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Vista Won't Boot (Black Screen) After Bad Windows Update

Hello everyone!

(Please note my issue is very long. Please read the whole thing before giving me advice, but be sure to tell me if I left out any information. I know there is a lot here, but I'm not exactly sure what is or is not important to resolving my problem! Thanks in advance for your help!)

I recently purchased a laptop from a reputable local dealership. It was a custom model with the following specs:

Intel Core 2 Duo
2 GB RAM @ 800 mhz
512 NVIDIA 8600 GeForce Go
100 GB Hard drive (SATA I think) @ 7200 RPM
Windows Vista Home Premium

Whether important or not, I should note that the Processor and Memory were desktop components. (There is a huge fan rack on the back, however, so cooling should not have been an issue.)

Anyway, I got this machine on Friday, and it was working beautifully. I spent most of Friday just setting up my backgrounds, configuring our home wireless network settings, and other low-end usage.

On Saturday I finally had my home network configured properly, so I decided I would try some heavy end usage. I purchased a copy of Bioshock and installed it on my machine, which seemed to go without a hitch (after I finally resolved an issue with not being able to connect to 2K's autopatch servers). I fired up the game and everything seemed to be working fine. I started a new game, but Bioshock crashed/stopped working after the first cutscene.

This didn't concern me all that much, even after it happened again when I restarted the game. I simply assumed that some of my video drivers, DirectX 10, or a Vista component was out of date.

I checked my video drivers using the automated search feature, and found out that my drivers were up to date. I then loaded a DirectX 10 update. Finally I used the Windows Update feature to determine if anything in Vista needed to be updated. There was an updated, listed as "optional" available. I thought it would be a good idea to install the update regardless of whether it would actually impact the game, so I did. Everything appeared to be going smoothly, up until I received the "Windows needs to restart for this update to take effect." message. I closed down the browsing windows I had opened during the update download and clicked to restart.

Then the fun began.

The computer appeared to restart normally. Vista shut down and the screen went black, with the power light on my laptop remaining on. However, my machine sat like this for about 5 to 10 minutes, much longer than any restart I've ever preformed (including earlier update restarts on this specific machine). At this point I held down the power button and shut the machine off completely, since I assumed something had gone wrong.

When I pressed the power button again, the machine sounded like it fired up. The fans started spinning the power light came on and the I was hearing all the buzzes and whirls you'd expect. However, the screen stayed black. No Windows Logo, no errors, no flashing, absolutely nothing. I held the power button down again and shut the machine off, and then attempted to turn it on again. The same thing happened.

After letting the machine sit a bit, I decided I had better turn it off again. So I held down the power button, but the machine refused to turn off. I held the button down for at least 3 minutes (like actual minutes) and it still kept running. I was very fruastrated at this point, since the screen was black and the machine was doing who knows what under the hood. Up until this point I had kept the laptop plugged into a outlet, since I had been planning to play Bioshock. Realizing that it would not shut down, I unplugged it, and let the battery run down.

So the machine sat for about 2 hours. Periodically, I tried to hold down the power button and end the misery. It kept running. I also kept checking to see if anything had appeared on the screen. Nothing had.
Finally the thing shut down due to lack of power.

I wondered whether the loss of power would have triggered any sort of reset in the system. I plugged it back into an outlet and fired it up. The machine sounded like it was running, but nothing happened on the screen. I held down the power button and it turned off obediently.

At this point I preformed every troubleshooting procedure I could think of:

> I plugged the machine into an external monitor to see if my screen was bad. Nothing appeared on the external monitor when I started my laptop.

> I let the machine sit for an extended period before attempting to restart it, I received the same black screen with audible internal activity.

> I started the machine and allowed it to sit for an extended period of time. After one hour, the machine had failed to load windows or any error messages.

> I charged the machine over night, attempting to restart it this morning. I receive the same results.

> I have attempted every possible key combination I can think of. This includes Ctrl+Alt+Del, Various Function Combinations such as display switches, Sleep/Unsleep, Wireless On/off, Sound Up/Down/Mute/Unmute, ect.

