Vizio E420i-A1 picture settings


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Calibration report using these settings:

Below you'll find the settings I found best for viewing the Vizio E420i-A1 in a dim room via the HDMI input. Your settings may vary depending on source, room conditions, and personal preference. Check out the Picture settings and calibration FAQ for more information.

Calibration notes: Vizio's Movie mode delivered the best pre-calibration image quality among the many picture presets, although its color temperature was too red. An update to the firmware has fixed the Smart Dimming feature but the only needed change was a boost in the backlight control. As I didn't complete a second full calibration the original greyscale adjustments were left untouched. Unfortunately there wasn't anything I could do about the TV's color response; the default settings turned out to be the best for Color and Tint, and there's no color management system, basic or otherwise.

Firmware Version (Help->System Info): 3.12.6

---Picture settings menu---
Picture Mode: Movie
Backlight: 45
Brightness: 42
Contrast: 50
Color: 55
Tint: 0
Sharpness: 6

---Size & Position submenu---
[no change]

---Color Temperature submenu---
Colour temperature: Custom
Red Gain: 58
Green Gain: 48
Blue gain: 41
Red offset: 50
Green offset: 49
Blue offset: 50

--Advanced Picture submenu---
Noise Reduction: Off
Color Enhancement: Off
Adaptive Luma: Off
Film Mode: Auto
Smart Dimming: On
Ambient Light sensor: Off

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Reporting: Vizio E420i-A1 picture settings
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david's videos

I find CNET reviews vital in helping with electronic purchases. And the videos are on the top of that list of information. However, I have a problem with David's delivery. My ears are okay. My brain is okay. My computer is good. And I do understand that video time costs money... but please, can't you speak a tiny bit slower? I don't process as quickly as you deliver. Happy

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e500ia1 settings


I was wondering if these settings would be appropriate for the e500a tv as well, which was reviewed in the same article. If not, could you please share those calibration settings?


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A0 and A1 are not created equal

So I just purchased the E420i-A0 which is supposed to be virtually identical to the E420i-A1 that was reviewed and it's unfortunate to say that the displays are not the same at all. The picture settings found here are too dark and the color is oversaturated. Also the smart dimming is annoying. Checking with Vizio the A0 and A1 models use different software. The latest for A0 is 2.16.3 and the latest for A1 is 3.12.6. So apparently, those buying the A0 model will not benefit from improved smart dimming...

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Agree, A0 and A1 are different...flawed firmware

A0 and A1 are different...

Based on this review, I recently bought a E420i-A0. In fact, this is the model that is widely sold today. The links at the top of this page to buy one are for the A0 version.

In the review it states: "According to Vizio, there's no difference between the "A1" and "A0" models in the series."

Also, the review says that you need the 3.12.6 firmware the get the local dimming (smart dimming) that actually works. Otherwise it degrades the image quality and you are better off turning it off. In my opinion, local dimming is what sets this model apart, I would have seriously considered other models if that feature were not viable.

Well, the latest firmware for the A0 model is 2.16.3. While I'm not an HD TV expert, when smart dimming is on it reduces the brightness of the entire picture, not just the dark portions, lowering image quality. I doubt this firmware version includes the same fix as the A1 3.12.x firmware. I've tried to get a straight answer from Vizio tech support about if this version includes the fix, and they have no clue. For a while they thought my unit should have the 3.12 firmware, but the update process was not working. Due to the opaque nature of their firmware updates, this was impossible to figure out. Eventually they did find that 2.16 was the latest, but they apparently do not have release notes on what is included in a firmware version. To me it does not look like smart dimming is very smart and I've turned it off.

Mr. Katzmaier, maybe you can review an A0 model, or at least use your contacts at Vizio to find out the real deal. At this point Vizio is selling this model like hotcakes due to your review and recommendation, so they should be pressured to port the same fix into the A0 line as well, ASAP. While you are at it, ask them to post their firmware revision history online with release notes for transparency. Also, the "System Info" page on the TV clearly shows that vertical refresh rate is 60, this 120hz stuff is false advertising.

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It better be

Just bought one based on cnet review hope im not stuck with a lesser tv step up Vizio

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