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Vista slow Startup probelm

I just upgraded to Visa from XP and have a serious startup problem. When I startup into normal mode it takes 15 minutes to load and run. I spent 3 hours with Microsoft and nothing was found wrong. No driver conflicts or hardware issues. Running in full Areo mode. I spoke with the Video Card company and they have heard of the issue but could not fix the problem. It's not a video card issue. My system works fine in Safe Mode and starts quickly. Any suggestions or known file conflicts?

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Reporting: Vista slow Startup probelm
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Same Here


Do you have any external USB hdd attached?

I'm having the exact same symptoms you describe. If however, I turn off my usb drives Vista boots in no time.

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Still running slow

I do .. but I've unplugged every peripheril from my system (including disconnecting the internal DVD drive. The only things I had left plugged into my system were the mouse, keyboard, and monitor. Still have that 20 minute wait time.

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Boot Log

Ok I havent been able to yet, but have you found the boot load log or something similar? If we could find it or if someone knows where it is, we should be able to pinpoint when the OS is hanging.

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To turn boot log ON do this...

Go to START/CONTROL PANEL/ADMIN TOOLS/SYSTEM CONFIGURATION and choose the boot tab. You will see a "boot log" check box. Check it and restart computer.

You will now have a log of all actions during boot.

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Not sure what this did but solution found.

I clicked the log box and did a diagnostic boot from misconfig and it worked. Has been working fine for about a week. Just reporting some follow up here.

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Not on XP

This is a vista issue, not an external HDD issue.
On XP - no worries.

Consider re-loading XP professional if you actaully need to do anything useful.

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Slow Boot Up / Start Up

I'm really a novice these days when it comes to computers, so not sure what you are asking about with the boot log ... However, when I run the "Safe Mode" setting, I see that it hangs around something called crcdisk.sys

So, I've tried all the basic troubleshooting I can think of.
Oh .. I guess I should give a bit about my computer ... From the computer properties screen:

Processor - AMD Sempron? Processer 3100+ 1.81GHz
Memory (RAM) - 1023 MB
System Type: 32 -bit Operating System

If any other info is needed .. just let me know ..

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slow boot

I had also had to problem with slow booting. If you watch your CPU light it continues to indictae that the cpu is busy. The biggest problem that I found was in the registry. If you upgraded from XP and haven't previously ran a registry cleaner then the registry is too full of useless information. The CPU runs through the registry checking everything (whether or not the programs are still there or not). Everything that places an icon by the clock also starts with windows and slows the booting process. Try a REGISTRY CLEANER.

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Slow Boot Up / Start Up

I have watched the light on my computer, and once it hits a certain point, the light goes off ... and then stays that way for the next 15 minutes. It's like the system just freezes or hangs. Then suddenly it starts up again, and finally loads.

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After the CPU goes through the registry it will pause to analize the system. Wants it determines where to start it will continue. If it finally starts and runs well then the problem of slow booting is directly related to what your CPU sees in the registry. I was a VISTA BETA tester and went through this problem. I found that if I formatted and reinstalled a clean XP and then immediately upgrade to VISTA then if would boot fast. Rebooting after each installed program told me which one was causing Vista to slow down on booting. Every program you have may use the XP identification but it may not be a VISTA compatible version. Thus, it will take more time for Vista to recognize and operate the program...but it eventually will. Even some Microsoft hardware (mice and keyboards) do not have Vista drivers yet and after Vista determines that, it will load the XP drivers for them....again slow down.

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Once the OS finally comes up does it respond normally or is it sluggish and erratic?

Open Computer Management (should be off the start menu) and then click on Device Manager. Are there any signs of unknown or faulted devices?

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Still looking


Still looking around and testing thanks for specs Didn't forget sometimes I get busy Can you find NTBTLOG.txt on your system?

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CRCDISK.SYS is Known Problem with Driver
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Try Uninstalling Digital Audio System Software and Reboot

Might not be Vista compatable. Won't show up as a device conflict but will slow the system (speaking from experience). See if your manufacturer has Vista updates for the software.

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slow vista

It is probably just your whole computer because vista is a HUGE resource hog but my PC has no problems with it at all. I have a compaq presario with an AMD athlon X2 dual core at 2.4GHZ and 3 gigs of RAM and a ATI radeon x1600 pro video card and it works absolutely great. So far my total load time is under 4 minutes for everything to load up. I guess all I can tell you is try to match or beat those specs and you shouldn't have any problems.