> I inserted my Vista Home Premium disc into the the machine and attempted to boot it. Nothing changed, except the fact that the machine's disc drive spun when I put in the disc.

Does anyone have any ideas? Is there anything I can do to get my machine up and running? I have tried everything I can think of, maybe one of you had a similar experience but actually succeeded in fixing it. The machine is under warranty, so I will definitely be taking it back to the shop on Tuesday if it still won't work. Otherwise is there anything I can do in the meantime?

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Reporting: Vista Won't Boot (Black Screen) After Bad Windows Update
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Vista Won't Boot (Black Screen) After Bad Windows Update

Mine did something similiar. Loaded the bios screen, but pressing F2, F12 or letting it go further just made a black screen appear with a flashing cursor.

I unplugged my printer & presto, it started up.

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same problem

Im having the same problem as the guy who posted the first comment, but I have no printer or external device of that sort attatched to my desktop. All im getting when i boot is a bios screen and a black screen with a blinking cursor on it. Does this really mean reinstalling the operating system?

-Please help!

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Black Screen on Vista boot

- Same issue. Brand new HP laptop with Vista.

Things I've done:
1. Remove Norton (using Norton removal tool)
2. Installed Webroot Spy Sweeper and Trend Micro Internet Security. 3. Vista update was performed.
4. Updated memory to 2G.

Now, after logging in, screen stays black. Noticed that I did an alt-ctrl-del (I'm sure other combo do the same as well), Vista brings up the Lock Computer, Switch User, Log Off, Change a password, Start Task manager menu.

Selecting any one of them, seems to revive the screen with the desktop. For this to happen, boot up has happened and I suspect same for others.

This issue is starting to bug me. In my experience, these laptops with preloaded software are very finicky and any changes (addition or removal of software) could result in bizarre behavior.


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Black Screen on VISTA boot

I just got the same problem last night. I installed a new interal bluetooth module on a Dell Inspiron 1720. Before doing so, last night, decided to condition the battery by letting it drain down in Windows.
I don't know if this caused the problem, but this morning I got the bluetooth module and tried to boot it up- SAME scenario with the black screen and flashing cursor. Couldn't NOT boot to ANY other device. Removed battery, un-plugged the power supply and CMOS battery to re-set it. Tested it numerous times, and found out it was a defective 500 GB hard drive that I had just installed. The 1720 has 2 hard drive bays, and I added the 500 and installed Vista Ultimate 64-bit dual booting to either that or Home Premium 32-bit, which came on the machine. I decided to leave it on there and dual boot. I have three laptops set up that way and I use mostly 64-bit, but choose to leave it with the OS that it came with from the factory. I do remove all the garbage-ware on them, though.
Turned out that the hard drive went out, after only 2 days.
It was running smooth and fine up until that, though. I don't know if the power going off had anything to do with corrupting the drive, but it's only 2 days old, so I'm sending it back for exchange.

Hope this helps.


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I had something similar to this happen to me today. Hit F11 key until you see the restore feature. If it comes up follow directions to restore it to a previous time before the trouble began. My trouble stemmed from a corrupted file from Vista SP1 according to tech support from HP. Hope this helps.

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Worth a try - it worked for me

I had all of these symptoms described directly after SP1 update. Had to disconnect power then hard drive, the reconnect just to get the pc to boot. I was on the verge of buying new hardware and figured I would try one last ditch effort and reset the CMOS battery. I popped it out, popped it back in, the system now boots every time.

Hope it helps somebody out there!!


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Black Screen and No cursor!

I'm having this problem too!

I did the Vista update last week, and ever since my PC has refused to boot.....It occurs to me that there was a vid card update in the package.

all the fans are running, and i can't even get into BIOS.

any help would be greatly appreciated!

I have tried disconnecting everything except mouse, keyboard and monitor, but it still wont boot!

