Fios on HDMI1 and Blue Ray on HDMI 2. It seems from channel to channel, the flesh tones and saturation seem to vary (how annoying). So I got the Disney WOW disk and I'm hoping to use the calibration images on the WOW disk as a standard when trying your settings. I don't want to rely on cable programming or a blue-ray movie that may be color tuned for cinematic effect.
Incidentally, one of the creepier things, especially on close ups of faces, is that the contrasts are less subtle, the flesh tone looks like mortuary makeup, and the blotches of color seem to lag the character's movement by a fraction of a second. I'll worry about that, if it's still there, after color calibration. Maybe it's a judder or blur adjustment that will be needed. One thing at a time.
Again, thanks for helping the community here.

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email for photo

ok thank you! i wanna grab your exact setting, so i set up an email to send your pics. ill try then to post here for all. ok?


thank you again!

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I hope that's a throwaway email addy.

Posting your email in forums is a spammer's delight.

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They are posted

I can resend to your email if you like no worries. Happy

But the exact settings are listed in the post above. Any omitted settings are the same as the settings posted by DKatzmaier and my calibration tech said they were within the Delta 3+/- for accuracy and/or detection.
Please tell me what you would like me to send and I am more than willing to type it up or send a pic of the screen. If would be several pics due to the 'white balance' charts being only one setting per screen.

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im an idiot

with risk of sounding dumb, i dont know what im looking at in the link in his calibration settings. its chinese to me. So the pics would be great. unless i am on the only one. as for that email, i created it just for this picture. Feel real to spam anyone Happy

i wanna copy exactly the numbers you have to see. i made the red changes but still looks odd.

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