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Vista wireless connection nightmare - please help quick befo

re by new laptop ends up through the window

it seems that setting up vista for a wireless connection to a home network is not as easy as i thought it would be!

whenever i try to connect to the internt through my wireless router, i get the message "Connected with limited access"

now, there would appear to be a microsoft hotfix

this says that the problem addresses....

Message when a device on a Windows Vista-based computer uses a network bridge to access the network: "Connected with limited access"

sounds like my issue, only i don't know what the 'network bridge' bit refers to. as far as i know, i don't have a network bridge (unless it is something in the way the linksys unit has set itself up

before i install the hotfix and screw up my lovely new laptop, can anyone perhaps give me some guidance on whether i have done something wrong on the home network side that could be causing the problem...?

my set up is:

desktop running xp home sp2
wireless adsl modem / router wag54GS

the desktop is linked to the router by a fixed ethernet cable

my new laptop is running vista home premium, and i am attempting to connect to the router using wireless

i used the desktop to set up a home network called home, using the home network wizard-> i used the option that all computers connect to the internet through a router

there is no security on the network

vista machine can see the 'home' network as an unsecured network, but can only connect with the "limited access" error

so- anything else i have done sound daft, or is it the dreaded hotfix for me?

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Reporting: Vista wireless connection nightmare - please help quick befo
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same problem

I had the exact same problem last week. I tried to import my desktop xp settings to my brand new laptop. Same error messages and problem. Did a system restore on my laptop back to the first time I booted up,did not import any settings from the desktop,connected wireless through my modem/router using vista network center with no problems. wasted 5 hours on the problem before I did the restore

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wireless connection

Ji I too suffer from little or low connection from my linksys router, I have found that if you unplug the router from the mains then reconnect it solves the problem, the only down side it happens often, it could be a conflict with my wireless mouse.
hope it helps. Vic

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Wireless Connection

Do you know your SSID, your encryption type (WEP, WPA, etc), and your encryption key? (I hope so!)

If so, just open the Network and Sharing Center, and select "Set up a new connection or network". Then select "Manually Connect to a Wireless Network". Enter your SSID for Network Name (and if you haven't already, change it from the default SSID. e.g. don't leave it as linksys). Next, choose your encryption method (this is set through the router itself, you need to refer to the user manual to find the router's IP address to access your security settings) and then enter the encryption key or passphrase, and you should be set to go.

I had a little trouble at first getting my wireless network set up (mostly due to the fact that I have no wired connection for my PC, so I had to boot back to XP to download my drivers for my wireless card first), but everything works great now.

Let me know if this works for you!

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no wireless connection

I have linksys WRT55AG router. I have reset the router, disable and enable my NIC. I still cannot connect to the world using WEP. I have dell 1501 notebook with a buildin wireless card (1490). I have set my keys to 64, 128 and 512 bits. I have upgrade to the newest firmware for my router. I can connect to the world with WEP turn off. With it turn on a get "local connection".I check dell's website I have the current drivers installed.I am running basic.

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(NT) How do I find the f... SSID???
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wireless connection

problem with my gateway laptop, vista os is that it really doesn't have wireless connection, before it does but i dunno what happened. i tried to manually connect to a wireless connection but it doesn't even have that option so i now am clueless as to what to

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It would be better

to go to the main forum page and create your own new discussion.

Replying to a thread that is now 4 years old means your problem gets lost in the maze.

Be sure to provide full details.


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X86 or 64 bit

I, too, have the limited access message. My problem is that my wireless card sees two networks, my SSID network and an "unnamed network". The diagnosis tool says that this multiple network situation is causing the problem, but when I delete either network, both disappear.

If you have this problem, you might want to check the thread that I started. None of the tips have worked yet, but they may work for you.

Question for others - If I try this hotfix, how do I know if I should download the x86 version or the 64 bit version?

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Determining the version...

The 32-bit version is primarily the one sold in stored and pre-installed on computers, so chances are you have Vista x86 (32-bit). To be sure, though, go Control Panel->System and Maintenance->System and see what it states next to "System type." If it states "32-bit Operating System" you will want the x86 version, otherwise you'll want the x64 version.

Hope this helps,

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how do you get the hotfix

The link in the original post leads you to a description of the hotfix and it tells you to contact the Microsoft Customer Support Services, but it doesn't tell you how to do that. It also mentions support costs.

Any ideas how you get this hotfix? Is it going to cost me?


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no - hotix is free

even if you don't have support contract as it is a bug
(at least it was for me)

to close out this however, it should be noted that in the end i DIDN'T install the hotfix.

the problem ended up being to do with the router - having done a factory reset and re-installed, it worked fine

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how do you contact Microsoft Customer Support

If you want the hotfix that is mentioned in the original post, do you call or do you email? It's unclear how you contact Microsoft Customer Support Services.

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Link about
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call number 1-800-936-4900

call microsoft at 1-800-936-4900 and ask for hotfix 930517.
I tried and it works. good luck guys.

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Vista is letting me down, let me connect.

I called and they wanted to charge me. They said because the notebook was HP call HP. I tried to explain to them I reinstalled vista and HP will make me reinstall HP *****... and that HP doesn't speak english...

And that I am still on the phone with HP 45 mins after taking to Microsoft.

I get limited Connectivity when using vista. The network here at the shop is an old and unsecured linksys.

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What drove someone over the edge was...

They couldn't connect and (2 solutions)

a. The wifi in the laptop was dead/defective. Proved it by disabling it and using a wifi card.
b. The router's firmware was old. It never occurred to them to update it since all other machines connected just fine. But an update and the new laptop connected.