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EXACT problem for me too, After I updated the system the same thing occured, Tried resetting the bios but didnt really know what else to do so I brought it to a repair shop and they hooked it up to a different moniter and "fixed it" but when i got it back and hooked it up to my own monitor the screen just goes into sleep mode while the computer runs but doesnt boot. HELP lol

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Black Screen Of Death on Windows Vista Home Premium

Hey guys from CNET I guess I can call myself the latest victim of this Black Screen Of Death. I was working on my toshiba portege laptop transferring some photo on a usb drive. I transfer it successfully without a glitch and went have dinner. I forgot that I haven't plug it in so the screen just went black. I told to my self that I will just plug it in next day in the office. And then my nightmare began!!!

Charge it for 2 hours and power it up. The hdd start spinning but no boot up sequence seen. Keyboard not responding to all emergency F12 F8 CTRL ALT DEL nothing. Screen is black as hell and no bios no characters on the screen it's just black. Indicator lights on the battery is ok and the plugin icon on the indicator means that it recognizes that the laptop is plugged. But other than that. That's all to it.

I'm really confused about this machine. Not only it's slow. Thank heavens I turn off the the Aero features to make it usable, but this laptop R500 Portege Toshiba is all about hyped. It has 3 years warranty and I'm still giving it another day I'm draining all the battery plus the CMOS battery to reset it. Hoping that all application that is still loaded in the memory will dissipate and then I can reboot again. I read on some discussion that I have to remove all the USB device installed I did remove it but I think there is still one left a very tiny USB receiver for my logitech mouse. I will do some autopsy this evening and hope for the best.

Can this be a problem on the memory too? I have a 1.512 GB memory installed in it. But I've been using it for almost a year now? Can this be the culprit. Any suggestion out there? Can this be a vista problem? I have a free AVG on my PC that's always been updated. Hey I hope if anyone of you who is planning to buy this crap hold on to your dollars and thread on more. Ok goodluck.

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Black Screen Vista!!!

I have an expensive Toshiba R500 that last week just went dead. The screen went black but there still some light indicator on the below. So after days of figuring it out following some forums and thread I decided to bring it to Toshiba tech support i brought it personally after I have call them up on the phone. Contrary to other users have experienced. Mine was ok. My laptop just have a limited warranty since I bought it from abroud but the Toshiba Tech Support guys which is kind enough to accept it since it just bought about 6 months ago. I have explained that my vista laptop just went dead. I still have used it transferring some files via bluetooth and my battery was drained and went try so i try to full charge it no big deal it happen to me before. But after that it just went dead.

And who know after 2 days it's alive again. I wasn't charge for anything as they said it was just simple. But what I am confused about is that they were insisting that my laptop fell somewhere prior to fixing which they said caused the blank screen. And they showed me some craked or dent near the screw below. I am not convinced I presume that the connection of the LCD to the mother board is the culprit it went loose that is how they quickly fixed it. It was strange as they where not explaining it clear to me to I went out and baffled about how it was broken but hey it's fixed now.

So I suggest check the connection because putting it on the bag day in and out might cause some of the connection to come loose hence the black screen experience.

Anyways hope this helps.

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me too

My friend and I both have laptops that are running Vista. After an auto update about a month ago, both our laptops will no longer boot up. When I hit the power button, you hear all the regular noises, the lights turn on, but nothing on the screen. Once in a great while, after 500000 times of turning it on and off, I can get to the bios, but that's very rare. This is very frustrating because my laptop is only about 8 months old.

One in a million times I can actually get it to go to windows, but that is EXTREMELY rare. More often than not, after I leave the BIOS screen it usually just goes to a black screen with a flashing cursor. I haven't turned my laptop off in over a month, which is very annoying as well because of the power it's using while I'm at work all day.

Any help would be appreciated. It's crazy that a Windows update has crippled so many laptops.

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Blsck Screen with cursor on Vista Home Premium Desktop?

I downloaded a Windows update yesterday that was nvidia something and it said to restart computer. After doing so when I restarted it I have a black screen with a cursor only on it. Since I can't get to anything I can't remove it what should I do?

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black screen w/cursor

I had some problem similar to this with the nividia dnls so I quit using them completely and removed the update. Hope this is helpful to you.

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Dell M1730 Black screen and won't boot

Fist of all I would like to tell you about my Computer M1730.

