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Vista virus protection

3 days ago, my internet became slower and slower to the point that I can not load some pages unless I refresh at least twice. It might be spyware, adware, trojans or worms but I have already scanned my laptop with AVG, Windows Defenfer, Spybot and Spydoctor. I even tried Ad-aware and Trojan Remover. Can someone help me find a good free program I can get online to fix this, vista compatible?

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Reporting: Vista virus protection
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Most likely needs
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Problem is still getting worse

I have tried defragmenting and this problem popped up recently. I've had no problem with my laptop until a few days ago. More information if this helps. Toshiba Satellite A215. Comcast Internet. Linksys router. When I check the bytes received when viewing the status of my connection, the numbers are in the millions and hundred millions within seconds of connecting to the internet.

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test your connection speed here
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Speed test

My speed keeps jumbling around. My first test said my ping was 107ms now it is 340 ms.

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I don't believe your following through

defrag, check speed at the link I've provided (a kbps/sec link speed, please), follow Grif's suggestion.

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Another Thought...

Please turn OFF the computer... Then turn OFF the modem and router.. Leave them that way for 10 minutes.. At the end of 10 - 15 minutes, restart the modem, wait 5 minutes for it to initialize. Then start the router, wait five minutes. Then restart the computer...

Hope this helps.


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thanks but it didnt work

I tried the resetting modem. I even tried using my other router. Should I just completely delete my HD? I reformatted and it didnt work.

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Next Step...Update Modem & Router Firmware

We've found that Vista is having problems with many modem/routers which are running old firmware.. Visit the manufacturer's site and install the latest.

Hope this helps.


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slow internet connection

I'm not an expert in this matter by no means but I can try to give you some advice. I always start by running ccleaner, which is free
you can also try hijack this also free
you could also run registry repair which is not free.I normally stick to freeware but I could not find anything I liked for vista. You would be surprised at how much quicker your computer runs when your registry is cleaned out.
ccleaner will clean the registry also but what one misses the other one seems to get. read the instructions for these programs very carefully.they are to be used with a great deal of caution!! they do allow for backup and system restore points.

hope this helps

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"registry repair which is not free"
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free registry repair

I'm sorry I did not mean to imply that there were no free software programs for registry cleaning. I didn't find any free ones that I liked. I happened to be walking through my local dept. store and spotted this one from migosoft. Looked pretty good. Was on sale for like $20.00 so I picked it up. But thank you for the link. Pretty much everything else that I run is from Love the site! Trust the site!


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how much ram do u have in ur pc ?

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1GB. Okay I have no idea what is wrong. I really do not think this is an incompatibility problem because if I have been using this router for months, should the problem start months ago and not just now?

Two points I want to make.

1. This started 5 days ago but I have been using this router for months and there was no problem at all.

2. This isnt the modem or the router either since the internet my PCs are functioning properly.

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Needs RAM at least 2GB
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Okay. Wincleaner Memory Optimizer fixed my problem, but today it stopped working and gave me the error "Unable to locate the 'Processor' performance object."

Does this mean I do no have enough RAM? I still do no understand why my laptop acts up now and not four months ago when I got my laptop. I still think it might be spyware.

Should i just buy more RAM for my laptop? or Do I need to install the necessary drivers?

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Ah...You Haven't Updated The Router and Modem Firmware Yet?

It's a Vista issue with the firmware and other PC's running XP won't show the problem... Only Vista computers will exhibit the issue and some are showing it only after recent Vista updates..

It's too cheap and easy not to try..but that's your choice.


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Okay so I reformatted my laptop with the recovery disk, but the problem is still here. Do registries get rewritten when I reformat.

Thanks so much to everyone for the help so far. Very much appreciated.

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See: Perform a clean installation of Windows Vista

within the content of this link. If you did it this way your hard drive maybe failing. This would also explain the very slow performance. Is it noisy.

Installing Windows Vista:

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Problem could lies on your router firmware,try updating the latest firmware you can possible get from ur router manufacturer.
I did encounter the similar woes before,slow internet loading etc..
problem turns out to be Norton which seems to slow down my internet speed to crawling speed,after uninstalling and replaced it with Kaspersky,the speed took off again.

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My internet was finally working fine yesterday but today it is sluggish again. I should have never downloaded and opened that unreliable program.

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About Ram

A friend of mine has that same computer and it came with 2 gig of ram which should be fine.
He did have the same problem you are having, but eleminated it by doing a disk cleanup every other day to get rid of the temp. internet files and all the other crap that builds up.
If your pings are between 107 and 340ms you need to call Comcast as those are too high.I was told by a Comcast tech. if the pings run over 100 consistently to, it is cause for concern.
I have Comcast and they run from 30 to 70 ms and I live out in the dingles.

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