In both cases the owner was muttering "why is always me?"


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RE:hotfix required.

Could you email the patch. I think I have the same problem



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You have to contact Microsoft...

For Bruce Barr: We can't supply you with the'll have to contact Microsoft for assistance in that regard.

For roc999: Sorry, but Microsoft has purposefully not publicly posted some hotfixes on their website for a reason and since there's no way to verify files posted on RapidShare or similar sites such offerings are usually removed to be on the safe side.


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Vista Wireless

Obviously they (Microsoft)has gone passed Vista to Windows 7...but before they quit on us Vista Customers, why the F have they not set out a SP (service pack) the corrects this problem that XP did not have? And shame on you CNET for making sure that all of us followers of your site are not taken care of. I want something better!!! Linux, MAC, ???

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they did not charge me. I do not know why. Mine is a dell notebook.
I can send you the hotfix if you want. TRY IT AT YOUR OWN RISK.

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Cant connect

I also have a new Windows Vista Laptop from Compaq ( HP) My problem is my laptop with Windows 2000 (uses a linksys card) can connect to my Linksys wireless router, my main computer is directly connected to the router. Then this new laptop can see the SSID but it connects with " Limited activity) Does anyone have any ideas?

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Well its been months and I realized...

It's vista and unsecured networks.

I have a 2wire router with default wep and the laptop works fine.\

But if I disable security the damn laptop won't connect! (for example: I go somewhere and internet is available but all I get is limited or no connectivity.)

I heard you can disable IPv6 (Network connections, properties of that network, uncheck IPv6) and still nothing...

I know its a vista problem. I might just go back to xp geez.

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Resolution to "Limited Access to Wireless"

Hope you have resolve the problem by now. If not thanks for pointing to how I fixed it. IPv6 was already disabled; so I went and checked on the properties of IPv4. Make sure "Obtain IP Address Automatically" is checked. It turns out it was set incorrectly by default to "Use the following IP..." Once that was changed the wireless connection hooked up immediately. What a waste of 8 or more hours for wonderful Mickeysoft, and after this product has been out for almost a year. Hope this helps somebody.

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I went trough the same problem and requested the hotfix to Microsoft. I am a long time MAC user but this year got my first HP laptop. I still remembered all the problems I had in the past with my Windows machines... (this paragraph is just to tease you guys a little bit, ehehehe)

Here is how I fixed the issue.

Right click My computer > Properties > Device Manager

I then Deleted the Wireless Network device (without deleting the driver)

Restarted the Machine and the problem was solved. (Yes it took me 3 hours to get to this easy solution)

Note: Windows Vista is a very decent operating system but these things make love my MacBookPro 17" even more Wink

I hope this will help someone. By the way my really cool Vista Machine is a beautiful HP Touchscreen laptop tx100 series (those that look like a tablet PC)

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have same prob w/limited/no connectivity Linksys

For over 1 1/2 yrs I too have had the prob with my Linksys router, wifi, to 2nd HP Pav Media Center desk top computer. Distance between these 2 computers is about 25 feet. The only thing that keeps working is to hit the main power supply at Computer #1- wait 1 minute and let all restart. Then it takes the 2nd computer (wifi) sometimes an hour to connect, including doing the repair connection feature. Often if I close the IE window such as overnight I have to repeat the procedure in the morning. If I leave the IE open all night it usually has no problem. After returning from the Oct Fires (evacuated 6 days) and rehooking up my computers the main computer came right up. Not the 2nd one. I ended up calling Linksys, and since my warranty was up it costs $29.95 for them to reset all to work again, with ONLY a 7 DAY guarantee. Cable Modem and Router both were working, so they updated the firmware. All was fine (again I left the Internet Explorer window open all night every night to be sure) On the 8th day, 2nd computer had the limited or no connectivity, despite showing I was connected. Both computers, are using Win XP. Again I did the main power thing, and that got all back up online. So I decided that something in the Linksys must not be holding the info, or as I learned on this forum it is a glitch in the WinXP OS and to call to get the hotfix 930517. Being upset about the ongoing connectivity problem I went out and bought the $144.00 Linksys Wireless-G Cable Gateway....appears to be an all in one piece thing, that is incorporating the cable modem and the router making installation easier,?? However, I have been afraid to open up the box. Now DHubby says to look for a new computer #1. I do all the stuff with the computers etc, he just plays, and surfs.
Actually, it seems that no matter which OS system I choose between Vista or XP it still is having the connection problems via the wifi and Linksys, or so it sounds like on this forum. Seems like my own #2 computer is doomed to staying online...via wifi technology.

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you solved my prob too

This was indeed the solution for me too ...thnx for posting your solution... BTW I love MAC too but in some situation(work for instance) you just have to use what you get Wink

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Network setup

I found I had to use WEP or nothing and have no firewall installed when setting up the network then I could get lacal and internet.

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That's a sign.

A bad one. It points to some old firmware in the router or fishy Vista wifi driver. I'd make this a warranty call for them to fix or replace or full refund.

"That's not right!"


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I had the same problem as everyone else (limited connection). Then I remembered that I forgot to assign an IP address to the new laptop in the LAN IP Setup for my Netgear router. Once I did that, it connected without any problems at all. Perhaps some of you are forgetting to do the same thing Happy

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Just so you know...

That's not how we suggest to setup the router. We have a forum sticky about this and assigning IPs is not one of them. In fact doing so can result in service calls.

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