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Vista slow Startup probelm

I just upgraded to Visa from XP and have a serious startup problem. When I startup into normal mode it takes 15 minutes to load and run. I spent 3 hours with Microsoft and nothing was found wrong. No driver conflicts or hardware issues. Running in full Areo mode. I spoke with the Video Card company and they have heard of the issue but could not fix the problem. It's not a video card issue. My system works fine in Safe Mode and starts quickly. Any suggestions or known file conflicts?

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Reporting: Vista slow Startup probelm
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is it vista compatible

Is your pc or laptop compatible with vista. how much physical memory do you have (512 , 1024mb etc)? . Sometimes when i my vista ultimate pc when it starts up it takes sometime to actually run because the sidebar has a few gadgets on it which requires the internet. You have windows aero mode that could be bringing your system down if there isnt enough memory.

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is it vista compatable

yes my system is vista compatable. I'm running and AMD 2.0Ghz ,1.5 GB memory and a 350Mhz / 256 mb AGP Video with vista Home Premium, I did use the Upgrade and not a clean install.

The Vista Upgrade Advisor does not list any hardware issues with my system and states it's fully compatable.

I'll try to disable the sidebar option to see if this is hangning up the startup. I'll also see if the network card drivers have an update.

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another thought

You might want to try disabling programs in the startup. Try disabling them one at a time to see if one of those programs is the culprit.

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another thought

I have disabled ALL programs at startup and still have this issue. I did this with the MS Support tech.

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Slow Vista startup

Surely its not as simple as not running a good virus and worm program ? Did you restore and reload?

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Long time booting

I have read in other websites that sound drivers were culprits in longtime bootup sessions. I would suggest that you unload all peripherals and let Vista find them again - but, one at a time while you keep them unplugged. Personally - I would give Ubuntu 6.1 a good try. I think you'll find that you will really fall in love with it -- once you have learned to load Flash and get the mpegs and mp3's and such running. I have my own enjoympeg program loaded on all my Linux boxes and allow RealPlayer to play as much of the non-open systems music and video stuff that I can. Of course you have to have a converter for AVI and WMV files from Microsoft -- but, that's a nice chanllenge for you to learn with. Out of 6 flavors of Linux - I use SuSE 10.2 for work and now I'm using Ubuntu for everything else. As you know - Linux doesn't get virus' very often and these later versions are sweet. I personally like Windows 2000 and XP - but, I love my Linux flavors and wouldn't be without them. I can fix Windows NTFS problems with Linux amongst other issues -- while Windows isn't even booted -- but, can't do that in reverse with Windows fixing Linux. And too -- all the office, animation, and just useful programs of an everyday kind - come with Linux for Free of Charge -- unlike the $500 you're going to spend on Windows for similar or same products. I think people using Windows should just send Microsoft money for the products but, to save headaches - just be simple and load Linux and forget Windows and the 2 year learning curve you as a normal user - are going to go through trying to figure out why it has crashed or won't boot. I protect my Windows boxes with Linux -- so, I'm happy with both...but, prefer Linux.

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Hey this sounds good, can you tell me more about how to convert avi and wmv/wma in ubuntu and more about how to use the files i've created in windows on ubuntu, because frankly i've had about all i'm going to have with microsoft and vista. But if you could help me out with how to use the files from my old operating system with ubuntu linux then i'd gladly switch. We have like of course flash and videos, music, avi's, office documents like word and excel and if you have any how to documents for making the transition that would be great. You can email us at listing or at much thanks in advance.

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using vista home premium on new hp dual core 2gb ram laptop.

msconfig -> services -> hide all microsoft services -> uncheck these if they exist: xaudio, vongo, stllsvr,roxmediad89, installdriver table manager, cyberlink background, cyberlink task,

Then click on boot tab ->advanced options -> number of processors 2 -> maximum memory.

I went from 2 min to 15 seconds bootup doing this.


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It works!

googmxsr, you rule!
This was the simplest and most effective hint I found after looking around a dozen places trying to solve this delay.
Got rid of xaudio and all roxio trash apps and the miracle happened. 5 sec boot after I enter my password. Thanks a bunch.

Important: Roxio was installed with my Blackberry Desktop Manager, so BB users, beware!

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Vista slow

I have the same problem and with your recomendation It's solved, thanks, I hate Roxio media manager

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Vista Boot Time

It does work....I went to the boot tab and lo and behold it only had 1 processor (I have a quad) and hardly any ram allocated for boot up....changed these settings and it made all the dofference.

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Vista Slow Boot To Logon Screen

by googxmsr

Then click on boot tab ->advanced options -> number of processors 2 -> maximum memory.

Thanks googxmsr for the tip, I never knew that option was even there.

I have a Dell Inspiron 1525 Laptop
BIOS Type:Phoenix (10/16/0Cool
BIOS: Dell A16 10/16/2008
Mainboard: Dell 0U990C
Intel Centrino Mobile Technology
Mobile Dual Core Intel Pentium T3400 2.16GHz

Hynix (Hyundai) HYMP112S64CP6-S6
1GB x 2 DDR-2 SO-DIMM PC2-6400 DDR2-800

Hitachi HTS543216L9A
160GB SATA300 2.5 5400RPM NCQ 7MB Cache

Operating System:
Windows Vista Home Premium - Service Pack 2 ? 32 bit
Version 6.0 Build 6002 2007

Windows and all drivers are up to date, System Configuration Startup has only seven items running (3) Dell, (3)Intel and One Microsoft.

