Virus spreads in pcs and breaks them

Jan 12, 2020 12:55PM PST

Hello i have some serious virus. It happened to me before 3 years ago. I replaced all devices and got a new router at the same time and all new accounts. This fixed it. However, it returned. I thought i was hacked on my pc. At first i saw someone was remote on my pc. Windows 10. I tried blocking this by turnint off remote desktop services and winrm. Also did this with script in powershell. Eventually my pc broke and i couldnt start my laptop ever again. Now i borrowed a laptop. After 2 days i notiflced i have a shortcut virus. At first i saw a weird device turning up. Steelseries PS/2 keyboard Forwarding device. All info unknown. I removed this and my external usb bluetooth mouse and touchpad still worked. However it pops up again after i log on or after some time again. Now i found out i have a shortcut virus. I had the same on my broken laptop as i had the same issues. I used antivirus software and defender. Nothing was ever detected. I think my usb mouse contains badusb mallware with a shortcut virus. It spreads fast. Its already everywhere after using this borrowed laptop for 3 days. I tried what was suggested with cdm.exe as admin but i didnt get rights to perform the actions suggested online. The mouse is not connected. Only have a lan cable connected. I tried fresh install but it didnt happen with no error messages. My firewall from norton is messed up and i have no controll to change it. My mouse from mousepad is moving across the screen and all sorts of stuff happen. Im sure it is shortcut virus. So i have to act quickly. That is why im asking advice here before turning on the laptop again. I dont have much time before this laptop will be potatoes as well and i need a very effective method before i do anything myself. Pleae help. Thanks in advance.

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Reporting: Virus spreads in pcs and breaks them
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The virus has to have a name.
Jan 12, 2020 1:38PM PST

Or no one can tell you what to do next.

Here's my suggestion. Sign up at and follow their directions. Unfortunately I am running into PC users that install these virus and have never found such to travel with hardware like an USB mouse.

That said, I do run into PC owners that the PC has serious hardware failures that they want to call our as a virus. Some of these owners are lost as they "want to believe" and will not work the issues. Or they expect free repairs to prove it is what it is.

I will share that for those users we give the nod to a Chromebook or Linux.

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Jan 12, 2020 2:57PM PST

I have no idea what the virus or malware is as it remains undetected. I noticed the same things happening as explained for the shortcit virus. And the same thing happened when i borrowed the laptop from my brother which was clean. I do not mess up the laptop myself and i am very wary and suspicious when it comes to internet and safety after the first time i lost everything 2 or 3 years back. It is the same thing happening now.

I also connected a headphone with usb. Not any other external devicea but a lan cable and the usb bluetooth mouse.

I am sure something malicious is happening and spreading fast. Because i dont know the scope of it i am trying forums before taking any more steps. I only downloaded discord and steam and opera browser on the laptops and never travel to unsafe sites or download 3rd party software from websites with possible mailicious content.

Few years back i send my laptop to a professional ict company and they said they only found hackingtools on my pc. They did fresh reinstall of windows. The day after i got it returnes the laptop was broken. I had microsoft assistance and they said my windows was corrupted. This was never fixed even with their help to repair. I feel like i have to be a super genious to deal with this. It is horrible to keep studying everything and not knowing what is happening. I need help. I had kaspersky bought and mcafee bought software and they detected 3 types or ransomware back then. It didnt stop 2 other laptops from also being completely broken. Do i need to buy a company network device i do really not know what to do now that it is back. I cannot afford to keep buying new laptops while its still happening. I hate windows.

I will try bleeping computer. Thanks for the advice.

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Which is why you need to end it with Windows.
Jan 12, 2020 3:36PM PST

I noted the next stop and hope you will share a link to the discussion you must create on

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Will do.
Jan 12, 2020 3:52PM PST

I would like a chromebook but i only use a pc for games from steam and discord. I am a tester for developing games and they only work with windows sadly. I dont understand why windows doesnt take security more seriously and makes the operating system more userfriendly and safe for normal humans with no doctoral degree in computers and networking. I wish for a company to compete with windows with anew OS for people like me. Where i can play games from steam. Not too much to ask but appently it is. With disabled remote acces or at least that option so it is actually really disabled and cannot be tered by anything but me, and on first setup no security gaps for attack, a completely secure factory reset system which can not be affected either remote or by malicious infections so at least my pc can be fixed with an usb flash or some kind. It wont even boot or accept my adapter to turn on the charge light. I also would like that if i turn off my network in settings that it is actually turned off and not just saying so.. the settings are fooling me. Cry for safe OS. There must be someone who is able to make this happen, no?

I wil put the link but i have to type on a borrowed samsung with a touchscreen sadly. It will take some time. My phone with a normal keyboard seems infected and i turned it off to avoid further infection of the system.

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Windows is far from bulletproof.
Jan 12, 2020 4:13PM PST

I'd like to read what finds so be sure to share your post about this here as well.

As to Linux, Windows and such, IF Windows and hardware was a fragile as you posit then the end would be today for Windows.

I didn't elaborate why Bleeping is next. They use a different approach, different tools than here and your issue is best over there.

-> As to your thoughts about a completely secure and such, if we had to wait for that we would never get there. Even Linux after all these years still is not solid to stand up to everything.

THAT SAID (written) the only nearly bulletproof platforms are CONSOLES.

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