Saturday and Sunday I tried to fix my computer all day what I did as follow:

1- I did system restore and everything restore back, the window Vista was loaded perfectedly at the end it gone back to black Screen
no ICON or TOOL BAR nothing It seams like the Black screen is blocking the Desktop... I can see everything running in the background like wifi etc. Any Idea?

2- Whe I go online by using WiFi I do this: Ctrl+Alt+ Del ...>>>Start Task Manager>>>Service >>>Help>>>Techcenter website and go online easily like the regular computer thw window explore run over the black scree. When I download the Program to fix it after I installed it's going back to DESTOP behid the black scree the place where I can't see it because the black screen cover the desktop. How to remove the black screen?

3- I try to install DVD Back up recover ...It won't let me boot event press F12 to DVD Any Idea?

4- In the Boot Device Menu, press the <Down Arrow> to select *Onboard or USB CD-ROM Drive, and then press <Enter> It says:
Media test Faillure, Check cable..PXE-MOF Exiting Broard com PEX ROM.
and I took DVD ROM out and put it back after window loaded it went back to black the same. I don't know why?

5- I took Memory out from the slot and put it back and I restart it after the window loaded it went to black screen...please help any Idea?
I did Diagnostics everything passed nothing ERROR or PROBLEM at all machine is running normal. If it boot the DVD back up, I will install the window already.

All the about informations is what I tried to remove the black Screen out from DESKTOP. Please help me ? I bought two INSPIRON 531 DESKTOP for my sons are working fine exept M1730 Laptop. Hope I will get a solution from you ( EXPERT). My window is preinstalled from Manufacture Dell Company. ( Warranty is expired) over a year now.

Thanks in advanced

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ACER Desktop - Black Screen

Man Vista sucks. This is the second time this has happened to me, this time listening to music on the headphones all of a sudden the music stops, I look up and see the Windows Update Screen, step 2 of 3. Then the screen goes black, I can see the hard drive working and it's been 15 minutes.

Last time this happened I couldn't boot up again, so hit the F8 key during boot up until I got the menu that let me restore to an earlier version. I did that and it worked fine. So this time I'm going to disable the Windows Auto Update feature... it's just plain evil.


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Maybe a fix ?!???!?!??


As usual my Acer Aspire 9420, preloaded with Vista Ultimate, did an auto-update (6 to be precise). After the update was complete it was 'screaming' out for a reboot, as I was on my desktop at the time I thought I'd let it reboot.

Went through the usual tasks, up came the post screen, Processor, RAM, yada yada yada, then screen went blank! hmmmm, I thought maybe something was still being updated, so left it for a while, then an hour, then 2 hours, then overnight. Woke up at 6:45am to find the same BLACK SCREEN!!!

Switched it off, brought it into work, and stuck the 'Vista Recovery Disk' in (Torrent download - & my own uploaded x86 ISO -, which loaded up fine, then the VRD discovered that the HDD MBR was damaged, so I asked it to repair, and restart. VOILA! easy as that! Worked fine.

For some of you if the ALT+F10 doesn't work, this is also due to the same issue.

Good Luck!


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Black screen issue using Vista and IE 7

After reading ALL of this thread, I've come to the conclusion that there must be at least some compatibility issues between Vista and some of the PC/laptop manufacturers. I don't think they pow-wowed enough prior to forcing Vista down our throats. I know I never had any issues like this using XP Pro or Home SP 1, 2, or 3. And it makes me want to just slap the living hell out of Bill Gates!

Before I get berated about this being a different issue, I have already posted another specific thread about Vista freeze-up. But after reading this thread, realized that I have also been experiencing black screen issues. The difference is that I have been able to manually shut my laptop off, and get it to reboot. But sometimes I get a bios error message, and have to reboot in Safe Mode, and then reboot again to get into normal mode.

I'm running an HP Compaq Presario C700, Vista Home Premium 32 bit. For extra memory, which this model seems to need, I am using a 32 GB USB flash drive...where I had backed up all my previous files from my last laptop which had XP SP 3 and IE 7...a Dell Inspiron 1300.

I have my current laptop set to ask me for permission before downloading Windows updates. But I'll have to confess that on a few occasions it did it without my permission...usually in the middle of the night. THAT never happened with any other Windows product, just Vista.