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Slow Vista Boot

Found the Vista Performance Diagnostic Log

Event Viewer (Local)
Applications And Services Logs

Look for errors like these:

Log Name: Microsoft-Windows-Diagnostics-Performance/Operational
Source: Microsoft-Windows-Diagnostics-Performance
Date: 2/4/2007 10:59:48 AM
Event ID: 109
Task Category: Boot Performance Monitoring
Level: Error
Keywords: Event Log
Computer: KrysB-PC
This device took longer to initialize, resulting in a performance degradation in the system start up process:
File Name : USB\VID_1058&PID_0901\57442D574D414E4D37313533373837
Friendly Name : USB Mass Storage Device
Version :
Total Time : 59298ms
Degradation Time : 56798ms
Incident Time (UTC) : 2/4/2007 3:55:17 PM

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USB Mass Storage Device

Using a hub? That's one. Using a PCI USB port add-in card? That's one. A flash drive, external drive (HDD or DVD+/-RW), even a digital camera with an SD or CF card is one. Your keyboard, if USB is an HID (Human Interface Device) analgous to one. So is a USB Mouse, depending what manafacture made it. Try a clean run using PS2 devices. My USB keyboard won't even work in XP if I don't do this, and install the driver a first time. On the other hand, the USB mouse never has that problem.

I tolerate the issue with the keyboard because I can't find another full-featured (10-key, email and internet buttons) desktop one that is so narrow side to side, it fits on the not-wide-enough pull-out keyboard drawer on my desk. See if a driver update exists for yours.

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USB Drive is the issue

Simply unplugging my USB external backup drive change the boot up time from 10 minutes to 2 minutes.

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USB Drive

i have the same problem, but you're right, if i disconnect the usb drive, it works fine. is there any other solution? having paid a lot for vista, this annoys me a lot. :S

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It sucks 2 wait and why should u when u hav paid for it

hey mite i think 10 min to 2mins is till too much(on a 1 GB ram Computer) ... i hate this new issue that u have to wait 2 mins to wait for vista to come online, or work on it, on the other hand in a 512MB ram computer the startup is very fast compared to it, is vista using a different boot method for 512 MB N 1GB n above computers... >???

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I think vista is a failure

I almost read and I crave for the VISTA ULTIMATE.

Maybe your problem is low memory

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Disabling the sidebar worked for me

Whoopee.. Thanks guys. I was unable to restart my brand new windows vista Dell without unplugging it and completely starting over. It is a wonder that the thing hasn't exploded with all the unplugging that has gone on. Dell seems to be unable to do anything to help. I finally saw something on this thread about disabling the sidebar and lo and behold it worked. I also cleaned up everything on the start menu that wasn't shipped with Vista or that I didn't know exactly what it was. Thanks again.. I am now able to restart quickly!

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re: vista slow startup problem

I think you need to put more physical RAM, and remove the unwanted startup programs from the startup list, then check if its working or not

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15 minutes startup

I have had the same problem ,and it took the computer about 15 minutes to even get in to vista. It was that vista didnt manage to "see" my other cd-driver. What i did was that i turned off the computer and took out the power cable of my other cd-driver and after that.. it only takes a minute to get in to windows.

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Solution For Windows Vista Running slow

It took me 15 hours and 2 of them with Microsoft to find the answer. Microsoft has created a program specifically foor Vista to basically debug it. It is called Live One Care. You can but a years subscription or use just the online scanner for free. If you use the free online scanner, then use the Vista only scanner (Beta Version) for best results.

The PC I had was taking over 30 minutes to boot. I had to rerun Live One Care 3 times (as it had crashed 2 previous times) and over 45 hours later, the PC is like new again. The PC I was working on was an extreme case where the owner continued to run this PC like this for 1 month (which compounded the problems on the PC).

Hope this helps

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Same problem here but different.

System hangs at start up screen. Running compaq with Vista and XP installed. I'll restart server in services and report.

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solution to slow network problems in vista
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Try this

This software can ID software compatibility issues that can create slow system performance.

Once Identified you'll need to contact your software vendor for a repair/patch/update, if available or wait for an update from Microsoft that may or may not come. None the less, report it.

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To run a program in a previous OS version on Vista

After identifying the incompatible program.

Start/help & support/"Get your program to work on this version of Windows"/">click to open the Program Compatibility Wizard"/Run the wizard

You can set Vista to run a program in XP, Me, 95 and a few others. I have used this function on three incompatible programs one is running well with no problems, a second has improved about 2/3rds and the third failed entirely. Programs that you "have not" specified will continue to run in the Vista version you have installed on your computer(s). Good luck! Please contact Microsoft if you have any questions about this function "before" using it.

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This also maybe of some use to you

Restart the system on the boot screen press and hold F8. When the next screen appears arrow down to debugging mode press enter. Run the system in this mode. Run it through the start up routine but also in other functions as well while using the OS. For example mail, video, games, anything and every thing. It debugs them all. Running this does have one down side to it. it runs slow while debugging. It need not be ran at all times, just occasionally. Good luck.

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