27 various services turned off ( can give a more detailed list later if needed )

The best Boot time I can get so far is 35 seconds from the push of the power button to the login screen.

Is there a way to cut down the time even more ?

Thank You for any and all suggestions.

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I went from 292 minute boot-time to 58 minute boot-time. It really took off after I switched the CPU to 2 and maxed our the memory. Thanks so much.

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Vista Slow Boot up fixed

This worked for me thanks!!

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u r coooool realy wrkd..thaaaaaaaaanx

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Window Vista Slow Start-up Time

I'm posting this for because I probably have experienced every possible mishap with Windows! LoL! This post is concerning "slow start-up" times with Vista & XP. In my experience thus far this problem has been linked to about 2 major and 2 minor causes.The major causes in my experience have been driver incomaptability and BIOS/CMOS issues. My most recent problem was the CMOS. My system (Vista Ultimate 32 Bit/9450Quad Core/3 GB RAM 8400/8800GT Black DOG/150GB Raptor Drive/500GB Western Digital). System was running awesome! 65 second start-up and shut-down time. One day to the next I have 6 minute start-up time! I subscribe to PC World so I have used MSCONFIG/CC Cleaner and gone thru Services utility.I'm pulling hairs until I come across an article for resetting CMOS! Guess what? Money baby!Too much tweeking BIOS settings, thru my BIOS for a spin. The minors are video drivers! Nvidia graphics drivers are notorious for trashing system start-up! Defrag, clean-up and registry clean often! Norton is a resource HOG!!! What else??? That's all I can think of for now!! If this info has helped one person I have succeeded! Shocked)

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Vista slow Startup probelm

I am having this exact same issue. I do not know what the issues is. But it takes Vista 15 minutes of that scrolling bar .. then takes about another 5 minutes to load after that. If anyone can figure this out, please let us know!! Thanx

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Vista Slow Startup Problem

My startup issue occurs after the task bar is on the screen. I have the desktop up most of the programs are loaded. I can go to the control panel, computer, or other programs in the start menu, but none of the programs will start up for 15 minutes after I boot the computer. Very strange issue.

I think its related to the network setup. My network connection icon shows no connection to my router for all this time. I have the red X in the icon. After 15 minutes the "globe" appears and everything is functioning normally.

it just appears to be a 15 minute delay after the boot sequence.

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Vista Slow Startup problem

If found the cause of the long startup. In the MSCONFIG, Starup Tab, there is a program called SERVER. If I disable this program my computer starts up with no issues or delay!

What does this program do and do I need it for Vista Home Premium? Is the program corrupted or is it a registry setting that I need to correct?

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Slow Starup

I found if I disable SERVER from the Startup sequence my system startup up with no issues. I then run SERVICES.msc and start the SERVER program and the system runs perfectly fine.

What is the issue with the SERVER program at startup and what can be done to get it to start up normally in the Boot sequence?

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slow startup vista

I tried the tip to disable the server program in the services tab on the system configuratuon program and that helped my startup time go from 15 minutes to about 1 minute!!! Thanks for the tip. I still have the problem of my antivirus program, OneLive, not starting up right away though just as it did before. I am using it for now in the interim until Charter gets it's F-Secure secruity suite compatible with vista. Any tips on the slow startup of Onelive?

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slow startup vista

I uninstalled the Onelive program and then reinstalled it and am now experiencing any problems that I can see.

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Vista Boot slow

Mine was booting slow as well and I combined all the resolutions with a minor exception. I set the MSCONFIG to see my dual core processor and max memory but for "Services" I set it to "Delayed Start" in services.msc.
Start, run, services.msc, scroll down to "server" right click, properties, and change "Automatic" to "Automatic (Delayed Start)"
This reduced my boot time from 10 minutes to about 1 minute. Every thing works great now..
What it says it does is:

"Supports file, print, and named-pipe sharing over the network for this computer. If this service is stopped, these functions will be unavailable. If this service is disabled, any services that explicitly depend on it will fail to start."

Since it is Delayed start it will still work but will allow the network/internet to open/activate first which is where I think the error is occurring and everything is hanging up at that point because the network is not yet active, so it hangs until it gives up and goes on to the next item in the boot sequence.

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Slow Starting Vista

I saw your post with the problem with vista not starting quickly I have the same problem but cannot find the server software to dissable.
I searched for MSCONFIG in my start menu then went to startup but couldn't find server am I doing something wrong.???????

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The post you are responding to is about 6 months old and you may not get any response.It might be best to start a new thread,but its up to you.


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This is my first time using this forum thanks for your help.

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(NT) Your welcome
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It's not in the Start Menu...

Press ctrl + R and type msconfig into the run box, followed by pressing Enter. You can then select the Services tab, and from there disable startup processes. However, you should be careful to only disable what you're sure you don't need as it can have undesirable and potentially hazardous results.


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In case you still need to know....start > run > msconfig <enter>
msconfig is a system command.

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Vista Slow Startup Problem

You and I have the same problem amigo( dan1964) i've search for months now and i can't get help with this problem. Mine started after crash. I believe my computer was in the midile of an update from the "great" microsoft. After a blue screen showed up. it took two hours for it to stop scaning numbers. Can any one help...PLEASE

After doing everything i was told to do, clean computer was running fine before this crash. it took 2 mins or less to boot up before and the internet would kick on right away. Now i must wait 4-5 mins after 8-10mins boot up time just to open web connection.

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