What I realized is that, I too, have been experiencing a black screen problem, only not as severe as others here. My IE 7 and Vista are freezing up after 3-6 hours of use, and I'm getting error messages saying I don't have permission to use normal applications...and nothing will open for me, not even IE 7. I am the sole user and administrator on this laptop, so I should have permission to use everything. I have been having to reboot to gain normal access. And what I've noticed is that Vista is NOT shutting the laptop down completely. It gets to a certain point where there is a black screen, and won't continue to shut down. Then I'm forced to manually power it off and start the restart in Safe Mode, restart in normal mode, etc. to gain access to anything.

After getting rebooted, I turn the wi-fi switch off, then get into the security center and clear my cookies and cache. I then do a disk cleanup. When I first started experiencing this a few weeks ago, I suspected registry problems and adware/spyware problems...even though I had either Norton Security or ZoneAlarm Security Suite. I have UniBlue Registry Booster 2, so I scanned the registry. In each and every instance, there was at least 1 registry error. And the worse the freeze-up and black screen, the more errors there were. So I corrected the errors and then defragged the registry for good measure. I then scanned for adware and viruses, which there were none each time. The registry correction and defrag require a reboot, and when I then rebooted, it rebooted normally with the exception of maybe 1 or 2 times. No black screen. I think that me going through this process is what has kept me from experiencing more severe black screen episodes like the others here. But, I've been having to do it a minimum of twice a day...and sometimes more, just to keep everything working.

I recently read that IE 7, which runs wonderfully in XP, is actually made to run on XP only, not Vista. Which I think is the reason that IE 7 keeps freezing after several hours...a compatibility issue with Vista. And my laptop came pre-installed with IE 7. And although IE 8 was made for Vista (and doesn't freeze up, or cause black screen), it is not compatible with Yahoo or Gmail and other applications. So right off the bat, I'm using a brand new laptop that has a browser that is not truly compatible with my Windows system. Is that screwed up, or what?

I have also noticed the blackscreen problem after allowing Windows updates and allowing reboot. The problem is: WINDOWS VISTA NEVER COMPLETELY SHUTS DOWN. It shuts down to the black screen point, and then gets stuck in limbo...forever if you don't do something to correct it...such as some of the other suggestions here about taking out the battery, USB devices, etc. I believe that updates are screwing with the browser registry. And if you don't fix that, it gets worse and worse until you can't do anything with it.

I also think it is worse in certain laptop products. There seem to be an awful lot of HP owners here, then Toshiba, then Dell being the least.

I was right in the middle of an important project online, when the browser error thing started happening after only 3 hours of rebooting and running all the maintenance procedures. Out of frustration, I decided to try another browser, Google Chrome. To my amazement, I have been constantly online for almost 12 hours with NO PROBLEMS. Vista isn't even offering to freeze, and I bet I don't have the black screen issue when I reboot either. If I do, I'll come back and let you know.

So, like I said, the computer manufacturers and Microsoft didn't do their homework before pawning off this un-perfected product on us. And I for one feel extremely ripped off, so I'd really like to smack the hell out of all of them...greedy S.O.B.s.

I can tell you this...if this doesn't get corrected soon, or if I continue to have problems, this long time MS user is switching to MAC and never looking back. You don't hear about this kind of crap from MAC users.

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black screen on start

this started after a windows download of 8 important updates incl 1 windows defender i had the syestem go to option of esc or f10 then that went off ande 10 sec later black screen forever. shut off power and after esc & f10 went off i continually pressed f8 till safe mode screen appeared went to syestem restore picked a date 1 week in the past and started restore this was succsessful for a couple days then the update notice reappered i picked only the first one a windows vista update after it downloaded and installed it requested a restart but it never restarted so i shut it off when turned back on all i have is the black screen does anyone know if microsoft is aware of this problem Froggy1936

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Posts removed

Apparently many posts have been removed from this discussion. If you posted here please respond to this thread to try to get our posts back.

