VIZIO 40-Inch 5.1 Sound Bar system and Dolbly Digital Plus

I just purchased the VIZIO 40-Inch 5.1 Sound Bar system and and I want to know if it can fully take advantage of the Dolbly Digital Plus format? Obviously I have to use HDMI for the higher bandwidth instead of optical or coax but I want to know if it can use the Plus codec or if it is just downmixing it to standard Dolbly 5.1. Their customer service doesn't help with this and they get hung up on the 5.1 vs 7.1 which has nothing to do with Digital Plus except Digital Plus allows for more discrete channels giving 7.1. But the format can work fine on my 5.1 system. The question is, does the soundbar handle the Dolbly Digital plus signal? How can this be tested? Thanks

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Reporting: VIZIO 40-Inch 5.1 Sound Bar system and Dolbly Digital Plus
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It's been written many times. and hundreds of other posts is that you don't get that over optical. Let's move forward.

Now there are huge issues with ARC so you can never count on that working and again so well done, that let's leave it at "if it doesn't work, it doesn't work." Get your money back.

Why are you hunting for Plus? Go with 5.1. Besides a sound bard is missing the other rear and center speakers so it's not the real thing.
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That wasn't my question...

I understand optical can't do more than basic Dolbly Digital 5.1 That was never the question. I even said in my original post that obviously I have to use HDMI for DD+. I also stated I understand I have 5.1 and not 7.1. There are other advantages other than the extra two channels.

"Dolby Digital Plus as implemented in Blu-ray Disc features more channels, less compression, and higher data rates for a warmer, richer, more compelling audio experience than you get from standard-definition DVDs." -- The more channels is just ONE benefit; and one I am not asking about in my post. I am interested because of the less compression and higher data rates. Ideally I would go with TrueHD but DD+ is still an improvement in this area. You can use either on a 5.1 system btw.

I am not asking about ARC, I am aware of its issue. And I do have the rear speakers...I have a 5.1 system..

I am asking about utilizing the other benefits of DD+ because I get DD+ via VUDU and I want to utilize that for my 5.1 system. Please read my post carefully. Thank you

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Since I can't find the exact sound bar.

I can't look further into it. Add that detail and maybe we can dig into it. At least you know that optical is not going to deliver as well as the possible ARC issues.

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That would be great, here is the model

Here is the model:

I would really appreciate the help. I need some real technical help since Vizio Support is clueless. I had to explain DD+ to them.

I would hope it would as the new model i have allows for HDMI but maybe they are just marketing the ARC coordination benefit.

It would be cool if CNET did an article on DD+ and this since DD+ was made for the emerging streaming market since TrueHD isn't a real option yet at 18Mbit/Sec.

Thanks for the help

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Read the page there and no DD+ noted.

I see 5.1 is there but no DD+. What makes you think it does DD+?

I'm guessing here you wish it would do this, and want a technical reason it doesn't. Sorry but while I am an electronics designer, I did not make this one. But I can read tech specs and no where do I see any allusion this has more than 5.1.

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E-AC-3 (Dolby Digital Plus) is an enhanced coding system based on the AC-3 codec. It offers increased bitrates (up to 6.144 Mbit/s), support for more audio channels (up to 13.1), and improved coding techniques (only at low data rates) to reduce compression artifacts, enabling lower data rates than those supported by AC-3 (e.g. 5.1-channel audio at 256 kbit/s)

Those benefits. ^

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Not gonna happen with digital optical cables

DD+ requires HDMI. Also, many of the current crop of soundbars still do not accept DD+ over HDMI either. I see no mention of DD+ either on this particular Vizio, so it's a non-starter anyway.

Keep in mind that DD+ is mostly marketing hype, at least in the context of how they are using the phrase 'less compression'. It's intended to 'wow' and mystify the non-technical audience.

Grab a low end AV receiver & surround speakers to improve access to any and/or all codecs/audio tracks, etc.

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