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Follow up on post # 13, and addressing deletings of posts

Yes, there were a bunch of posts removed, including my last one. All the moderator posts were removed. I believe they were all removed by the moderator...Robert, or Bob. He kept telling everyone that it was a hardware issue, and I told him that we all couldn't have bought bad computers and laptops. I then insinuated that he might be taking kick-backs from Microsoft to keep us off their back about this obvious compatability issue between the Vista OS and the manufacturers of the PCs. That's when all of his posts and my last one disappeared.

As it turns out, I never did get my issues with my laptop resolved. However, the measures I am taking are keeping it running. I did upgrade my UniBlue Registry Booster to the 2009 version, which helps. But the IE 7 freeze-up and the blackscreen issues still continue.

Bob had insisted that I needed to remove my USB flash stick, as it was the cause of the problem. So, I did do that, and the reboot went normally at first. I then left it out unless I absolutely needed data from it (which was a pain in the ***, as I use the data quite often), and after an additional 48 hours of having the USB unit removed (especially during reboot) the OS started doing the same thing again without the USB flash installed.

I tried other browsers...Google Chrome for Vista, and FireFox for Vista. I had positive results at first, and then it was like the OS adjusted to the changes and started doing it with the new browsers, too. As it turns out, I couldn't use my rich text in my Yahoo accounts with Google Chrome...that's why I then switched to FireFox. But after a day or so, FireFox also started freezing up just like IE 7.

So, not matter WHAT I have done, the browser still ultimately freezes up, and I still do get the black screen where Vista is not shutting down completely.

There were some updates issued by Microsoft this week for Vista that decreased the amount of times that Vista hangs on a black screen. Sometimes it does now, and sometimes it doesn't...a little improvement. But I still have to implement the measures listed in post # 13 to keep my OS going at least twice a day, which is a BIG pain the the ***. It's taking me twice as long to do my online work as it used to when I had XP SP3 and IE 7.

I do recommend that you sever your internet connection completely when rebooting, as I've noticed that when connected to the internet the OS is more likely to hang on a black screen during reboot. My laptop has that handy wi-fi disconnect switch that makes that easy to do...I simply turn it to OFF, close my desktop widgets, then reboot.

As it turned out, one of my new clients is a software programmer. I talked to him about this issue. He says that there is indeed a compatability issue between the hardwares/hard drives and the Vista OS. It most likely is caused by the hard drives not being configured correctly for Vista. But since the manufacturers configured according to Microsoft's instructions, then the problem DOES lie at Microsoft's feet. They didn't give proper configuration information to the manufacturers to begin with.

So, even though my laptop was brand new and never used, it was made and configured in 2007...the year Vista came out. So the problems I'm having are the initial ones that everyone experienced with this OS. Most likely, the later made laptops are configured better for Vista as I'm sure that Microsoft knows about this problem and has altered their configuration information to the manufacturers accordingly.

It won't do any good to take your PC to the repair shop unless they have the new configuration specs. And then they have to totally reset your PC and reconfigure your hard drive to make the improvements.

I looked into having Vista removed and XP installed in my laptop. But since I am on my laptop 24/7 practically, and my business is internet based, it was going to cost me way too much to get a rush job done. And some laptop service centers aren't even specially licensed to do that, so you have to buy your own XP disks to have XP installed. The total cost was going to be over half of what I paid for my laptop to begin with. So I decided to just forget that idea and hope that eventually Microsoft would come up with "fixes" to alleviate the problems.

If fixes never occur, and this laptop "bites the dust", my next laptop will be a MAC. I refuse to go through this crap ever again with a Microsoft OS. It has been beyond aggravating and infuriating.

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I am new here and I just want to say that the moderator who said its a HARDWARE is is DEAD WRONG!!!! I have the exact same issue as all of you. I run Vista Ultimate on a DELL XPS M1730 laptop. My motherboard and video card have BOTH been replaced TWICE in 1 week. MY system has been formatted 3 time in 1 weeek because of this issue. I have a tech at my house AGAIN replacing parts as I type this. Nothing has worked, NOTHING!!!!!! I'm sooooo irritated!!!!!! this is a new laptop. I don't know what else to do Sad
i'm sorry if I am comming across rude to anyone even a moderator. but i found this post and to know parts have been replaced i know they are wrong. My conclusion is that it must be a software issue having to do with the windows update. The tech at my house agrees with me on this. now to figure out how to fix it.

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Just so you know.

I was able to get Vista to a really cross eyed state and black screen once like the above. I had to pull a stick of ram out to get it to work again. but that's hardware again since I had to do something with the hardware to get the BIOS screen to show.

I know people are mightily upset over this but what good does it do them? I'll share where and what I've done to get out of the jam. It may or may not help but let's hear how you are solving it.

Here? All fixed. Some dozens now.

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No offense, but that was a confusing post, Bob.

And, pulling a stick of RAM out and then insinuating that it automatically equates to being a hardware issue, is ridiculous, my friend.

Hardware is a component of the equation, but x= the culprit being Vista, not the stick of RAM itself. I am sure you see my point.

You ask what good is it going to do for people to get mad? No less or more than sitting like a duck, which is what a lot of people only have the option left of doing, Bob. At least anger shows they're still in the game, trying to hold onto what they can with the investment they made in a hard-earned computer. None of us are rich, I am sure.

I am an artist, and I make my living online, so I 100% rely on my computers to survive. I am very lucky I have a back-up laptop, although I fear it, too, will enter the Black Screen of Death Zone, eventually. I agree with Tripod Gal: MAC is my next venture and investment, for sure.

Then you note how people are "solving" it. Refer back to the MAC choice. That's how people are solving, dear. There is no solving the Vista issue, except to "rig" the computer with silly games of unplug this or that, turn off auto-update, switch off WiFi, and so on. No one should have to do that to get through day to day on a computer in 2010. No one.

That would be no different than me telling you to stand on your head, spin three times, spit four times, get up, juggle three eggs in the air for 45 seconds, before you can start your car. But hey--it started, right? So why be upset? ...See how silly that sounds, Bob?

Just an observation. I am not angry just yet, because again, I have a backup (HP TouchSmart). Frustrated? Yes. I want to secure my laptop now so that it won't go into the black zone; I already have one computer "down" and buried. I don't want another one following suit.

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I hear some are very upset over this.

I'll keep on sharing how I recovered. But I can't help myself from thinking it's not Windows at this point because the BIOS has yet to show up. Windows has yet to run at this step.

Go figure that out. Hope you can help others get themselves out of this jam!

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still it's windows issue - happens only after update

hi bob, sure u think it can't be windows because it hasn't started yet.

but it start trouble after vista update - in many cases, so the chance that all the hardware of these going to hell is quite small.

my acer aspire was running fine for years - than i installed sp1 - boom

i have a dead laptop - no screen whatsoever - not recovery disk is showing a pic nor linuxboot cd

thx MS - u own me a working laptop

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The test. The big test.

I took one of these laptops with a bum Windows update and removed the hard drive. Now that all of Windows was gone, still no BIOS screen.

We also had the other dead laptop after an update but that one was the famous DV6000. At least there we have a known cause.

So let's hear from you. You think this update kills machines? I missed the make and model but laptops tend to be short lived things. Even moreso certain models. I can see where folk would think it's an update but after thousands of machines I have yet to see this issue. I'd love to see someone prove this one.

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Black screen after bad grafics card driver update

Hi,I am running HP pc windows Vista.I experieced black screen issue after downloaded NVIDIA 8400 GS driver update.During the istalling my screen went black,I was waiting for about 5 minutes it was still black,so I pressed power button and turned off my pc.Result-every time I trying to launch my desctop normally or in safe mode screen goes black and I can only see my cursor.I tryed everything,recovering my system didn't work as well as unpluging my printer and using fixing tool.Any ideas?

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Vista - Bad Windows Update

Greetings all. This is my first post to my favorite tech forum. Normally I find the answers to my issues right away in these forums without having to ask a question. I had an issue very similar to what is being discussed however, instead of a black screen I got a BSOD after a Windows update.

System Specs:
Make/Model: Dell Studio 1737
CPU Intel Core 2 Duo P8400 @ 2.26ghz
RAM: 4 gb DDR2
Graphics: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3650 (256 mb)
OS: 64 bit Vista Premium SP1

I bought this laptop direct from Dell 2 weeks ago and have not have any issues at all until two days ago when I allowed the Windows updates to be installed. I specified only the updates that were tagged "Important" (10 total updates) and elected to ignore all other updates. The update ID's are:
After installation, I restarted the laptop and received the same black screen as mentioned in this thread. I restarted again and was greeted with a BSOD stating "IRQ NOT LESS OR EQUAL." After several more restarts with the same BSOD, I contacted Dell via the on-line chat support. After about 1 hour of chatting with the tech rep on my desktop system he finally told me that I would need to use the system recovery disk that came with the laptop and that I would lose whatever information/programs/files I had on the laptop and that was the best advice he could give. Before doing that, I tried the system restore option from the boot menu and it worked fine. After I was able to log into Vista again, I opened the minidump file in Windows Debugger. It said that the crash was caused by ntoskrnl.exe.
Dell is telling me that I need to contact Microsoft because the problem is caused by an update and Microsoft is telling me that I need to contact Dell because Vista came pre-installed on the system. Since the system appears to be stable now, I have just disabled the automatic updates (even though the annoying taskbar messages won't stop) and assume that I will just not be able to install any updates on this system. I have been told by a couple of IT friends that they have seen similar issues due to unsigned drivers, however that would seem unlikely since I have not modified anything on the system and everything is as installed by Dell. I doubt if Dell is using unsigned drivers on the systems they are building since they all come with Vista which is notorious for driver problems.
In short, I am wondering if anyone else has had this problem and if so, has anyone been able to isolate which update causes corruption of the ntoskrnl.exe file resulting in the black screen and/or BSOD problem. Thanks.

BTW: If it helps, the full error code on the BSOD was:
STOP: 0x0000000A (0X0000000000000880, 0x000000000000000C, 0x0000000000000001, 0xFFFFF80001C85D19)

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Blue Screen after Windows Update

I am getting almost the exact same error as reported by "terpsguy" in the post above. I am running Windows Vista 64 Home Premium on my Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop. I purchased this computer from Best Buy in December, 2008, and except for this problem, the laptop has worked almost flawlessly since then. I first had the problem with a BSOD after updating Windows in early March, 2009. I would go through the procedure of allowing the auto repair to run all the way through, then wind up using System Restore to undo the updates. After getting back into Windows (without the updates), I can check the event viewer and find this message:

The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck. The bugcheck was: 0x0000000a (0x0000000000000880, 0x000000000000000c,
0x0000000000000001, 0xfffff80001c29989).

On every occurrence of this issue, the message is the same, except for the last hex number--0xfffff80001c29989. That value seems to increment on every occurrence, so maybe it is date related? The most recent error, today (5/1/09) was "0x0000000a (0x0000000000000880, 0x000000000000000c, 0x0000000000000001, 0xfffff80001e7c989)."

After the issue in March, I went for weeks without being able to do Vista updates. Then I manually updated a few drivers, including sound and video, and I was finally able to do MS updates successfully! Note that these were NOT updates from Dell. I had to go directly to the hardware manufacturers' websites to get the most recent versions. However, beginning in mid-April, I started having the exact same problem again. This time, my drivers all seem to be up to date, so I am not sure if it is a driver issue or not. I will keep trying the various hardware websites for newer drivers, and hopefully that will fix the issue again. I am also hopeful that this problem will go away once Microsoft releases Service Pack 2 for Vista.

If anyone has any new information on this issue, please post it.

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Vista Home Basic HP black screen

A similar thing has happened to me with my new HP laptop that arrived at my house a few days ago. I was playing an online game and thought that maybe I would need a new version of directX. So I installed it, but...It made the game stop working. So I did a System Recovery to see if that would take it away. I restarted the computer and it seemed normal. I logged in and everything but then the screen turned black. I could still see the cursor and Ctr+alt+delete still worked. I held down the power button to make the computer completely shut down. I then went on safe mode and restarted the computer for the third time and it worked. Maybe it was a coincidence? Its my first time using vista and I really hate it.

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